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Making Tech Work for Schools—And Students


– Yeah, so that's just, see how it says owner up here? Really, I see my role as trying to help people come to terms with their issues with technology and trying to solve problems that maybe they didn't know they had yet I ended up coming to the Vail School District in 2009 as a band director and, also, a technology teacher

That role reignited my love for technology that I had at a younger age I think it's a critical role in the district, in the community It's really important for our students to be using state-of-the-art technology, just getting them comfortable with different ways of using technology but, also, more conceptual things instead of focusing on a specific piece of technology CodeHS is really neat because every kid at the school gets exposed to computer science Every kid goes through technology, one quarter through the year

The program really touches every single student So, we have amazing students like Lexie, who maybe never would have went into coding, but realizes she's really good at it (tone dinging) – CodeHS, actually helped me find a start for what I want to do Without coding and stuff, I don't think I'd be anywhere cause with technology, it's in everything now – It's been a great program

If you can find even just a few kids, here and there, that realize they're good at something that they never would have tried otherwise, then I think it's a success – I first met Mark Breen when we were younger teachers It was 2009 and we were opening a new middle school in the Vail School District, called Rincon Vista Middle School The impact that he's made on our district and on our community, really cannot be measured Watching Mark grow from a classroom teacher to where he is now within our district, has been inspirational

He sets the tone for the fact that hard work and dedication and perseverance and just being a really nice, supportive person who puts kids first, that if you do all of those things, that you're going to be successful (drums banging) – So I think, really, my background and performing music has helped me with those team-building things It's helped me think creatively Really, now, I look at my role as, sort of, being the orchestra director of the things that I'm working with When you look at a good orchestra director, they're just making sure everyone's playing together, playing in tune and creating this harmonious environment

If I could just, kind of, press one more point, it's just focus on people, focus on relationships, do the hard work at getting along and if everyone's onboard and you get in sync together and we find what's true and we move forward with what's best for the organization As long as you're doing all those things and focusing on relationships, then the rest of it, kind of, takes care of itself (laughing) (upbeat music)

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