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Lutron Aurora Smart Dimmer Switch Review – 6 Months Later


Alright, well it's been six months since we got our smart switch from Lutron it's the Aurora Smart Switch specifically designed to integrate in with Philips Hue devices In this review I'm going to go over the features of the Aurora Smart Switch, how it's held up over the past six months, and if I recommend the device

Let's dive in Now the Aurora Smart Switch is kind of a different type of accessory than you typically see with Philips Hue devices in that it's not actually made by Philips and it solves a problem that's different from some of the other smart switches that I have in my home from Philips like the great kinetic energy smart switch that Philips makes that doesn't take any batteries at all and you just place it on a wall with an adhesive and actually you can rotate it and remove it from the wall which is great Philips also makes dimmer switches as well now you can use this with other brands that have ZigBee but I actually just use it with Philips Hue since that's the lighting setup I have at my residence Now up until this point, there hasn't really been a device that I found on the market like this where you can place it over your existing wall switch and what's great about that is it prevents other people who come over who are not familiar with the dimmer switches that Philips makes that you place on the wall and they just turn off your smart lights because they're used to just the regular wall switches Well putting this over the regular wall switches fixes that problem and it's really great because you can use your voice with something like Amazon's assistant or the Google Assistant to trigger the light to turn on

Or you can just rotate the smart switch and it'll dim up-and-down or you can click it in the center to turn it on and off Alright let's talk about how this device was to set up The setup of this device is really easy, in the box you get the switch itself and a mount the switch itself is powered by a tiny watch battery and in the six months I've had it I haven't had to worry about replacing the battery at all Now you'll first need to pair the switch to your smart lighting system My system is the Philips Hue, so all I had to do is go into my Philips app, go to settings, accessory setup, add accessory, and then double tap the Aurora's button and now it's connected

You can then name your switch and assign it to a room Next you place the mount that came with the switch in the box over the switch that you want to cover and then use a Phillips head screwdriver to tighten the mount Once it's in place you just pop the switch on the mount and now you're good to go Now in the six months I've had my Aurora smart switch I haven't had any issues with the device at all no connection issues to Philips Hue, like nothing, it's just it's been rock solid and it should be for a $4000 smart light accessory, but again when you look at the price of a lot of Philips accessories for the Philips Hue system, a $40 price point isn't actually that bad

Now who would I recommend this to? I would recommend this to anybody who wants to cover their current light switch and use it with smart bulbs and have a switch on top of it to prevent people from turning on and off your smart bulbs when they don't understand what bulbs the smart bulb and what bulb isn't a smart bulb It'sit can actually be very frustrating when you invite people over who don't understand that your bulbs like are all smart and you don't just need to use the individual switches, anyways long story short, I do recommend this device, it's a solid device, thoroughly enjoyed it, and it's fixed the problem for myself accidentally turning off my own smart bulbs in my bathroom So anyways, that is our review of the Aurora smart switch if you like this review hit that thumbs up button below and subscribe to the channel for more 6 Months Later product reviews like this one

For 6 Months Later, I'm Josh Teder, thanks for watching

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