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    Lock a smartphone & set a lock screen [Tips to make a phone hard to access & 3X easier to get back]


    Over five million smartphones are lost or stolen every year Millions of these smartphones are never recovered or returned to their owners

    A smartphone or tablet without password protection can easily be used to commit fraud or identity theft against the owner Losing your smartphone can be disastrous If it is unlocked and not password protected, your private photos, text messages, contacts including names and phone numbers and family and friends, your social media, the websites you visit, and potentially the passwords you use to do online banking or access to other sites, can all be used for criminal activity What can you do to protect yourself? Number one: Set your smartphone up to protect your private information by setting a passcode, also called a PIN A passcode will prevent a criminal from getting into your smartphone and getting access to your private information if your device is lost or stolen

    Some smartphones offer fingerprint for facial recognition but it all starts with setting a passcode Number two: One of the most effective ways to quickly get a lost device back is simple and free Simply create a lock screen message that asks the finder to call a phone number if found Some phones have an option to create a custom lock screen message, but you can create your own You can make a fancy graphic or simply write a message on a piece of paper, take a picture of the paper, and then set that picture as your lock screen background

    You can also use a note app like Apple Note or Android Keep to write and format a message Tests show that this is surprisingly effective if your phone is lost Number three: Make sure that your device is set up so that you can use the finder app to locate your lost device On an iPhone, go to Settings and turn on Find My iPhone On an Android, go to Settings and turn on Find my Device

    Both Android and Apple have apps to help you locate and secure or erase your device remotely If you do lose your phone here are some steps to take Use another phone to call your phone If you're lucky, a good Samaritan will answer it and arrange to return it Try calling the last locations that you were at

    Ask for lost and found or a manager who can check for the device Leave your contact info in case it shows up later Use your device's finder app Go to Androidcom/find for Android phones or icloud

    com/find for iPhones, and follow the instructions to locate or erase your device Use locate your device to give an approximate area to look Even if your phone ran out of battery juice, the last known location will be shown If the finder app shows your phone hiding somewhere close, like the couch cushions, click play sound and your phone will make noise at full volume for several minutes, even if it was set to silent Be sure to check your car too

    You may be able to remotely lock your device and even set a screen message with a recovery phone number If it looks like you won't get your phone back, erase the data remotely and report your missing device to your carrier

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