Moto G Power (2020) is Surprisingly Good!

I cracked the screen on my 17 month old Xiaomi Redmi …

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  1. "… this is a 5000mAh battery"

    Sounds like you've bought the Moto G8 Power… the G9 Power launched in November 2020 here in the UK and has a 6000mAh battery for just £179 (price includes our 20% VAT; essentially a "sales tax". Minus the tax, equivalent to: $257CAD; $202USD; $261AUS; €165).

    Nice to see bigger-batteries becoming a thing on mid-rangers!

  2. I as well picked one of these up recently, upgrading from a G6, and I'm pretty happy with my purchase. A good upgrade. And it was on sale through Google Fi so the price was extremely pleasing.

  3. The price for this should be dropping soon as its 'better' has been released recently (it's garbage).

    Pretty good phone. I only have a few complaints. Those being the shitty headphone audio and the dirt magnet back cover. Root support is also unofficial, so there's that. It's actually frozen on me a few times too.

    I bought the Saharacase. Hopefully it comes soon, I doubt the screen wouldn't crack into a million pieces if I dropped it. The ultra-wide camera is something I really like. I posted my full review here:

  4. I got one about a month ago….it's a good phone for the price, love the long battery life, the screen looks good. It's a very practical phone.

    Does it have the best camera? No…
    Is it as nice to look at as a super amoled screen….no…

    But it's excellent for the price tag.

  5. I always like having backup phones around for just such an occasion and my mom is using my old Amazon Fire Phone while her new phone(a Motorola) comes after she had a problem with it. I'm not surprised this G Power is working well. I've been pleased with Motorola's phone offerings for quite a few years. They're probably my favorite overall manufacturer because they focus nicely on the lower end and mid range which is what I like — I prioritize a removable battery over "premium" materials and I have a couple of Moto phones with that. I expect Motorola is phasing that out though. Anyway, to the point, Moto G is not high end, but the lower level phones have come a long way in the last five years. I learned that through my mom's experience with the Moto G 2015 which was surprisingly good in practice. I hope your experience continues to be good.

  6. The Moto G Power is an awesome phone. I've been using a Moto phone for a few years now and I love the Moto gestures. You hear so many people talking about how they make films with iPhones…. but I make short sci-fi films with a Moto G Power – Just shows you don't have to have the latest Apple or Samsung to have a great phone.

  7. It's very surprising, but recent studies have shown that people with Motorola phones are 87% more likely to be genetically superior when compared to the average human.

  8. The G Power is probably the most practical phone released in a while. Decent specs, functional cameras, long battery life, and pretty cheap. I tried the Pixel 4a for a month and while it had superior specs (And such an amazing camera), the lack of an SD card was becoming a deal breaker. 128 GB wasn't enough for me, especially when that's all I had for apps as well as any pictures/videos I'd take.

    The G Power is such a great phone. It's so disappointing that the 2021 model is downgraded significantly. Motorola in general just crapped the bed this year. Aside from the Moto One 5G Ace, I don't see any phones of theirs worth getting. (The One 5G Ace is inevitably going on sale later, so it's something to keep an eye on) Hopefully next year the 2022 model will be an actual upgrade.

  9. Great video! Quick question though, does the screen flicker (utilize PWM) when you turn the brightness way down? To see the flicker you'll need to look at the screen through a camera. No one has been able to answer this for me.

  10. This phone is nuts when it comes to battery life. Definitely the best phone you can get if that's what you mostly care about while also not sacrificing too much else, I mean those dual speakers are amazing.
    I sold mine and got an S10e because I wanted more processor power but in the end I don't even use it and the camera cracked twice now. I rather get something simple that just works and doesn't cost a fortune to repair, so I got back on the G8 Power

  11. 6.4 inch screen. Snapdragon SOC. Decent camera. 4GB of RAM. 64GB of storage. Sd card. Headphone jack. Stereo speakers. 5000 mAh battery. Stock Android. Currently $180 on Amazon.

    Not a midranger at all. Noooo. Not one bit. It's a damn bottom of the barrel budget phone….

    The price dictates that. Right? 🙄


    I shutter to think of what a midranger is in your opinion.


  13. Just got unlocked moto g power 2020 for $75 at target. I don't get why it was so cheap. Packaging looks new, phone looks new. The target employee said people don't buy unlocked phones🤔

  14. Couldn’t agree with this review more. Really good, especially for the money. I’m not a gamer or heavy user. It has enough power to run any apps I use without lag; a good, sharp clear screen; some Moto shortcuts that come in handy; phone calls are crisp and clear; battery life is superb … and yes, the camera is not the greatest (although not bad, either), but I don’t care – it’s good enough for a phone and to capture a quick moment. I never understood why some reviewers spend 15 minutes of a 20 minute review concentrating on the camera – on a phone. Is that really why people are buying cell phones these days?

  15. Would you recommend this as a temporary phone? I have a pixel 2 xl and for a almost 4 year old phone the battery isn't doing too well anymore. I've found the g power online used for less than $200 (USD) I figure I buy one while I wait to buy a flagship then resell it.

  16. Dude….love the review, I feel the same way about this phone. Actually, really love it, my only gripe is I do wish it had nfc? I think is what it's called, so I could use Google Pay. Got mine for $50 US from Google Fi. The best way to get great phones from a carrier at huge discounts.

  17. Get a good case & some tempered glass. I heard that the screens shatter easily because of the weight of the battery.

    I also heard that you have to swipe to go back with these phones. I'm old school too. Thanx for mentioning the back button setup. Good review!

  18. I'm on Total Wireless and I just got the Moto G Power 2020 version for Total Wireless for $129.95 as of April 3rd 2021 and I honestly am not that picky when it comes to the cameras. But from what I've personally seen in the review videos i personally think the 16MP rear camera looks awesome to me. Also I'm currently using the Samsung Galaxy A50 for TW and it costed me over $300 but has a crack in the screen and is driving my nuts. And what's absolutely crazy is that the Moto G Power has almot the same specs as the A50 does. Like 4 GBS of ram and 64GB of storage on each. Also the A50 has a 4, 000 mAh battery and of course the Moto G Power has a 5, 000 mAh battery. Looking forward to my new phone on Monday April 5th 2021. Great review btw.

  19. Have another question.
    What's y'all opinion about this phone or the Moto G stylus 2021 the specs are really good on that phone as well jus smaller battery though. Which is the size battery I have now a 4000 I'm really liking the 5000 on moto g power but just wanted to get a opinion

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