Moto G Power 2021 Unboxing And First Boot Up// Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile has released a new phone, the Moto G Power. …

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  2. Yo was wondering if i can use my Sprint lg g8 to work with boost. I already have a phone connected with boost and wanted to swap it with this one. Would i have to get a new sim card once i activate it on the site or can i use the sim card from the used phone?

  3. I received my phone a couple of weeks ago and I noticed it did not come with a SIM card, there is no SIM card in the SIM card slot either. I don't know if it doesn't need one or if it has one already built in but I can't get an answer from boost mobile so I was just wondering if I need to buy a SIM card for this phone? Thank you for your help…

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