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MASSIVE £10,000 TECH Unboxing!


– What's up guys? Safw here, of SuperSaf TV, and another episode of "Unboxing Time", mystery unboxings of cool tech and whatever else has been sent We've got some seriously cool stuff today

Details of which will be in the description below and in the description there's also going to be links to all of the products featured in today's video Let's get straight to it Right, the first product we've got is from De'Longhi, who are sponsoring this episode of "Unboxing Time", and inside here we have a very special bean-to-cup coffee machine Let's get it un-boxed This thing is massive

– [Narrator] A few moments later – So this, of course is the De'Longhi Prima Donna Elite Experience (slaps box) Looks so, so cool But, as well as that, we do have the De'Longhi Fancy Collection, which has six glasses as well as some union hand-roasted coffee beans (inhales) Smells so good And, here it is, the De'Longhi Prima Donna Elite

Looks so, so cool I love the chrome finish it's going to go nicely in any kitchen And then, you also get a bunch of other stuff inside the box There's, of course, the power cord There's the latté crema, mix carafe, a starter set which includes a cleaning brush, a de-scaler, as well as a ground coffee measure

And then we've got these, which are coffee bean-shaped ice cube trays That is so cool, so you're going to be able to get ice cubes shaped like coffee beans Now, setting up the Prima Donna Elite is very, very easy You simply plug it in, fill up the water tank, add the coffee beans, and fill up the latté crema, if you like a milk-based coffee And then you're pretty much good to go, you can use the 4

3-inch TFT color touch-screen to browse through the many different drink options And there's a wide variety of coffee and milk recipes, easily programmable with six user profiles for individually tailored drinks Or, you can connect your coffee machine to your smart phone with the DeLoghi Coffee Link app and remotely control it Once you've made your selection, the Prima Donna Elite will get to work and prepare your drink I love a good cappuccino, and the Prima Donna Elite makes it perfectly

You can see all the layers if you have a clear glass like the one from the family collection And, as expect, it tastes absolutely great as if it was prepared by a professional barista And that is the De'Longhi Prima Donna Elite If you're a coffee lover and you're serious about your coffee, then you definitely need one of these in your home If you want to find out more about this, and want to pick one up, there's going to be a link in the description below

And I think you guys already know what's in here It is, of course, the brand-new 16-inch Macbook Pro I've really been looking forward to this, and I know a lot of you have wanted to see some more coverage of this as well, so let's get it un-boxed Look at that Plastic is off

Let's take it out of its box Ho Ho, there we have it It is the silver version, as you can see So as well as the 16-inch Macbook Pro, you do get a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable, some paperwork with these space gray looking Apple stickers, which really do look nice, and also the power brick Let's get straight to the laptop

Get rid of the plastic That looks so, so fresh It's not going to look this fresh ever again Open it up, and the keyboard! The keyboard, as you know, has been updated, this is something that a lot of people have been talking about for a very, very long time I, personally, didn't have too much of an issue with the butterfly keyboard

I know, I was one of the exceptions, because there's so much stuff online This has now been fixed The keys have a little bit more travel, but the do feel really good The "escape" key, as well as the Touch ID button are now separate from the Touch Bar, which is something that a lot of people were also asking for and it's nice to have a physical "escape" button We've got improved speakers, they sound very, very good

We've got improved mics And, let's not forget the display We have an improved 16-inch display now in roughly about the same-sized body as the 15-inch Macbook Pro, and they've achieved this by shrinking down the bezels This is still a retina display with a 226 ppi pixel density, so it's really sharp, it's bright, it's vibrant And, just quickly bringing in the 15-inch Macbook Pro here for a side-by-side comparison, you can see that the 16-inch Macbook Pro is slightly larger

I believe it is around 2% larger in terms of the height and the width It's not too much bigger, and I think if you've been using one of these, then this should be absolutely fine I know a lot of people are going to be asking, "what is this on my 15-inch Macbook Pro?" It is a "dbrand" skin dbrand are a sponsor of the channel, they're not sponsoring this video, but I really do like their products If you want to pick up a skin for your 16-inch Macbook or your 15-inch Macbook, or another laptop, then I will leave a link to them in the description below

Now, design-wise, it does look very similar to what we've had previously, but we do have improved thermals, and, of course, specifications have also been updated You can get this in up to 8-core ninth generation Intel Core i9, with 64 GB of DDR4 RAM, up to 8 TB of SSD Storage, as well as with the AMD Radeon Pro 5500 M, with 8 GB of memory For the battery, you do have a massive 100 watt-hour battery, now this is the absolute maximum Apple could have put in a laptop, because anything above that, and then this would not have been allowed on planes So, it's really nice that they've completely maximized that And I really like what Apple is doing now because it seems like they're finally listening to the consumers and they're giving us what we want

So, we want a bigger battery, we don't mind a little bit of extra weight and size if we're going to get a bigger battery Still got the four USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports I'm kind of getting used to this, I think if there was something that I would've liked, it's maybe an SD card reader, cause if you do forget your dongle, and you have a camera that you've shot a lot of stuff on, that's something that I would've liked, but having four USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports is really good, lots of other laptops that I've tested only have the one I think you should have a minimum of two, but it's nice that you've got four here Everything is now going USB-C, apart from iPhones, so Apple, now that you're really taking our feedback onboard, sort it out, let's have USB Type-C on iPhones, as well

And I think one last thing that I think I would like to see improved is the 720p FaceTime HD camera I'd like that to be 1080p I don't use it all the time, but if I'm having a conference call or something, it's just nicer to have better-quality video from this So, still it's all right, it's 720p, that's something that I would like to have seen as well Nevertheless, it's something that a lot of people have been excited about, I'm really excited

About this as well I'll be using it as my main laptop for the coming weeks Definitely let me know if you want to see a full, in-depth review of this, and I'll try working on that after I've used it for a decent amount of time Next product is from Amazon And it's the Amazon EchoStudio

I believe this is the most premium Echo speaker that you can get from Amazon Some of the key features listed here along the side: three two mid-range speakers, one tweeter, a 525h woofer, Dolby Atmus, 35mm aux or mini optical-line in, Bluetooth, and at the bottom here, it's got some information about compatibility So, of course, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Hue

Comes in this pretty cool Alexa bag And there it is, there's also a power brick as well as some paperwork Right, we're all set up, that was pretty straight-forward you just have to download the Amazon Alexa app and just follow all of the on-screen instructions and then it actually checks out the environment to tune the sound Let's go ahead and play something, just to try it out I'm going to play something that's royalty-free so I don't get sued

(deep rhythmic music) All right, that sounds really, really good I could definitely hear the bass here We've also got this light above which indicates what you're playing If you put the volume up and down, you can see that it's going to indicate what you have in terms of your volume Of course, because this is an Alexa speaker, you're going to be able to ask it things, such as: "Alexa, what's the weather?" [Alexa Speaker]- Right now in Lester, it's ten degrees celsius with cloudy skies

Tonight's forecast is showers, with a low of seven degrees – So, as expected, it's a smart speaker, so it's going to work fine Now, you can actually pair this up with another Echo Studio and have stereo sound with your TV system, which is pretty sick I'm really liking this It's got a really nice look, I like the light above it

We've got a few buttons here at the top, as well, which you can use It sounds really, really good Next Box A-ha! So, we've got a Manfrotto backpack, as well as the Joby GorillaPod 3K PRO kit So, the Manfrotto backpack is the Advanced Active Backpack, and it's made for your camera, so you can have your camera here in this front compartment

And what I like about this is it keeps all of your other stuff separate from the camera compartment Inside here, you've got plenty of room You can also fit in up to a 14-inch laptop, and there's space here for your phone and maybe a few other bits, as well We've got some padding at the back, so if you are going to be carrying this for long periods of time, then that should be pretty comfortable As you guys know, I travel a lot, and it's always nice to have a good bag where I can just throw my camera

Not going to be able to fit in a 16-inch Macbook here, but if you've got a smaller laptop, if I'm trying to pack light and travel light, and I've got a smaller laptop with me, then this is going to be absolutely ideal I really do like Manfrotto kits I'm using the Manfrotto tripod here, as well as the roller bag, which I have shown on "Unboxing Time" before Great stuff from Manfrotto And the 3k PRO GorillaPod Kit from Joby

You guys know Joby make the best GorillaPods out there Now I'm sure everybody already knows about GorillaPods They are very, very useful You can have them sitting somewhere, or you can vlog and this really helps take your camera a little bit away from your face, and as well as that, you can wrap these around So say, for example, you have a lamp post or something and you want to mount this on here, you can do that as well

These are machined aluminum sockets which are very durable and there is a quick-release plate on here as well, which is really cool, so if you do want to take your camera out quickly, you can just take that out And this also has a ball swivel-mount, so if you need to quickly adjust something, you can do that as well I absolutely love GorillaPods, so, so useful If you're somebody who does want to vlog, or wants something that's in your kit that's going to be very flexible to set your camera somewhere, then I definitely recommend this Next we have– all right! It's the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

We also have the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse, which is super cool Let's open this up Oh, yes, it is the matte black version, look how slick this looks Now inside the box, as well as the Surface laptop, you do get some paperwork, and then you get a fast charger This is going to be able to top off your Surface laptop from zero to around 80% in an hour, which is awesome

And this looks so, so slick I'm a huge fan of the Surface laptop design Very clean and minimal, and this is pretty lightweight, between 12-13kg

Let's try the one-handed opening test Very, very comfortable Now, this is the 13-inch version, there is also a 15-inch version available Powering this is either an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of SSD Storage Now, the SSD is removable, so you can pop it out if you open it up

I'm not going to do that here Track pad is around 20% larger compared to the previous version, and the keys feel really, really good I just love how well this has been built Now, the display is a 135-inch Pixel Sense display

You've got around a 201ppi pixel density, and it looks really, really good For the ports, you do have a full-size USB-A or USB-C this time, which is awesome, a 35 mm jack On the right hand side you have the Surface connector This is starting from around 999 pounds, and it's going to go up depending on your configuration that you go for

Huge fan of Surface laptops A very, very slick and clean design And, this package here, A-ha! We've got the Beats Solo Pro's Active noise cancellation, and I've, of course, gone for the all-black version But there's lots of other colors available

A few of the key features here along the side: Pure adaptive noise cancellation, Transparency listening mode, Battery up to 22 hours with Active Noise Cancellation on, or up to 40 hours with it off Fast Fuel 10-minute charge is going to give you 3 hours of play, On-ear controls for music and calls, and built-in microphones for voice Let's check these out I'm definitely liking this all-black theme Ha, look at that

So, as well as the earphones, we do get some paperwork, some Beats stickers, we've got black and red, the USB-A to Lightning cable, I mean come on USB-C, when are we going to get USB-C? There's also a clip here, too We do get this very soft case which looks really nice And there they are I'm definitely digging this full matte black finish, looks so, so slick Now here on the side we have a sticker which says: "fold to power on and off", which means you're not going to have to faff around with buttons, you just fold in to switch off, and then you fold out to switch on

Now because these are Beats, they should connect very quickly and easily to the iPhone, so I've opened them up to switch them on, I've brought– there we go I absolutely love this Beats Solo Pro, connect 4% battery Good thing these are fast charging, though, right? Let's just quickly test this out

So the build is really, really good, and as soon as I put them on, they've got some great isolation I can't hear much of my own voice Let's play some music and see what they sound like (funky music playing) Okay, they sound really, really good I am no audiophile, but I really like the way these sound

And, the do have the active noise cancellation, so we do have a few different options here So, we've got noise cancellation off or transparency, this is similar to what we've got on the AirPods Pro Now, I do generally prefer wireless earphones, which don't cover your ears as much, and are a bit more comfortable to wear for longer periods, but I know a lot of people do prefer over-ear or on-ear headphones, and I think these might be a good option for you And we've got this black box with a ribbon Once again, all black, definitely digging that

Ooh, cookies! So, these are from Neos, super for vegetarians Boom, nice one, thank you Inside here we have an Amazon Echo Show 5, as well as a Neos SmartCam Quick note here from Neos, they're actually going to have a Black Friday deal, bundle deal of this Neos SmartCam as well as the Echo Show 5 And then you can use the Alexa to show you whatever is on the Neos SmartCam on your EchoShow 5

Firstly, the Neos SmartCam is a cam that I've seen before, they're very similar, I think they're probably very similar tech that is re-configured and re-branded by lots of different companies And the Echo Show 5 is a 55-inch display with far-field voice control, works with a whole bunch of different apps and services And it really brings another dimension to the Alexa experience rather than just a speaker Right, so the SmartCam

Quite a simple little SmartCam, which you can position and rotate around And the Echo Show 50, nice soft material as you normally have, a few buttons, and you also have a power brick So, a pretty nice bundle if you want to set up something in your smart home, and especially if you're within the Alexa ecosystem This episode is not sponsored by Amazon, we just have lots of Amazon Alexa stuff in here

You can go ahead and pick those up, they will be linked in the description below I have absolutely no idea what's in this box Ooh It's from Aukey "#ChargeLikeAPro Omni Power Charging"

So, they've got a bunch of charging accessories You guys know I've featured Aukey on the channel a few times They have some great, great charging products And we've got a whole bunch here So, firstly, we have the Aukey Unity Wireless 100-watt 4-in-1 USB-C hub with wireless charging

All right, that's cool This is going to connect onto USB-C but you've got an HDMI port in here You've got another USB Type-C port, as well as two USB-A ports, so not only is this a hub, but you're also going to be able to put your phone on here, and charge it up That's definitely quite cool We've then got the Aukey Impulse Braided C to C cable

So it's USB Type-C to USB Type-C, 2 meters long, of course, braided I absolutely love braided cables, they don't tangle up, not as much as regular cables, anyway Very durable "Impulse Braided Cable C-L", so that's USB Type-C to Lightening, so if you've got an Apple product, then this is going to be compatible 1

2 meters long, and it is MFI certified, so made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod There's the Expedition Flush Fit 18-watt charger So, this is your car charger It's going to plug into your cigarette lighter, and it's going to give you up to 18 watts of output USB-C, so if you do need that fast charging action in your car, then you're going to be able to do this with this

Minima 30-watt PD wall charger So this is like a super-small wall charger which is going to give you up to 30 watts USB Type-C output This is a Focus Duo 63-watt dual-port PD wall charger USB Type-C, so there's going to be power delivery coming from both the USB Type-C ports

And finally, we've got the Aukey Sprint Wireless 8000mAh wireless charging power bank And you do have two USB Type-A ports, one of these is orange, which I believe indicates fast charging, there's a USB Type-C port, and on the side there's a micro-USB port, which I'm assuming is going to be used to charge this Let me see if I can try to charge my phone It does have some juice inside, so I'm going to bring my iPhone and put it on top There we go! And it's charging, so that's really cool if you don't have, say, a lightning cable with you, and you're out with this power bank, you can just drop your phone onto here

Lots of things do now support wireless charging, which is absolutely great Love these little things So, "Charge Like a Pro" from Aukey, I really like these, they're great for little presents, if you do want to get somebody something that's not too expensive, then one of these sort of products, such as a power bank, I mean everybody needs a power bank, right? Absolutely awesome gifts, I'll obviously link them all in the description below And– That's it for "Unboxing Time"! I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful, if you did, then do hit that thumbs-up button for me If you want to pick up any of the items featured in this video, we had a lot, they'll all be linked down in the description below as well

If you want to send something for a future episode, there's going to be an open address, so feel free to send whatever you want It might get featured here on "Unboxing Time" If you want to see more episodes like this, then be sure to subscribe, and hit that bell icon, so you don't miss any of that If there's anything that you'd like to see in more detail, then do drop that in the comments below Thanks for watching, this is Saf on SuperSaf TV, I'll see you next time

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