make your android homescreen aesthetic 2021 🔮 pastel purple theme

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ʚ┊hi guys ٩(◕‿◕)۶ after the long wait… this video is your pastel purple theme request 😉 please comment down your suggestions for my video. hope you enjoy! btw, I’m using my Samsung Galaxy A71 ♡

#aestheticphone #aestheticsamsung #aestheticandroid

**theme …

47 thoughts on “make your android homescreen aesthetic 2021 🔮 pastel purple theme

  1. thank you guys for the views, likes and subs ♡ happy 8k subs to us ^^

    ps; a lot of you are asking for my fonts, i dloaded them from "zfont3 app" (you need to long press app to see Samsung one ui fonts) or watch a video tutorial i made.
    **if Samsung One ui fonts not working in zfont3 app (4×4 error), you can watch another video tutorial too.
    **links in the description box ^^ hope that helps ♡

  2. please don’t normalize purple color for army only :/ everytime i use purple heart emoji , there must be one or two armys there too BUT no offense to all of the armys 🙂

  3. Hii! Good day, i did what you did. I just have a questiooon. If ever i uninstalled the apps used to creat the icon and such. Will those edited icon and designs be removed as well. Sorry for the grammar 😅

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