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    Main PUBGM di smartphone sekecil ini? PALM PRE(G) Unboxing


    Yo guys, Back again with me as Dhiar This is a smartphone PALM The shape of this phone looks small, guys

    It's different than the smartphone in general The design is beautiful because it's similar to the iPhone But It looks like a mini iPhone It was smaller than iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or even iPhone SE From all kinds of iPhone shapes This one is the smallest

    The design looks really sweet What does it look like? Cmon let's see Let's just open it Where is it Yes, okay let's see it

    This smartphone is tempting, guys I got interested in this then I just buy it immediately Wow, guys Wow, PALM Let's see here It looks small, guys

    It looks really sweet Before we discuss about the smartphone Let’s see what’s within this box Let's see what's in here Okay

    Yes, we got a small phone but the user manual guide which is big and they are so intent to make it We got some kind of catalogue here It's cool that we got a catalogue like a magazine here They are so intent to make this smartphone If you want to make a nice smartphone, you have to be serious about making it

    Everything is being wrapped so coolly It's not be done carelessly It's cool actually That's great There's the SIM Ejector that we're going to use later on

    Okay Let's see what's inside here again How to open this anyway? And there is the head charger here, guys The output for this charger is 5v and 1A Of course, lah because this smartphone is small

    And we got a dongle here For connecting from USB Type C to jack audio 35 mm The charging cable is using USB Type C That's great

    Let's see the smartphone here PALM The shape looks really cool right, guys? The size is just the size of my palm hands Wow, it's cool The shape tho

    There is an on/off power button and a SIM Tray Slot That we're going to open it later on There are an antenna line and mic up here There's nothing else on the left side There are two antenna lines, mic, USB Type C down here There's one camera, one LED flash and at there's the word "PALM" in the middle of this back phone

    That's great, I am starting to get curious about it What kind of SIM Tray slot does it use? Maybe, it's only using 1 SIM card It only provides 1 SIM tray slot Wow, because this phone is small Okay, let me just peel this sticker to make it sweeter

    That's great That's cool Wow We need to be extra careful in handling it Okay, let's just turn it on

    It's small PALM While waiting for this thing to turn on Let's tidy the table to make it look neat This is the lock screen looks like It looks tiny

    This is the clock And this is the home screen which is so cute The appearance looks cute, guys Wow, it's cute It's cute

    Seriously The icons are like an iPod, isn't it? I forgot what kind of icon model is this Ohh, it's like an apple watch It's true That's cool, I have already installed some apps here

    There are facebook, chrome, Antutu Benchmark, Tiktok, Instagram, and many more Okay, let's try first with the camera here This small phone is great I will try the camera first *Take a pic of this plant* That's great, let's see the results here

    It's so small Okay, so this is it, guys Interesting This pic is so detailing, guys Ohh, it's so cool

    This tiny thing is sexy That's great, guys Wow Let see, how much is the score for PALM phone at Antutu Benchmark? You curious about it, right? This is the score for PALM at Antutu Benchmark The score is 69

    191 What kind of processor does it use? The hardware of this phone is The processor is using Qualcomm Technologies Inc MSM8940 Does anybody know it? The processor is using Qualcomm Technologies Inc MSM8940 The GPU is Adreno (TM) 505 The Android is 8

    1 The RAM capacity of 3 GB and internal storage of 32 GB, guys It's so small Just to advise that this smartphone is tiny The back camera is 12 MP The front camera is 8 MP The capacity of the battery is 780 mAh, guys

    It's small The OS is Android 81 There is GPS but no NFC here Let's see, what the front camera looks like

    Let's switch to the front camera Let me take a selfie first Let's see here Okay The pic ain't bad at all

    It's cool Let's try with Tiktok first What does the Tiktok app look like with this tiny little smartphone here That's great It's cute

    The speakers are stereo The speakers aren't bad at all Cute It's cute actually Let's try opening some websites here

    Does it feel convenient to see the news on this small phone like this? Let's go to detikcom Let's see the news website here We can see the news website here

    Let's pick one of these articles here Okay, so this is the article That's great It can be closed one by one I want to try to play PUBG here

    Can we play PUBG Mobile in this tiny little phone here? We're already in the main menu of PUBG Mobile lite Let's just try to play We're now in the game of It's so small We're now in the battlefield at PUBG Mobile Lite

    Wow It's so small makes me so hard to see Let's zoom in it Both of my thumbs are covering the whole screen here There's a lot of enemies here Wow, it's fun

    My ammo is running out Before it's tense that I had to focus on shooting with this tiny phone which is very complicated here I couldn't see the screen clearly with both of my thumbs here Playing PUBG Mobile Lite at this tiny smartphone is so cool, right? This is the game of PUBG Mobile lite That's great After I played games for around 5 min

    This phone temp starting to get hot It's hot Until to the sides here It's so hot, guys It looks cool because of the design for this smartphone It looks sweet because it's similar to the iPhone

    This phone is small and my palm hands are still bigger than this If I clenched it like this, you won't be able to see it The smartphone is still hot because of playing a game before Wow, it's cool and great It looks good

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