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MacBook (Late 2008) SSD Upgrade and Snow Leopard Install – Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures


– This episode of "Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures" is sponsored by Linode Hey guys, how are you all doing? Really that's just great

You know I'm doing pretty great today too because we have a MacBook in the lair, but it's not just your typical everyday aluminum unibody MacBook Pro, this is a little bit special This is a MacBook without Pro in the name This was a very short lived model of the Apple's MacBook line, they went right back to plastic after this It only lasted, what, less than a year and it needs some more done to it, so you're coming with me? Let's take a look at it (upbeat music) Yes, this is Apple's aluminum MacBook form 2008

It did not last that long, they ditched it and went back to the plastic Apple doesn't seem to stick with the MacBook too long Every time they bring the name back they seem to kill it off after a while Oh, well, what needs to be done to it is a few things First of all, it needs to be wiped out

It was donated to me by somebody so I need to wipe the hard drive While we're at it, let's have a little more fun Let's throw an SSD in there, because we can Remember, one of the cool features of these MacBook was the easy access door on the bottom No new Apple MacBook has that kind of functionality, right? So, we might as well take advantage of this easy access door and throw an SSD in there

And that's actually gonna be easier than normal because I actually have some proper tools now I know some people were bitching and moaning about my improper tools but that's okay, Greg Hrutkay from Hrutkay Mods swooped in, saved my ass and bought me this fricking Pro Tool Kit from iFixit So thank you very much Greg, we'll use this to get the drive inside of here Okay, so let's boot her up I'm assuming it's a her, don't really know how you sex one of these things, let's do that

Go into the boot picker (Mac startup chiming) I know I was experimenting with Snow Leopard lately, in fact I did an installation sensation with this and Windows XP in a previous episode, it was really fun Definitely give it a watch after this one But we're gonna need to bust it out again, the old trusty disc that Steve donated to me, thank you Steve And we're gonna use this to wipe the hard drive

Well, this is awkward, the disc actually isn't in here, okay I wonder if I left it in the Mac mini from that last episode Ah, sure enough, nailed that one I left it in the optical drive, don't do that kids If you're gonna unplug a computer make sure all the media is out of it first

There we go, Snow Leopard here to save us again Okay, let's boot off of that (optical drive ejecting) Okay, not quite sure why it did that This is version 106

3 and I know that this is running 1063 so it should be compatible Try it again (buzzing) Hey, it's doing something

Okay, I was thinking maybe for a moment we'd have to do some optical drive repair like we did on the iMac G5 That was a great video log If you haven't seen that one do check it out Okay, there it is ready to rock and roll So we're gonna go verbose mode this because we're cool like that

(droning) Oh (disk ejecting) Ah It looks like it panicked It's still writing log information Stop, what are you doing? This is an interesting panic

I've never seen a panic quite like this Well, now it's saying media not present so I doubt inserting the DVD again is gonna do anything but we can try It just ejected it by itself, so nope Yeah it's not liking something so, for grins and giggles let's just do it without verbose mode (disk ejecting) It's being weird again

I wonder if the optical drive is actually having a problem But see you put it back in and now it's fine Hey, if anyone can explain that I'm all ears Frickin tell me, that's weird (disk ejecting) What the, come on

Third time is the charm I mean I could just image this to a flash drive if this is gonna be a problem Now it sounds like it's working, I don't know how you explain that It's just luck, okay (buzzing) Take two

So far so good Are you freaking kidding me The whole thing just turned off I jinxed it The Krazy Ken Curse

You know, there's probably still some people that don't believe in it But boy, the past few episodes and the live broadcast have convinced a lot more people that it's real This is another great example Well, let's get the disc out of here, I'll make an image of it What the shit? (Mac startup chiming) (buzzing) (disk ejecting) I've never heard an optical drive make those sounds

I think the optical drive has busted You know, I think we're gonna leave it alone, I'm gonna go image this, I'll be right back Okay, here's what we're gonna do Step one, we're gonna have some fun because we got to make sure we still have fun We're just gonna use my daily driver with Etcher, you've probably seen me do this before, it's pretty routine by now

And we'll use the trusty external USB SuperDrive Now before any of you guys ask, Ken why don't you just use the freaking super drive on the MacBook Pro? I'll tell you why, it won't work It just won't, why? Because Apple, it just won't work Plug it into a MacBook Air it'll work, plug it into a MacBook, nope So if you can explain that, go nuts

So I'm gonna make a bit of a MacBook sandwich here, disk utility, new image, image from the DVD drive and save We're gonna hope and pray that it works and then we'll throw the image into Etcher and Etcher will restore the image to the flash drive and then everything should work and it should be sunshine and lollipops everywhere (clapping) I highly doubt that's gonna happen So far this tech video log has been nothing but failure This is taking a little bit longer than I expected but no worry, it's almost done

Good, operation successful, that's what we like to see So throw it into Etcher, the image does not appear to contain a partition table and might not be recognized or bootable Okay, I'm gonna say continue, might as well try it There we go, it's, oh, invalid typed array length Something went wrong

Okay, I'm going the SuperDuper route now, you're about to erase transferred, yes we're gonna erase it, copy the data over I've done this before with SuperDuper so I don't see why it wouldn't work Oh, failed to enable ownership on transfer Okay, ignore ownership is already turned on Okay then

Huh, crap Okay, so I reformatted the flash drive It did not have journaling turned on, I have no idea if that's gonna help at all, but also the date and time on it was like at the beginning of like Unix time, it was like December in 1969 six in the morning or whatever, 6:00 pm It was, yeah, the date was weird, it was all weird

Let's just nuke it start afresh So let's open up SuperDuper Okay, you're about to erase and copy, yes please 5% so far, good So it looks like it's actually moving somewhere

It is a USB 20 flash drive, so it's going to be kind of slow but it'll at least work, hopefully Remounting, boom, okay Yanked the flash drive out and now, ladies, gentlemen, et cetera, none of the above, everything in between, we're gonna switch over to the MacBook Boot her up, into the boot picker

(Mac startup chiming) This better freaking work, otherwise that 90 minutes or so was just wasted Snow Leopard, that's a good start Now let's go into verbose mode and here we go, booting into the installer Hopefully it doesn't explode like last time And there it is

That booted up way quicker than a DVD and I gotta tell you I know it sound like a broken record but I love the old aqua and I love the old aurora wallpaper, so freaking cool, all right Let's use English as the main language and let's get the show on the road And Disk Utility, okay So I'm gonna erase this disk just because the previous owner requested that, to reiterate And I will actually do more of a zero out later but that's gonna take a while

So for the sake of time, I mean, I don't know, how long is this gonna take? Let's just see, because the zero out can take a little while Mac OS Extended (Journaled) erase and let's see Maybe it won't take too freakin long Estimated time, three minutes, I highly doubt that but 38 minutes, yes You know, we're gonna skip it for now

A quick format where we don't actually erase the data, we just format the disk It's not a true secure erase but I can take care of that on my own suffering time I don't wanna waste your time, no, that would be horrible We're gonna shut it down and open it up, throw an SSD in here, because, speed All right time to open this guy up

Now, like I talked about earlier this particular MacBook has one of those interesting cool short-lived features, it's called a door Or I guess it's really more of a panel So push this in, flip it up, bon appetit It got the battery and it got the hard drive, piece of cake Take the battery out and we've got the one screw there and again thanks to Greg I have this handy-dandy iFixit kit with 64 bits, so plenty of tools to make things work great

And then this bracket will come out just like that and then, (beep), I forgot about the flex cable (laughing) Remember these are tech video logs and not tutorials, you don't wanna really do what I'm doing Okay, and there we go, the hard drive is out safe and sound and then you take that out and you put the SSD in So here's the SSD and I guess if I was touching more sensitive electronics I would use the ESD bracelet that comes with the kit but I'm not really that deep into the computer but yes, keep that in mind Anyway I've gone without an ESD bracelet my whole life and I've never shorted anything out

I forgot one important thing, you need to take the Torx screws out of there T6 can just unscrew all of the four screws there So now we'll put the screws in the SSD there Actually if it weren't for that collaboration episode with Druaga1, I wouldn't have this spare SSD So, thank you Druaga

One more little screw and Bob's your uncle I'm pretty sure you have an uncle named Bob because everyone does Okay, back on the flex cable Look at that, switch the bit back to our Phillips-head and screw it in There you go, way fewer steps and way fewer screws than on the newer MacBooks, right

So take our Apple battery and there we are The switch fricken goes back in place when you put the panel on, engineering Okay, that's all she wrote Let's boot it up, plug in the flash drive and install Snow Leopard on a 2008 MacBook with a freaking SSD, oh yeah Flash drive

(Mac startup chiming) EFI boot with the Catalina logo, interesting I don't know why that's there It's supposed to be Snow Leopard but all right, what the hell Shit (Mac startup chiming) Oh, you know what? It's picking up the SSD on the inside, that's what it's doing, that's what that was

That's what I needed, there we go Yeah the SSD on the inside was from the Catalina experiment which if you haven't seen those episodes, go check 'em out Here we are old friend, back in the installer Okay, continue I read it all, I'm just really fast

I don't feel so good about this, let's make sure the SSD is formatted because it's probably got some barnacles and crust down there Yep, that's what I thought, two partitions One, it's probably not gonna be able to read because it's APFS So let's give it a good kick in the pants with one partition, we'll just call it Macintosh HD because we are original, 256 gig SSD, Mac OS Extended Journaled and GUID, that's exactly what we need to boot on Intel, right? So let's hit partition and it should work That looks good to go, let's quit out of there, Macintosh HD and we'll customize this

Let's put Rosetta on here for PowerPC app compatibility, QuickTime 7 for older video codec support Now language translations, we probably don't need that 'cause I speak English very goodly and fonts, yeah, we don't really need fonts and I haven't printed anything in the past like 30 years so I think we're good there, save some space, right Okay, and boom, install I'm not connected to a power source but that's okay because we like to live dangerously, right? Continue Okay, so this is gonna take a little bit, probably a little longer than 20 minutes, we can also watch the log as it goes by but when it's done it should be really speedy

And while we're waiting for this to finish I just wanna talk about something else that's pretty freaking cool, Linode! Hey, Lionode provides virtual servers that make it easy and affordable to host your own app, site, service or whatever the heck you want in the Cloud, whether you're a Linux junkie, not like me or just want to tinker with code You can use Linode for either of those It's a do-it-yourself solution if you like to get into the nitty-gritty of hosting your own professional service But if you want easy, which pretty much I would do, there's plenty of one-click apps to deploy, WordPress, a personal VPN, heck, even Minecraft, we used to play Minecraft on this channel way back when, if you've ever started with those entry-level hosting services that only allowed pre-configured setups which by the way are lame, Linode is your step up from that stuff guys, it's fast, all-in-one and easy to configure Cloud computing So whether you're hosting your own website, an app, a coding project or you just need a place to keep something cool live on the Internet, Linode is here for you

Oh, and because you're here and because we're all best friends, I'm gonna give you $20 free on your new account, just use my code COMPCLAN20 or if you don't like typing in codes click the link in the description, you'll be glad you did All right, let's check back in on Snow Leopard Okay, we have about 17 minutes remaining The kind of thing that sucks is the bottleneck, is the freaking flash drive, the SSD is fast but USB 20 flash drive, not so much and remember this is a MacBook not a MacBook Pro, so no FireWire

I remember that being a complaint This was a really significant release, it just didn't last very long I mean the MacBook Pro adopted this design and that lasted a long time but the MacBook itself didn't But when you think about it, this was the first MacBook slash MacBook Pro with this unibody design, the all-in-one glass trackpad, the chiclet style backlit keyboard, the glossy display Yeah, overall good stuff

Oh, Mini DisplayPort, this was the first Mac to have a Mini DisplayPort as well They pushed that with their notebooks Wow, that was quick, way faster than that Mac mini episode Mechanical hard drives can go suck a duck Okay, let's restart

(Mac startup chiming) You know what's coming I know you know, we all know, that intro video Yes, this was the last Mac OS X released to have an intro video That was one of the cool things about it, about the system and Apple just got rid of it Oh well, yeah that's my jam right there, (Imitates DJ) Okay, set up assistant, United States, last I checked we were there, continue, don't transfer data, create an account

My name is Krazy Ken, don't wear it out, my password is nothing because there's not really anything going on on this computer Nowadays, I think it forces you to use a password but, you know, with security and privacy concerns nowadays that's probably a good thing Connecting to Apple, (clicking) I know I did this joke on the last episode but I'm doing it again (clicking) What the heck! This guy just installed Snow Leopard, didn't we stop supporting that thing like five minutes after it came out, he should be installing Catalina (clicking) I'm gonna report this to Tim Cook

(clicking) That's how I picture the Apple spies sound Select a picture, am I a prickly cactus or a ferocious cheetah? Or a confused dog or freedom? I'm freedom even though I'm trapped 10 stories underground Okay, let's not black out the planet this time, ready, type it in really, shit, I blacked out the planet already Yeah, I couldn't type in Chicago quick enough, Chicago and here's the features we can use We've been through that in the last episode so here we go, menu bar dock way quicker on the SSD, that is great

So we'll do a couple speed tests Yeah, see how fast this SSD really is, and so far so good Let's take a look at the specs cause specs apparently mean everything JK, anyway 106

3, 24 gigahertz Intel Core 2 Duo, two gigabytes of RAM, maybe in the future I'll upgrade the RAM because that's not too much, and a quarter terabyte SSD, fan-freakin'-tastic Let's eject the flash drive Good, looking pretty good man Well, this is just me being an idiot

I was looking up the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test program and I typed it into the address bar (laughing) I forgot you have to come over here and type it into the Google bar because this is what? Safari 4, Safari 404 That's an interesting version number for a web browser This is not a real good test for SSD performance but just for now let's just open up a bunch of stuff I will get some files and we can do some tests later but for now let's just see how quick it's gonna open up apps

Let's just start with one simple thing first, like calendar All right, pretty quick How about Automator? Pretty quick, okay How about all of them? Watch them bounce in the dock, there's the dashboard All right, yeah, we're cruising along here

iChat, the setup assistants are all here There's Front Row, yes, Front Row Oh my gosh, I feel so nostalgic Yeah, this thing is performing really well I tell you, you put an SSD into something and it gives it new life and Druaga knows that for sure

Yeah, I mean, the graphics are performing okay, I can zoom in and out And it looks like we can quit the applications really fast 2008 machine but with an SSD, it is basically unstoppable Plus Snow Leopard is just a really solid OS Cool, okay, I'm gonna put some sample files on here and we'll do some further testing

I also just remembered the developer tools are on the Snow Leopard installer So we could install an old version of Xcode Man oh man, I think that was the first version of Xcode I started Cocoa development on I did practice it for a while and then I kind of went, this is not really my thing (laughing) I also have some movie files, so we just have some large files to experiment with scrubbing and playback and file duplication speed

And I also have Xbench because why the hell not? Let's just run Xbench So that's gonna copy and let's go to optional installs Welcome to Xcode, it's good to be back, I've missed you Unix dev support, 104 support system tools

You know what? Let's just throw it all on here, huh We have space and we have speed and we don't have a password so that's easy to do Okay, so that's installing and I have some things over here, let's clean this up, arrange by name Installation done, so we'll play with some of that later Let's take off the flash drive

Okay, so as a quick test we have a QuickTime movie here This is 4K, let's see, H264, let's just see how it scrubs Decent speed, I mean it's gonna drop some frames but it's a really beefy file And, oh yeah, QuickTime used to be glossy, yeah, the whole system was kind of glossy back then – [Narrator] We've been changing everything, so today we're proud to

– Whoa, whoa, whoa Guys, idiots, when I said the the show is about to Oh, yeah it can't really do 4K playback and the scrubbing is kind of slow but you have to remember this computer is from 2008, it was worth a shot

Okay, but together I just wanted to see some copying speed So these files together are about a gigabyte so if I were just a duplicate them, let's see how fast it would go and time me Yeah, five, six, seven, eight Yeah, it was about nine seconds to duplicate a gigabyte of data, not too shabby Let's open up Xbench but before we do Xbench, that's gonna be our final thing

Let's do one other thing that starts with X and that would be Xcode Let's just hop in here quickly, I don't have any projects to tinker with, I don't even know if I have my old Cocoa projects anywhere, I have no idea where those would be saved Oh, yeah, Quartz Composer applications Oh man, I'm getting some mega nostalgia here I wonder if I even still have the book

I was at a Barnes & Noble when I picked up a book called Cocoa for Dummies or something like that And that's what got me into practicing this In fact I posted one of my earlier applications that I wrote, it was a web browser called Lightning Link, I posted that to Patreon You can get that as a bonus reward on there But that wasn't the first thing I made, the first thing I made was actually a calculator and it still runs on Mojave

I'm pretty sure it runs on Catalina as well I might throw that on the Patreon as a bonus as well Okay, so we need to do a new file, let's see a user interface An XIB file would be pretty nice Let's open that up and it's, you know, it's kind of funny we were just talking about Interface Builder on the NeXTcube episode because Interface Builder was our next step because it moved into Mac OS

Let's just do what Steve Jobs did in that one demo, right Let's do a slider and like a text display Text label, text field we'll say, right And we'll make a connection between the slider and the field and we'll say, take value from, (laughing) take integer value from minimum maximum 100, there we go, and see if it worked Hey it did, there we go

And we have our little number slider there, just does it in real time there All right we're gonna close out of Interface Builder We'll save those changes, why not? Maybe we'll make a revolutionary app with it someday So thank You Xcode, that was a nice mini blast of the past Now, Xbench time, oh yes

Let's do, let's do all the things and what are we gonna get? Let's find out Here we are, we're doing the thread test, memory test This thing, the graphics test was always fun If you have potential seizure problems, do not watch this part Cover the screen with your hand, like so

Whoa, oh shh, well that's making me dizzy So the score, 20140, disk test, yeah, 38866 I was gonna say that's probably pretty good and you know what? We didn't even need the Blackmagic thing because we have our results right here

So it looks like sequential uncached write, 168 megabytes per second Uncached write and then read, oh yeah, read, 215 megabytes per second, that scored a 428 Yeah, so the SSD is pretty freaking nice You know, it's good to have a successful experiment every once in a while It makes the bad times more bearable

You got to remember those good times because not all the times are good so I'm calling this one a big win You know, this might be a good candidate for some future experiments So if anyone has any suggestions, hardware or software, just let me know in a comment down below and feel free to stick around because I do live episodes now So make sure you're subscribed and have the notifications on because this experience with a live show is very fun and I wanna make sure you can catch the next live event

There's also over 100 other episodes of "Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures" It's a super binge-able show This was a lot of fun, I hope you guys enjoyed and there's more to come Thanks for sticking with me, catch the crazy and pass it on (upbeat music)

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