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Logistics Software That Gives You a High Tech Edge


(upbeat music) – So logistics software is primarily used for freight brokers or logistics providers to manage their operations So logistics seeks provider or a freight brokerage by use of logistics software to run their fleet of trucks to manage their accounting, to do quoting or to connect to different portals

So basically the logistics software can be used to manage your entire business It makes your life easier Instead of having to log on to different rating engines or rating websites to get rates from different carriers, you can now log on through one portal through your logistic software and connect all of your vendors in one place So what our logistics software does that sets it apart from other logistic software systems, is that it has one of the best rating in engines in the marketplace And we also have a really big push on automation

So with our rating engine you can actually connect to carriers via EDI API as well as manually build your TRS within the TMS So if you have a carrier rate agreement, you can actually take that carrier rate agreement, put it on an Excel spreadsheet and upload it to our rating engine We also have connections with all the major carriers for API and EDI, so you can fully automate your entire shipping operation So our logistic software can be priced a lot of different ways to meet your needs Primarily we have a transaction-based approach to our pricing, so you pay a certain dollar amount for each transaction as well as a monthly subscription fee

But you can also work out terms and conditions with your sales rep for different pricing structures (upbeat music)

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