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Mi 9T: Unboxing The New Mi 9T!


Let's have a look at Xiaomi's all new Mi 9T In the box you'll find some instruction manuals a protective case and SIM ejector tool, and a charging cable with 18W wall plug The Mi 9T has a notch-less, full-screen design, with a 6

39" AMOLED display which is great for watching video or playing games In this screen, there's an all new, and much faster, optical in-screen fingerprint sensor which feels really fast and snappy On top, you're probably happy to find 3,5mm headphone jack next to the 20MP pop-up selfie camera And because this front facing camera pops out, it results in much more screen real estate whilst still being able to take your selfies Also new is the ability to take panorama selfies with this you can take much wider photos with the selfie camera on On the bottom of the phone, you’ll find a dual-SIM card slot and USB C port supporting 18W fast charging of its 4000 mAh battery Yes A 4000 mAh battery; that’s right! As it could give you about two days of battery life It means more usage time, and less of ‘this’… Also, you'll find a larger speaker That is a lot louder and gives a much fuller sound experience The back of the phone has this really cool looking holographic layered design- here you'll find a 3 camera setup with 48MP high-resolution lens, a 2x optical zoom telephoto lens, and 124

8° ultra wide angle lens that's very cool It’s kinda like having “this”… but then on this! New on the Mi9T is the easy switching between the three lenses from the cameraAnd super easy to switch to shoot high-resolution 48MP photos The Mi 9T is powered by the Snapdragon 730

Providing increased performance over previous generations, and faster, is … well…better! This is the all new Xiaomi Mi 9T You can find out more on micom

Source: Youtube

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