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    Microsoft Ignite Diversity and Tech Student Ambassador Program


    [Music] the diversi-tech student master program is a brand new initiative that we've launched this year and what we've done is we basically reach out to the three colleges in the Orlando area to invite students from these colleges to experience what does it like to get an industry event it's been a wonderful experience not just for the faculty that are here but especially for the students they have got a real opportunity to not only experience learning about different Microsoft and partner products but also to network with possible future employers and their future colleagues everybody with different stories to tell and share and different perspectives to learn from so it's a really great learning opportunity and an opportunity to grow as a person I think it's important to be a part of this program because you're able to step away from school and get an opportunity to see what's going on at Microsoft and what's going on in areas that you potentially are interested in working with and also just learning about diversity and secular Microsoft is addressing in diversity and how it applies to your daily life and as a as a minority female on computer science understanding that there are so many other women who are going through the same things that we're dealing with being the most valuable experience for the students involved in the program would be an opportunity to learn while they are here learn about women in tech and it's you know struggles we may have had in our time going through tech and hopefully will prepare them for the future ahead [Music]

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