*Moto G Power 2020* 1 Year Later!

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Moto G Power 1 year later! …

17 thoughts on “*Moto G Power 2020* 1 Year Later!

  1. I've said this around the internet about this phone, but it remains the most practical smartphone released in a while. Does all the right things correctly; has a big battery, nice cameras, keeps the SD card slot and headphone jack, powerful enough for most tasks except for demanding gaming, and it's cheap. About the only improvement I'd make is actual water resistance, then this would be my perfect phone.

    Since then I've switched to the Pixel 5, and I do miss things like the SD card slot, the bigger battery, and the Moto Gestures. (Tried something called Tap Tap, but it was too buggy) However the improved processor, camera, and water resistance won me over. I am feeling homesick and have occasionally switched back and forth between the 2.

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