Moto G Power 2021 Boost Mobile Unboxing first looks before you buy

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Here is moto G power solid device for …

42 thoughts on “Moto G Power 2021 Boost Mobile Unboxing first looks before you buy

  1. Can this phone still be activated on the SPRINT network IF you have a brand new never activated 4 and 1 sim card from Boost? (The Sprint network sim not the new T-Mobile sim)

  2. I bought the Moto G power and when I realized it has a 720p display, I returned it immediately. Probably going to spend more and get the Samsung Galaxy S20FE

  3. This is a great phone, but the display downgrade really kills it for me not to mention paying almost 180$ for it because I bought mine in a boost mobile store so I wouldn't have to wait for it to come in the mail and then finding out I could of got it for 99$ was pretty upsetting, and that price doesn't include a case they wanted 35$ more for that, my advice do your own research and buy the phone you want from their website if you are going to use boost

  4. I just received my phone a few days ago and I opened everything up, it has the SIM card opener but I don't see a SIM card in the package. Does it have a built-in SIM card or do I have to order a SIM card? I can't seem to get an answer from Boost Mobile…

  5. You did really good with the review of this phone I really want a Stylo 6 from Boost Mobile but I seen this phone on there as well in a little cheaper and now I'm thinking about buying this phone instead of the Stylo 6 👍

  6. A price of $169.00 sounds great. At Best Buy in California, you can get it for only 218.99 which includes, 1. Better box and 2. A sales tax of $19.00 thanks to Governor Newsom and the Democrats who have helped him ruined the state. Tip of the day: For six bucks each Amazon will sell you 1. A case, CASEKEY Moto G Power 2021 Case and 2. A tempered glass screen protector. (2 Pack) Supershieldz Designed for Motorola Moto G Power (2021) [Not Fit for 2020 Version] Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Anti Scratch, Bubble Free. A great deal! Tip: The phone comes with NO directions, (for your convenience) but fear not, there are money-grubbers around who will sell you some aftermarket instructions. I tried asking Best Buy a question and they promptly connected me to the Geek Squad who promptly put me on hold for 20 minutes before I finely hung up. Plan on using YouTube to answer your questions. Another tip: Find out what happens when you shake the phone. I have it set to turn on my camera, and sometimes that’s exactly what it does.

    Good Luck and be well.

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