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Mid-tier Smartphone Showdown ft: Huawei Nova 3i, Oppo R15, Samsung Galaxy A8 Star


Welcome to VR Zone Reviews This time, it's a showdown amongst the top three options today when it comes to mid-tier smartphones

Right off the bat, the build on all three devices are phenomenal, with attractive glass backs and solid feel in the hand, these three contenders could easily pass off as top-tier 2018 smartphones Flipped over, we begin to see the differences The Oppo and Huawei have notches, while the Samsung goes for a more standard 2017 design The Samsung and Oppo both have AMOLED displays, though the Oppo edges the Samsung out in terms of viewing angles and also in terms of brightness The Huawei's LCD display loses out in both areas but its lower brightness helps out in power efficiency in some use cases

In terms of colour temperature the Samsung appears warmer while the Huawei's display is cooler This however can be tweaked in the settings But unlike the Oppo, the Huawei also features an option to cancel the notch by blackening the pixels on either side of it Performance-wise, all three phones feature octa-core processors with the potential to deliver the best performance for their cost Under normal gaming applications all three phones were great performers even with the latest and most demanding titles on the App Store

Sensors worked brilliantly, displays ran smoothly with no tearing even at the highest settings Games like Asphalt, Brawl Stars and PUBG ran effortlessly across all three devices which bears testament to how far mobile technology has come today we ran 3D Mark which helps test for graphics performance All three phones ran slightly slower than their flagship equivalents, but for most gaming applications, the Samsung should theoretically out perform its competitors but Huawei leads in titles like Vainglory and other upcoming 3D titles designed for Vulkan It is worth noting that the Huawei Nova 3i has a GPU Turbo feature in store, pending an over-the-air update which were unable to test during the review Of course, these are just benchmark figures and in real life the respectable graphics processing on the phones allowed even the most demanding games to be played without a hitch Performance in terms of multitasking and productivity on these three devices are pretty much tied especially when considering both CPU and overall performance

Photography is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to smartphones these days With technology trickling down to the mid tier level, flagship features like AR lenses portrait mode bokeh and dual cameras can now be had at an affordable price we found the Huawei Nova 3i to be the best all-around performer here, leading the pack with dual cameras both front and rear coupled with their powerful AI scene recognition, colours look natural and vivid and settings adapted to different scenes almost instantly The Oppo performed well both in low-light conditions and for selfies with their great skin smoothing algorithm The Samsung Galaxy A8 Star boasts a whopping 24 megapixel camera both on the front and on the rear paired with the 16 megapixel lens, but we didn't like the saturated rendition of the A8 Star which at times looked more like HDR photos All in, these phones represent the best mid-tier smartphone purchases in 2018 The prices, however, tell a very different story

The Samsung and Oppo are similarly priced at around 750 Singapore dollars but the Huawei Nova 3i retails at just half the price Which phone would you get? The choice is clear I'm Ian and thanks for watching the VR Zone reviews See you in the next one

Source: Youtube

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