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Magix Video Deluxe Smartphone Video hochkant – Video schneiden – Tutorial – deutsch


Video # 371 I'll say full hd movie would be here then the wide 10 80 I take now any default values ​​and the height hello and welcome once again a tutorial with magix video deluxe and today I try times with the smartphone filmed videos in the upright format was so filmed and not so good at so filmed with magix video deluxe to cut if the word is possible let yourself surprise I had found a solution there but a little complicated i'll show you now step by step like that works or how I got it I hope I get it right back it was actually quite nice complicated I start now video deluxe I go on the screen and start that so that's very loaded now we talk right on I'm watching the screen so we'll take it project times up gangart of ok that we have now we have that now comes of course because I have custom on the setting and here is already the first thing that you notice is you have to in the case of the smartphone, the height and the distance interchange speak the far is not so wide because the cell phone that is the width and that is the height Say if your smartphone has the 16 I would say full hd lead then here the wide 10 80 I take now any defaults and the height the otherwise 10 80 is 1920 the page ratio is not 16 too 9 16 9 is like that but you have to be on the smartphone 9 to 16 so do one colon 16 the frame rate that's because of how her smartphone how many frames has mainz makes 29 is 95 actually as common if not that would have to adjust so synonymous one current films is not natural if we adapt that way and there you have now here only the first hurdle for smartphone cut taken And that is the smartphone is edgewise so and that is also here thing, how can I also talk to somebody if magix sees magix software manufacturer if you should see that I wonder again and again why this advertising would have switched that you it's okay to behave but if I click here now this message Do not show anymore and I'll go unlock now and next time or next time or the market after next comes this advertising again why me I double-clicked that this should not come can you turn that off please well no matter so now I have videos here I can say yes to players hello says the The biggest one for us is about it logically yes I am here with administration has now behind me is the therefore have there is also a trick and I think I just take now times the four of them here are all upright filmed that I pull myself now times in the timeline so and here should not make the mistake there adapt is not synonymous adapt that does not happen with all fours so now I have them here the four videos that are only four videos and Although I have filmed 22 l2 son and two so intentionally each assumption so that is now tilted to the left that is also after tilted left and tilted it to the right and then tipped to the right So you see you know what I mean so i like yours now these two videos we are both left he goes tilted to the right what I just said I do not know exactly now now you go on effects jakub because I'm already right on the right and indeed video effects no position and size is the rotation and reflection he becomes to that row already selected but I show that I just want to want that So yes you have video back to minus 90 degrees and presses the enter-key that's already happened so i am now for both I've already shot the two of them now you have to do the following make and position and size and go to original size because of this step these two steps must ever make that's right otherwise does not it work so now you have these two I have here where is this back here that's not at all I have to be a bit over 110 now but that's a bit better too Now, let's go back and say hello we are here today I'm doing a video here I am here today yes I am here Lottered otherwise yes I have a feedback yes, I think firmly no nonsense I'm not I'm three bright high I think yes I stand by yes but stop doing it bothers us just so are the other two videos synonymous still need to be rotated there goes Now again on rotation and reflection this time, however, in this direction So say 90 degrees enter ok also happens then you click both again And also goes position and size and again on original size only that is now second you have these four videos why is this small here again on original size that he probably has not in view and not mitgekriegt there also not it would have to do a minister individually I just of course you can now find these synonymous videos cut there what I know that pack in between this is only for the purpose of this is not a masterpiece around this Hello or running, let's go on a piece would be here the place comes the course of the already and then Let's see if I'm lost here, so here's the one first cut there I cut that as well x times good again and again I say I'm here before summer so yes that could do you can of course here if you do that with the smartphone then you probably do not have several films I do not know her Of course you can also enter titles here but we are here with eche forest with the course in herten Of course, text could also insert here of course you can also do more things So basically you can do anything with what we like with normal which can also do collages are collages can go on it picture objects so as you said you can all join in and if we then everything then he still does not work here but about film experts of course as mp4 so and here are the data 19 16 so on that leaves everything So then you go here I've already done 22 tests I do it Just a test of the three- or the already high can make Let's go back there, let's not call this a smartphone and ok then you can watch the year and you see it changes now as 16 to new video but it takes me too long now here yes I break off and I go Now look into the folder of this or if I again I have the ambition open and I'll show you here now what came out of it yes Hello, hello, and that is possible yes hello are greeted and that goes as you can see that works now namely the other one made it here in the background you see now half the time he has the mine because I finally have that we the second do not you carve on maybe one time and yes I have this one user wrote more and did not ask me to make me you because the volume again quiet so that not so old has a user I'm here now means one my youtube channel and go to the whole comments and indeed has the matthias günther points the good lord asked me hello one can use magix video deluxe smartphone videos in the upright format without cutting the head on the whole time Right shoulder must lay and then export in portrait format to the correct around the church around this then in the correct mobile phone format in facebook to admire timeline on format yes I answered them then clearly but you have to find out first how yes and that's the one here solution that I have shown you here now and yes it works I managed it but it is very complex so complicated and yes you So just have to think a bit how could you do that hinbekommen what is what is important in this format yes, the resolution is stop reversed so you have to go into that is actually the solution I hope I hope that I can matthias günther was able to help me, I also looked at your canal highly recommended you can also stop by you need only go to my comment then you see the channel I hope that I could help you with it all the others I just found a video on youtube At least I have not found any I think I'm the first one to do this, that's the way it is I wish you a nice day and hope that I already have my channel subscribed if I am then please tell me until next time Bye Europe so we'll do it this time we'll see you can Also make out because I'm holding off

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