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Mathew Hayman’s Scott Foil Disc


(metal scraping) – I'm here with the bike of Matty Hayman, of Mitchelton-Scott This is his Scott Foil Disc bike

Now many of you remember, he actually won Paris-Roubaix aboard one of these Foils, however it wasn't a disc brake version So let's take a closer look (upbeat music) Now Hayman, he stands at one meter 90 tall, which is six foot three in imperial measurements He's opted for a size extra large frame, which is roughly about a 58 centimeter So the frame itself it largely the same as the actual rim brake version however obviously accommodating a disc brake on the rear end does change things around slightly

And then the front forks, well I'm gonna come on to those later on, because they're pretty special The seat post fitted into the frame is from Syncros, and the saddle comes from Syncros too, it's a bell carbon model And it has some carbon rails as well as a cutaway in the top there just to relieve any pressure Now you can see on the back of the seat post too, a really neat carbon fiber number holder I love a bit of carbon

Now it's got a one piece integrated handlebar and stem and that comes from Syncros too The stem while it's 14 centimeters in length, and the bars, surprisingly narrow at 40 centimeters, especially for a guy of Hayman's size So there we are, he is gonna get truly aero using these handlebars Fitted to them are the Shimano Dura Ace 91 70 Di2 control levers, so of course they're gonna be stopping a pair of disc brakes Then tucked away in the end of the handlebar here, is the Di2 junction box, something which I think looks absolutely fantastic

And certainly cleans up the cockpit of the bike And the Di2 cable is connected to the hydraulic brake hose here using some of that ever reliable, mechanics' favorite heat shrink tubing The handlebars while they're wrapped in some of Syncros' super sticky handlebar tape, there's also just poking out from underneath it, some sprint shifters there on the drops and then finally topped off with a Garmin mounted on top of the stem Brake calipers, well as I've discussed already they are disc brakes so these are the Shimano Dura Ace 9100 range, now they are stopping a pair of disc rotors of 160 on the front and 140 millimeters on the rear Mounted onto the sensor of the hubs of these beautiful Shimano C60 wheels

And what's on top of them? Well, we've got the brand new Pirelli PZero Velo tubular tires Now Mitchelton-Scott, are actually probably one of the first teams that I can think of, who changed before a grand tour on to a brand new set of tires Well in fact, different tire sponsor totally So there we are That is something trivia for those of you at home

(upbeat digital music) Derailleurs, while they are Shimano Dura Ace 91 50 Di2 unit both front and rear the rear one is mounted using this special derailleur hanger so it's a direct mount, so on these new models of Shimano rear derailleurs, they actually come with an extra pivot there, which you can remove and mount straight onto a different style of mech hanger Essentially it's gonna give you slightly shifter and smoother a more accurate gear shifting As well as actually having the mech just a little bit further back and tucked out of the way when it comes to a fast wheel change Rear cassettes, 11 28 ratios, and then chain ring size, well Hayman here's opting for 53 39 With 175 millimeter Dura Ace cranks

Let's have a listen then to the Shimano Dura Ace 90 170 rear hub (tire clicking) Pedals while they're Shimano Dura Ace 90 100 SPD-SL, but get this, he's actually got a four millimeter longer axle in there So they're spaced out four millimeters further than the standard pair Well, let's talk about those forks then, shall we? They are super aero looking At the bottom just near the dropout, they have like a tail or a fin pointing backwards to help with actual wind reduction or cheating aerodynamics, that kind of thing

And then on the non drive side, covering or kind of partially covering anyway, the actual caliper of the disc brake is an extended bit of carbon fiber And I think that really does look good It's almost integrated in fact, beautiful We've got some Elite Cannibal XE bottle cages and also just down there on the seat tube, just above the bottom bracket, is in fact an integrated chain catcher, so in the unfortunate incident of the chain dislodging, it's gonna be kept there and out of harm's way What about those measurements then, because Hayman, he's a pretty big guy

Well, the measurement from the top of the saddle to the center of the bottom bracket is 82 centimeters And then tip of the saddle to the center of the bars 65 centimeters That's a big reach And then the drop from the saddle to the handlebars, that's 13 centimeters And the weight of the bike comes in at 7

65 kilos Now let me know what you think of Matty Hayman's Scott Foil Disc Brake down there in the comments section down below I think it's a really nice looking bike But as ever, I wanna know what you think of it, so make sure you let me know Now do remember as well to like and share this video with your friends, tell everyone all about it

And also remember to check the GCN shop at shopglobalcyclingnetworkcom where we have a whole heap of products And now for another great pro bike, click just down here

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