Melhores smartphones até R$ 1700 | TOP 5 – Abril 2019

Welcome to another shopping guide by TudoCelular This TOP 5 is for those looking for a smartphone between R$ 1200 and R$ 1700

Thinking about a better build, nice quality cameras even under not so favorable conditions and performance cabale of running almost every app and game available on the Play Store The Moto G7 is the most basic of this list, consequently, the cheapest it has the same chipset found on the more simple variants of the Moto G7 series, but the extra RAM and internal storage end up compensating, making it deliver a reasonable performance The greatest benefits comparing it to the more humble versions are on the design, screen quality and set of cameras The Zenfone 5 arrived with basically the same set found on the Zenfone 5Z flagship including the set of great quality speakers, nice cameras, screen with great color reproduction, and premium finish

Its performance is more than enough for running the majority of apps and games, and the battery handles a whole day with moderate use without any issues Motorola avoided bringing a flagship device to Brazil in 2018, leaving the title of "most powerful device" for the Moto Z3 Play that doesn't disappoint Besides having a great build and support for the Moto Snaps, it had the performance tuned up after the Android Pie update It also offers one of the best autonomies of the category which can be raised even more using the Snap PowerPack If you like the Z3 Play but prefers a newer smartphone with a renewed design, we advise you to look for the Moto G7 Plus

The cameras got noticeably better when comparing to the predecessors, doing a great job when compared to the rivals in most scenarios The new Motorola interface based on Android Pie handles the performance and the battery autonomy is similar to the one found on the rivals We close our list with the Galaxy A8 Plus which even with several launches for the Galaxy A series in 2018, still continues as a great option among the mid-range premium devices As a differential, we can mention the IP68 certification which grants protection agains water and dust Besides, it has a great screen, nice cameras on the front for selfies, and great battery life

If you want more battery, you should go for the Moto Z3 Play, specially if you find the version bundled with the battery Moto Snap In performance they are all similar, with just the Galaxy A8 Plus a bit behind in some games, and the Moto G7 a step down, because of the more simple chipset In cameras we have a great match between the Zenfone 5, Moto G7 Plus and Moto Z3 Play, with PROS and CONS for every single one of them At least, if you're looking for a sturdy smartphone, that can survive the daily accidents, you should pick the Samsung model, since it is the only one with protection agains water and dust If you prefer cheaper smartphones or even more expensive ones, check out our other shopping guides here in the channel

I am Mirly Moreira for TudoCelular A big hug!

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