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    Meine Hassliebe zur Smartphone-Fotografie und warum sie keine “richtige” Kamera ersetzt


    It's time to talk about smartphone photography again I am yes a big fan of it

    But even though we already have 2020, it doesn't go beyond that Talking about smartphone photography without putting a BUT behind To the "but" we will come soon Let's see why I'm such a fan of the smartphone Photography am First, it's easy Smartphone out, camera on, press and you have a more or less useful picture

    In addition, you have no additional Baggage Somehow you always have your smartphone with you Perfect! And it fits in Pocket Great as well Which camera fits in your pocket? On Smartphone fits, at least a reasonably small one fits quite well in your pocket

    great is also that the images can be edited directly on the smartphone With a reasonably large, high-quality display and with a variety of apps I mainly use Lightroom Mobile has become really good in recent years Also to Snapseed is recommended And then of course there is also the direct one Network connection added

    You have backups immediately, you can share immediately With which camera does it work? Since you always have to go awkward over WiFi in the Smartphone you have it all I also think it's good They are also modern Smartphones are usually waterproof

    At least a bit The video to Example, I shot with the Google Pixel 3 without any additional accessories going without problems and the smartphone also went afterwards Not only the things are waterproof but also quite robust It can fall down So in the meantime, they really can take a lot I'm much more careful with a camera with an expensive lens

    These were my main reasons for smartphone photography Enough reasons to try again and again, just to be on the go with the smartphone And me do that really often "But just! I currently have a Google Pixel 4 in front of it a Google Pixel 3 I am mostly satisfied which bothers me extremely is that there is no folding display

    Maybe that comes with these foldable ones Smartphones at some point that you have a folding display Because without a folding display you usually have a boring point of view Because deep down is very difficult, you have to lie down so that you can still look at the display or even far up, you can’t see anything It's all blind flight Therefore, a folding display would be great

    Which also annoys me especially about Google, the Google camera doesn't have a spirit level It's totally stupid The smartphone has everything in it Also stupid, there are hardly any haptic Controls You just have the trigger here and that's it

    It somehow a dial is missing It would be really cool if there was a rotary wheel here Because of the Fixed aperture can not be set much, but you could still Exposure time you can change the ISO sensitivity It would be a lot won if there would be a wheel I mean, the M100 and M50 or something from Canon, they only have one wheel Via touchscreen and with the rotary wheel you can set individual values ​​there relatively quickly I think it’s cool if it were something like that, by the way, this also applies to the zoom Many smartphones can zoom relatively well and optically, but only via that Display, which is a bit cumbersome

    If you have a dial would have – a haptic element – it would be much easier to zoom and a lot faster and much more precisely than just using the display Are we back with haptic control That the things had a fixed cover, had I already mentioned and there won't be much to change I know, Samsung has experimented with it once, but I don't think we will in near Get a really variable aperture in the future And that is precisely what limits smartphone photography again

    For example, a sun star, leaves make yourself really difficult I took this picture with a OnePlus 5 a star filter on the front There is no other way Generally when playing with the depth of field you have no choice except with the distance And that too Bokeh, the blurring in the background – yes, they are quite good became the phones, but it often looks artificial and there is always again situations where it just doesn't work where there are mistakes

    One sees yes, here it doesn't work at all That's what got really good here Even with the blur in the foreground and the blur in the background Everything cut out nicely Well done! Sometimes it works, sometimes it works Not

    That's how it is These are the main points that remind me of the smartphone Photography annoying There are a few more things They actually have the dynamic range quite well in the meantime Sometimes looks a bit like HDR, but if you look at this example now, for such a little thing, there can you don't complain about the dynamic range

    They have the problem with bad light Manufacturer solved with the night mode or I even took this picture with the astronomical mode of the Google Pixel 4 made For such a small sensor, that's a house number I would say The conditions were not optimal when I took the picture There was bright moonlight But both Astromodus as well as night mode simulate a long Exposure time

    That is, if you want to freeze a move at Darkness, then you have no choice but the ISO Sensitivity to go up and then the small sensor of the Smartphones This is absolutely not recommended Generally if you want to set something manually, on the smartphone, it gets complicated But you see, I'm not concerned with image quality, what that "but" is for smartphone photography or against smartphone photography I am simply concerned with the operation

    No folding display, no haptic Controls and you are a bit limited with the Lenses that you have in here There is always more now That's exactly what happened Galaxy S20 out, which has 100x zoom and what do I know Has one Wide lens? I think so I miss that I can use a lens there screw it on, but then I can take a bigger camera, because then the simple thing that has a smartphone is eliminated So for me it is Smartphone actually the main camera But when I know that I have something need something else, which is not so good to do with the smartphone, I'll take another one Camera and I think it will stay that way for a long time

    The smartphone camera will never or at least not any other camera completely in the foreseeable future replace I'm curious to see how you see it What is the smartphone with you? Just a supplement or already the main camera? Comment below below Otherwise don't forget to subscribe to my channel, something happens every now and then to smartphone photography I would even Do more, but I rarely get smartphones in my hand

    My last video and here is a playlist on smartphone photography See you!

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