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MORE Cool New Tech at CES 2020 / Part 2


– Hey it's Justine, and welcome to part two of my CES 2020 coverage, there is still more to see, so let's not waste any time (upbeat music) Amazon has such a huge presence at CES, mostly because Alexa is enabled in so many different devices

There is over a hundred thousand of them There's even a grill over here that I see, that's Alexa enabled Works with Alexa, this is definitely something that I never thought that I would see Here's something else that I never thought I would see, a robotic lawn mower that's Alexa enabled (chuckles) This is amazing, do you think that they know that this isn't real grass? (upbeat music) If you've ever wanted to hang out with Samuel L Jackson and you couldn't, here's your opportunity

You can change the voice on Alexa to be Samuel L Jackson You can ask him jokes, and all kinds of fun stuff – [Alexa] Allow me to welcome actor, Samuel L Jackson I'm in the cloud baby Can you set a three second timer? Sure, one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi

– [Justine] So right now, we're getting a live cooking demo with Guy Fieri Amazon has some really cool on-demand cooking classes, that you could take on your Amazon Echo Show Hello, do you guys see anything edited, because I'm available if you need any editing help (Justine laughs) – Yes please – I got the craziest phone call in the middle of the holidays, and they say, "Do you use Alexa?" And I said no, but my kids do, and they said, "Well would you like to come cook with Alexa down in Vegas?" And I said, "I've done weird things, "that sounds like it's right up my alley, absolutely

" Alexa, read me this first step – [Alexa] Squeeze enough fresh limes to measure 1/2 cup, plus 1/4 cup juice, and reserve separately – We're gonna add a little bit of orange juice Add sour orange to my shopping list please – [Alexa] Sour orange added to your shopping list

– What, you gonna ask me real critical technical tips now, huh? This is a little outside of my, yes – Can I get a selfie? – Absolutely – Okay, great, thank you – There you go, that's the best part of the day Okay, a little granulated garlic

– I was so inspired by the Guy Fieri cooking demo, that I saw over here they have an Amazon smart oven Oh wow you can air fry, roast, and microwave It's a smart oven (upbeat music) We're now at the Elgato, Corsair, Origin, and Scuf booths One of the things that Elgato announced here at CES, is one of these Elgato Key Light Airs

What's great about this is you can just set it right on your desk, connected it to Wi-Fi, and then you control it on your phone, or on your computer You can control the color temperature, or the brightness, turn it on or off It's really nicely diffused, so if you are shooting YouTube videos, or if you're a streamer, this is a perfect desk setup They also announced another thing which will be available later in the year, this is the Elgato 4K60 S, and this is pretty awesome, because you can capture gameplay at 4K 60 It also has zero lag 4K HDR 10 pass through, so it leaves your gameplay unaltered, this will allow you to capture on the go, and not need a computer

So for me this is something that I absolutely love I've always loved their capture cards, and I've been using them for the past several years So this is a really great addition, especially if you're doing a lot of game capturing So this is the XO stuff Now if you ever need to get real comfy, help your posture when you're playing some games, originally I was gonna make fun of this, but it's actually incredibly comfortable

Okay, what, this chair is actually quite comfy as well So this is of Corsair Concept Orion, there's 150 ultra bright, ultra efficient Corsair LEDs It's fitted to a tempered glass with ultra low visibility film, pretty amazing because normally when you have LED lights like this, you can see like strips, can't even tell where the LEDs are, and where the cases is (upbeat music) So Origin decided to make the Big O in consumer reality If you guys saw Unbox Therapy unbox the Big O, it's basically a PC that also includes a Nintendo switch, a Playstation, and an Xbox, all in one case

The Origin gives you a choice, if you want to have an Xbox, or Playstation mixed in with your PC You can also choose to upgrade the console's hard drive, so you can take out the mechanical drive, and put a solid-state drive in, which will increase your performance So if I were to customize one of these, obviously I would be going for the Xbox One Sorry now I'm playing on the Xbox side, you can also connect dual monitors, so this obviously is attached to the Xbox, and if you want to stream and capture, you can be streaming and capture over here on the PC side Much like most PCs, it's easy to update, and on the other side here you do have a 4K60 Elgato Pro capture card

This is great for people who are console gamers like me, who also wanna be streaming, and you don't wanna have like a crazy big setup This is the PlayStation version, so you can customize it if you want to have an Xbox, or Playstation, good job Origin, this is cool (upbeat music) We're at the Shure booth, and I got a little gift here So this is their NV88+ video kits, this comes with a mic, and a little mount for your phone, and a tripod Jenna's here too

– Hello, I've already unboxed earlier privately – Private unboxing, we've been here at CES for several days, I haven't even seen Jenna, 'cause she's had separate things to do – I haven't seen you in three days – Three days, this is nice Oh my god, all over the accessories right here

(upbeat music) So I have the app all downloaded, and this is really cool, because in the settings I can change the direction For CES, I'm probably gonna want to have it kind of more in a shotgun situation Let's get our vlog on I just got a really cool microphone, it's now attached to my iPhone I'm at the Shure booth, and they gave me one of these to test out, and I cannot wait to see what this audio is like, because obviously the iPhone shoots a really great video

Sometimes the audio's good, but when you're in loud situations like this, being able to control the degree of where the microphone is actually picking up audio, is pretty amazing So right now I have it at 60 degrees, and it should be focused, kind of right around here So here's what it sounds like without using the microphone, there's so much ambient sound when you're at a conference, a convention like this, that it's really hard, to kind of just pick up my voice, not everything else (gentle music) There's no secret that I'm a Sony shooter, so obviously stopping by the Sony booth Look what they did to this A7S II, that tripod is massive

Look at this rig, they've got the Arctic Zero on top of a7R I'm getting a lot of rigs-spiration from this setup Sony announced a prototype, slash concept of an electric car, it's called the Vision S – What this prototype vehicle showcases is the best of Sony in one It's got a total 33 different sensors, from cameras, lidar, to ultrasonic sensors

We've introduced things like 360 reality audio, We've some great things when it comes to video displays, using the front-facing or rear-facing camera, you can use the footage from the front or rear camera, you can edit that, overlay music, and upload it to your social media (gentle music) – This is one of my favorite parts about CES, is checking out all the things they have for health, wellness, and fitness, so let's go see what we can find A lot of times at CES you'll find things that are just concepts, they may never actually become something real There's also a lot of things that can look a little strange I'm kind of interested

Searching for drug-free relief from back pain I am actually looking for that, so maybe it's not that strange after all So these are actually Sleep Number beds, I'm sure you guys are all familiar with that brand It's really cool because they have two sides now, so you can control the climate on each side, they have a heating and cooling element You can also connect your bed to an app

This bed can also track your heart rate, and your circadian rhythm, and this will all be right here on your phone, after you wake up in the morning Oh there's demos, I would like to try the demo, but if you think about how many people have probably laid on that bed here at the convention center, I might pass Wearable biometrics is something I'm also extremely interested in, because being able to track your heart, health, blood pressure, and all of those things, I think is very important to know what is happening with your body What's cool about this company is they basically make the tech, that goes into other products They're kind of the industrial secret ingredient, in all of the wearables that you guys see today

Blood pressure is something that is usually difficult to track, especially having to carry around a big arm cuff Well right now, Cory is testing out an ear blood pressure monitor, this looks pretty interesting So that's way easier than putting on an arm cuff – So much easier, and it's less invasive, and it's less stressful – Withings is a really interesting brand, not too long ago they actually got bought by Nokia, but then they bought themselves back from Nokia, so they're back to Withings

So, we've a Wi-Fi smart sleep analyzer? – [Man In Blue Sweater] And it's a bed – [Justine] nothing to wear I actually have this, it's a thermometer, I also have their blood pressure monitor, I even have one of their scales Being able to track and quantify, if you are doing any sort of like fitness plan, or working out, being able to actually track and see changes, is so important in making sure that you're doing the right things to reach your goal – [Product Representative] So it's the most innovative wearable on the market, for one main reason

So it has an SpO2 sensor that measures your oxygen saturation in your blood – Oh wow – So naturally when you sleep, your oxygen goes down a little bit, and as people age, men and women may tend to snore more, might be genetic, you might also have breathing disturbances So not inhaling oxygen while you sleep, it's a problem And so it's the first wearable on the market, to use an SpO2 sensor to help detect sleep apnea

So you see your oxygen saturation, it's out of 100, rates between 90 and 100, and that is considered good We've color-coded feedback, to let people know what is good and what is bad – [Justine] it's really great, I'm so excited, when does this come out? – [Product Representative] End of Q2, but it's pending FDA clearance, so hopefully by the end of April, May So we're hoping to launch it in Europe and the US at the same time – Oh my gosh, you guys can we work on this? Can we get this cleared, because I need this immediately, especially the sleep tracking, 'cause there isn't anything like this that I've ever seen

– Yeah and it has a 30 day battery life as well – 30 days, I was gonna think, like three, this is awesome I cannot wait until these are out and available to try, because being able to track all of these things, I think is very important (dramatic music) We are now stepping into the world smart home tech I was just showing them that you are on the back, that you made this, this is your product

– Yep yep it is – How cool – Oh they're so excited, my daughter see you on YouTube all the time – What's her name? – Lilah – Hi Lilah

– So it's, you know it's exciting too, you know, like I was telling you earlier from entrepreneur to another, I started this product downstairs in Eureka Park, with a big bulky prototype, and now four years later I'm up here, so – It's so awesome – Yeah – Can you give us a demo? – Yeah so basically it's a Benjilock, these are world's first traditional of padlock with fingerprint technology, and you can open it with the ease of your fingerprint, but also with a set of traditional keys So it's still very traditional, no app needed, no phone needed

If you feel is pretty heavy, sturdy – Yeah it's substantial – It's reliable, the technology, to Hampton Products, and they're known because they build all the Brinks lock security, so you know that this is– – Legit, and you even have bike locks as well, which is really cool – Oh yeah, oh yeah – Because we live in Los Angeles, and I'm always riding on my electric bike, like you do, so this is pretty cool, oh yeah that's nice – And it's the same technology, fingerprint but also traditional key

(Justine gasps) Open – That's so much easier than carrying around keys, because I always lose them Thank you so much for the demo, and congrats – Oh no, thank you so much – Like, it's so, oh my gosh, I just wanna give you a hug

– I appreciate it, hell yes – I'm so proud of you, even though I just met you – Yeah – This is so awesome – Well that's the beauty of CES

– Yeah – You know, you just never know who you're gonna meet and, it's just cool to see innovation, and people like you that, what you do I just admired it, because it takes a lot of hard work, so – Thank you – It all evolves here at CES, so – Well good luck, I'm sure I'll see you next year – [Benjilock Inventor] Thank you, thank you, I appreciate it

(gentle music) – Hey, this is a smart potty, so glad that they put like a little protector here, so you don't get sprayed (laughs), it's raining Is this water? – yes – Can I try some? I'm so thirsty, this is amazing So is this just filtered? – Yes – Oh that is really good

Now we're gonna head down so you Eureka Park, this is one of my favorite places at CES, because this is where you actually see the future of things that you see here, all of the startup companies, showing us some of their demos and concepts, it's amazing We only have about 30 minutes, so hopefully we can cycle through and see some cool stuff Right now everybody's actually leaving, because it's about to close We have 20 minutes to see as much as we can see (gentle music) – I'm Erica android announcer at Nippon Television, please enjoys CES today

– So this chair's providing active feedback, to what is happening in the game, so I'm gonna go through here and see if I can find some people, and if they you shoot me, I will actually feel it if my back Okay something's happening, I think I'm walking over some rocks, so I can feel that in my legs I think this guy needs to go away (gentle music) There's so much to see here at Eureka Park, that it honestly is overwhelming But if you ever do come to CES, make sure you stop by and check out all of the future tech

Safety always first, we're gonna check out the S Pod Not actually running right now for demos, but I'm gonna sit in it and get a picture Segway S Pod, you guys know that I'm such a huge fan of Segway Ninebot, I have their Hoverboard, I even have the little Mario Kart mod that they have for their little Hoverboards But this is the S pod, this is it man, I'm gonna be cruising around getting coffee, see me pulling up to the Starbucks drive-through in this I'll have a chai latte please

I can't wait to try this out for real All right, CES is over, I'm just gonna sit here for the next year (dramatic music)

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