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Making Tech Inclusive and Accessible for Everyone | Mission Unstoppable


technology has the ability to improve everything from our phones to our food but it takes clever thinking to make those benefits available to everyone our next guest is doing just that Erica Hernandez has the story as technology becomes more intertwined with our daily lives skill sets like programming become vitally important for everyone enter software engineer Jordyn Castor she's working for Apple to help make the landscape of computer programming more inclusive which is very important to her since she was born blind my blindness did not define where I was going or what I was doing it was tough but I knew deep down I wanted to enhance my own life and I wanted to impact the world and I knew that computer science and being able to program was my way to do that So I went to Fremont, California to meet Jordyn at the California School for the Blind for a firsthand lesson in coding what exactly is coding so coding is really the language that makes your computers work what's your favorite thing that you've worked on when I was growing up there weren't many fun tutorials to teach people how to code and I was able to work on this cutting edge new app Swift Playgrounds that is teaching people all over the world how to write their very first pieces of code it opens to doors to creating so many other things Jordyn takes me inside where dozens of visually impaired students are eager to put her coding app to the test people with disabilities can use a variety of tools to help them use computers from text to speech, voice commands, to screen zoom there are plenty of accessibility options built into our gadgets that most people never consider today we will master three essential building blocks of coding commands, functions, and loops to explain what these steps mean Jordyn uses a real life metaphor If I wanted to brush my teeth you know to turn on the water get your toothbrush wet put the toothpaste on put the toothbrush in my mouth and brush different sections of my teeth I'm gonna repeat the same action multiple times once the students have a handle on these basic coding structures they graduate to a surprise new adventure, controlling robots like drones with the app that we're using today and the knowledge that the students have gained they're going to be able to fly drones probably for the first time for most of them and that's a really exciting thing the students and I get a practice round coding drones in the library any advice that you guys can give me 3, 2, 1 blast off I just coded a drone then we head to the gym to show off some serious skills these girls are coding a drone to fly directly into the center of the gym *cheering* so how many tries do you think you had before you guys got it like 7 what would you say if there's girls out there who are you know a little nervous about learning how to code what would you say to them I've never done coding before and I was really nervous and scared I really really like it and I want to do it again as the students land their drones for the final time I thank Jordyn for sharing this experience with me it was incredible I mean truly we flew drones today so the sky is the limit yes absolutely one of my passions is to show other blind students that they can code that's a really empowering thing to learn so I'm excited to see what they create

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