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    LOWEPRO PROTACTIC BP 450 AW II Impressions Video | Dope Tech


    What's up everybody? Btals here Welcome back to my channel! It's good to see everybody today

    It's every videographer and photographer's dream to find the perfect camera gear bag for them to carry on their video and photo shoots Have I found mine? Let's find out after the jump So I already know what you're thinkingAnd it's gunna be, but btals a bag cannot be a piece of tech! And I would agree However, this bag carries all of my film tech on all of my shoots so if it's all the same to you, I'm just going to include it in the dope or nope tech series

    But before we start, if you find the video useful – please don't forget to like and subscribe the video because that really shows support for the channel, helps it grow and I would just really appreciate it Now let's get started So as you develop your skills and get further in your career, you're going to be looking for a camera bag that can carry all of the gear that you have acquired up to this point I am kinda at that point now myself I found a really cool bag and I wanted to give my impressions on it

    And here it is! In all of it's glory The bag I picked up is the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II Wow that's a mouthful I gotta say though, this thing is a tank So let's start with the build quality

    Right away, what attracted me to this bag was the build quality So on the outside of the bag, Lowepro designed an innovative strap system where you can move the straps around depending on what you want to strap to the outside of the bag And it comes with a lot of them Moving on from that, there's also just a lot of pouches on the outside of the bag for you to fit small items in like a water bottle or an umbrella It also has this hard shell on the top of the bag to protect the gear inside in case you're laying it down on it's face

    On the bottom of the bag, it actually has a water resistant rain cover in case you are traveling in the rain All of that, I gotta say is pretty cool! Moving on to the inside of the bag, there's really only 3 words that I can use to describe this and its SO MUCH SPACE This thing is fully customizable with all these velcro dividers – it just depends on the amount of gear that you have but you can literally toss so much in here and move these dividers around to fit everything It even has a slot to fit a 15 inch macbook computer or laptop

    Now let's talk about comfortability of the bag because ultimately this is what is gunna make or break a bag I gotta say so far the bag is pretty comfortable It has a ton of padding on the side that touches your back and shoulders And like any bag should, it has this really good adjustable strap depending on how tall or short that you are Now it does also come with this nifty little shoulder strap that you can buckle to keep the bag upright on your body

    It also comes with this hip harness to help support the weight in case you are carrying a heavy load (chuckle) Alright, come on, let's be a bit more mature here There was a couple cons that I did notice with the bag though One being the top of the bag with the hard shell is shaped a little bit awkwardly, so when you do stand the bag up it tends to fall over So you'll have to stand this up against a vertical edge like a wall or desk or a cabinet

    The other thing that is just a con for me personally, maybe it is for you as well is while the side pouches are a nice addition to quickly unzip your camera gear out of the bag – I just haven't really found myself in a situation where that's really necessary So I would have liked maybe a longer side pouch or an extra side pouch just to fit more items in on the outside of the bag So to answer the question: did I find the perfect camera gear bag for me? The answer is yeah but that's just for right now Alright guys that's going to be all from me for today Now remember, if you found the video useful please consider subscribing

    That really shows support for the channel, helps it grow and I would just really appreciate it Also, please drop a comment below and let me know what your favorite camera bags are and if you have this one what do you think of it? I would love to hear your thoughts Btals out

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