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Montaż filmów na smartfonie za darmo


Hi, in this video I will show you step by step how to self-assemble a movie on an Android smartphone or tablet so that you can later share it, for example on Instagram TIKTOKU or YouTube at the very beginning we need a program that is preferably free and which has great functionality, but also that it does not leave watermark on film there is such a program, let's go to the PLAY GOOGLE store let's search for YouCut and here we have this program the program has a very good reputation of 48 stars over 10 million downloads and it works really well click the INSTALL button let's wait for it to download and install and I will tell you right away that the program has great possibilities (for free) we can cut the movies combine, add effects we can add logos and stickers we can rotate movies and photos really a lot of different options that we can create here, depending on our needs OK, the program is already installed, so let's get started program support, we are opening thanks to this program, we don't have to use a computer because we can take photos and videos using a smartphone connect everything in the YouCut program and the end result, i

e the movie, to share everything from a smartphone to YouTube, for example so no computer is needed click PLUS let us access our files and here look, we have a division into movies and photos from our smartphone or tablet let's add for example 2 movies, for example this one and for example this one let's also add one picture so we have two videos and one picture click the arrow and now I will show you what you can do here here is the storyboard down here – a timeline the time line on which we have our files here we have various functions that will be assigned for photos and movies there will be various functions available at the very end we have such Q&A (Questions and Answers) where we can click and preview different hints on what to do in the program (guides) everything is in english but I think we can easily guess what's going on, because there are also pictures or how to adjust the sound how to import photos, how to add music a lot of guides are here Even subtitles can be added to the movie in the program and also record your sound in a movie, ie

record a narrative Ok let's come back And one by one at the very beginning we have a movie here we want to cut it so let's use the TRIM option cropping from left henceforth and so far not only that we have the option of pruning, we also have information on how much material will totally take time you can also use an option such as trimming connection so a very rich program when it comes to functionality so suits us, so ok this is a little longer material, click with your finger 34 seconds also TRIM, we cut it for example from now on so far 8 seconds too much let's determine, here is 5 seconds, it's good and ok here we have the picture next to it by default it has 4 seconds, so we can change its playing length, here is DURATION for example for about 2 seconds and this photo, we can even change its order (sort files on the storyboard / timeline) so that it is not at the end just hold your finger and slide for example here and the same with all files ie sort accordingly click OK What else can we do here? there are many functions in the pictures as we have the picture selected, see marked, we can see various things here, such as splitting, the photo is just too short you can crop (crop) see because maybe we don't want the whole picture we can in a 16: 9 ratio under TIKTOK for various other formats youtube instagram and FREE, which is how it was in the original the other options you see here are rotating, because maybe we took a picture the other way around with the phone or horizontal or vertical mirror image depending on the needs you can copy this file and it will create a duplicate next to it you can also delete – DELETE So as you can see, it is really very rich here in the place where we have movies, just like here the first and last we have functions such as rotating, we can also do it we can also crop that is, frame the movie so movies and photos have very high functionality in the program the very important thing is that we can turn the volume down for a given movie because maybe it's loud, we can turn it down to the end, or just a little bit at 20% of course we can also do it with this movie Here you are in addition, with movies we can reduce or increase the speed of movie playback, ie

it will be played faster or slower so slow motion What else can we do here? I am looking probably not more for movies with photos no more, OK, click anywhere and here we have general information, general functions here are filters, music, effects, text sticker, or stickers, the speed of the entire movie not individual items here is the background we can determine the background if necessary (when we frame pictures or videos) for example, look, black if there was a different proportion here then sometimes the background is needed but when we don't have to, we don't use it we still have RECORD here, ie recording See, we allow the microphone to add sound and we can click and just record the narrative for this movie so that earlier movie down can be useful to either 0 or a lower value here we can also quiet down but not for the photo, but for the movie so, it's all cool here rotation everything goes in these main options also do here at the very beginning let's add music let's get started MY MUSIC, I want some music of mine Oh, I have some music here if it suits me, then I click USE, use here we have various hints on how to customize music and here is all the music but it's too long as you can see so I click the music and here with this zipper I will adjust it to the end so that it only covers my project so we adjusted the music now with this music, if I select it, see you can set the volume and here is a very nice feature, look we have movie volume and music volume so we can adjust the volume of the backing at the same time as you can see it is very, very convenient you can also add FADE to your music, ie increase and decrease the volume for example for 2 seconds the sound will go down (lowered at the end) hear? So the sound is muted so much, and at the very beginning the volume rises so slowly, not immediately

what else can we do here there are other options, but from this base, that's enough let's click anywhere again so that everything can be seen here in terms of functionality now let's use filters FILTERS what filters do we have? there is a lot of it, you can really adjust the filter so that the film looks very professional some filters are available, but you must have the PRO version of YOUCUT ie buy the full version but there are a lot of filters that you can adjust to your needs so everyone will find something for themselves here for example STORY you can adjust the contrasts of the movie more color vignetting sharpness many, many, many and many more functions are here again so we can create a great project, much faster than in a computer using really professional programs and this program gives us really great opportunities let's move to the next option, EFFECT EFFECTS, what are the effects? we choose an effect, we'll find one soon here is for example the effect of an old VHS cassette I would like this effect to appear here on film, so I keep the effect oh, through this song, the effect in which it will be marked has been marked in purple then in the movie I would like him, O!, still here for a piece and here I would like another effect, SHADOW And here maybe at the end I would like the effect, what we have here, the effects are full, as you can see for example, here is GHOST GHOST ending (ghost) look at the grazing, so to speak here is some BIT, MAGIC some mirrors but let's leave it as it is and the colors, as you can see, are marked with effects when they occur were used in the whole project, click OK UNLOCK PREMIUM CONTENT I will remove this effect because this effect was only from the full PRO version as far as I understand so that's why we didn't use it there and look now what else you can add, in addition to the effect, you can add subtitles let's write a TEST and what can you do with it? zoom in, rotate black inscription color font there is a lot to choose from you can download free fonts but this is only in the full version you have to watch the video to unlock (ads) to get it for free you can customize the text execution, transparency, let's see if ENTER will work yes, it works also after entera so you can adjust the space between words It looks great, because you can really enjoy it here in this program, with subtitle support and this is very important here's an example mom's inscription we will reduce it a bit, we edit it here here we will change the font here the color, so as you can see, you can easily adjust these inscriptions to your own needs for example in a movie describing a place colors, some shadows can be made here, see very professional, very cool YOUCUT program very successful subtitles can be adjusted, whether we want to the end or only want in a given place, then we will adjust these sliders if we click on the inscription and we will want to move it slightly then the hint pops up if we want to end the video for example which is for the whole movie we can add a lot of subtitles so you don't have to worry about it here let's add one more there can be an inscription and an inscription, that is, there can be several layers of inscriptions so it's not just one in one place this is also a solid plus, because many programs do not have it there are still stickers EMOJI there are still such stickers we can add a photo or logo to the movie where we have the logo here, let's go to the catalog with the logo and here you go, png file, transparent background we add the logo without any problem here you are, ready I am very happy with this program I recommend! lots of options, it's worth it in the pictures there is also the ADJUST option, which means we can adjust the transparency it may be useful to someone once the whole project is over, we review it effects, everything can be seen Of course, this is just a test project but the possibilities are huge everything is done with your finger, once two, once two and ready so we don't even have to use a computer to make a movie and make it available online at the very end, when everything is ok click SAVE (save) we choose the resolution we want for me, the maximum resolution is 1080p and quality, of course, the lower the quality, the smaller the file will be we choose the option and click SAVE I leave this draft if I would like to come back to it and change something and at this point the material is rendered and we'll have the file ready soon which we can share, for example, on YouTube you probably are interested in how it is done, so I will show you yet how to do it, ok now I won't judge the program or we can share a movie with these icons that are here to all these programs or simply go to the gallery on our device and in the YouCut catalog here is our film playback is paused only because I am recording the smartphone screen at this time that's why there are such minor problems but everything is ok, the movie is ready if the movie is ready, we are already in the gallery we can press, share choose YOUTUBE for example and here choose the name of the channel we have for example FORUMWIEDZY (you have another;)) enter a title, for example, TOP write some description there choose PRIVATE privacy for now location can be entered, no need and submit the video will be uploaded and then you can share it in YouTube Studio Such a YouTube Studio application and there we can share the video o if we would now give PRIVATE to PUBLIC it would be public immediately, although it would have very poor resolution at first because the film still needs to be processed so we first add as private and so after about 20 or 30 minutes is best to go of course, public privacy then it will only be in full resolution so it's very easy thank you for your attention I think you liked this program and I encourage you to install YouCut and you'll be able to edit your materials without any problems on your Android smartphone or tablet Thank you for your attention, I look forward to your comments I hope you liked the movie leave your paws up Subscribe to the channel, more guides soon Hey!

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