Mi MIX Alpha: Surround Display 5G Concept Smartphone

This is #MiMIXAlpha, a surround display …

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  1. Mi Mix Alpha: Almost entirely screen.

    Mi Mix Beta: Entirely screen.

    Mi Mix Omega: Even the internals are screen.

    Mi Mix Gamma: The whole world is screen.

    Mi Mix Delta: Due to lack of hardiness, screen cracks at encounter of a speck of dust.

  2. I have a good idea which may be difficult to implement but it is worth it. How about about putting a pop up camera instead of the strip on the back? This would make both the screens of the same size and add the possibility of using it as a business phone on one side and as a family phone on the other side instead of limiting it to just widgets!

  3. For all the guys making Apple vs Xiaomi comments I say: LoL!
    Remember Xiaomi keeps copying Apple. From design in their phones (search for Mi 8) to the naming ("Note" 9 Pro Max), from the UI (we all know) to design in almost everything. I'm not even a fan of Apple, I don't like them at all. But let's be true. Making a phone is not just about putting everything. Don't forget this phone is just a concept. And for the technology though, the display is made by Samsung. And the 108MP camera sensor (It's called as ISOCELL Bright HMX) is also made by Samsung. It's a cool phone, but you just can't compare companies by looking at this. I can say Samsung also can make a concept phone like this easily as they made the biggest issue about it, which is the display. But it doesn't have a point to make. So don't compare companies over this phone.

  4. Yes am talking to you Xiaomi,
    This is work of true ART,
    a new way of DISPLAYS,
    I never expected this,
    Just…….you have my heart.

  5. Come to India please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  8. Ad to aise batate hai ki Mobile hi duniyan .
    Is mobile ke disadvantages ye hai
    1. Jab koi is pe video dekhega to jo video dekh raha hai use to video dekhega per jo uske samne betha hai use bhi video dekhega .
    2. Ye mobile per screen age bhi hai aur piche bhi hai isliye ye batetry jaldi khayega .
    Apko meri baat sahi lagi ho to mere channel ko subskribe karo friends please support .
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  9. Hi xiaomi plz make.. Huweai mate x like foldable smartphone but the front should have 21:9 display for easy holding of smartphone and when unfolded 16:9 for TV series and YouTube video viewing.. As the front is 21:9 u can make a tall mobile but handy and when unfolded we get big 16:9 display… Hope u make with xiaomi mi 10 ultra camera in it.. 💜👍

  10. Some people may think that HUAWEI Mate X is much more difficult to manufacture than Mi MIX Alpha, but the surround screen is much more difficult to manufacture than the folding screen

  11. I have this mobile . this is very exciting phone. Love from bangladesh . I proud of this phone and xiomi company and her all phones , smartwatch . and manager , producer , and director too

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