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Meet Stacy: Capital One Tech Associates Share Their Story


I was the only female in my computer science classes But I didn't necessarily let that bother me

And I really tried to look to the strengths that I did bring to the table I'm Stacy, and I am a Senior Manager for Critical Stack When I interviewed, I started talking with my mom like, do I want to work for a bank? And she told me a story about when my parents first divorced and they both had to file for bankruptcy given the situation Capital One was the only company that would actually give her a credit card and that enabled her to build back her credit and she now has you know an excellent credit score and it was all because Capital One took that chance on her

She was raising three kids on $14,000 a year and so it was definitely a trying time But because I always just saw her succeed at the things she tried and figure out a way to do it, I kind of approached all aspects of my life that way When I started out in my computer science career, I definitely wondered like do I have what it takes to hack it? But that's really when I started to say well, I won't know unless I try You can let it make you feel limited, you can let it make you feel empowered, but there's so much opportunity to see the value that your strengths bring to your given role or your given situation I love to solve problems

so that's actually why I love the opportunities I've been granted here at Capital One We're trying to solve problems that haven't been solved yet for Capital One I joined the critical stack team to kind of help them figure out the kind of compliance and risk management aspect of bringing a tech product to market You know our objective is to basically approach everything with yes It's possible, it's something that you know we can achieve

And that's really kind of how I approach life

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