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Liveto London Experience – Event Tech Live 2019


Welcome to London and please mind the gap! "Please beware of the gap between the train and the platform" (A few days earlier ) The time is 06:08 We're going to London We're going to the Event Tech Live We will meet with the event organizers We look forward to what will happen Nice Like this Let's see if Hirsilä gets through We fly at our best "Good afternoon, passengers Here's your captain" "We'll leave here as soon as possible " We landed safely in London Then we went! Is it spinning? Yes So we just got back to London Now we're going to our apartment Then we get something to eat Then we go to Event Tech Live and see what happens today We stay somewhere in the Whitechapel area Now we are trying to find a home Otto four Here we are in London Behind me is Event Tech Live, we're going there for two days Event Tech Live is about event technology, surprisingly They are the only event in Europe that offers insights into today's event technology, platforms and anywhere really We look forward to seeing what's out there and maybe we'll have good appointments and really understand UK market and what kind of needs and requirements they have, for example, event sales for Liveton So let's see what happens The first day at Event Tech Live is in the package It was great fun Lots of good discussions And, surprisingly, a lot of event technology And what I realized, there are many so-called 360 services for event sales and management And it made it clearer to me, that Liveton should definitely focus on event sales, because it's our goal to make event sales work better than what it is now And I really believe that we should enter the market with our product, which specifically focuses on event sales and not offer 360 models because there are already many That's it Long day Next we go for a beer, maybe Then sleep Tomorrow is another day lots of meetings and discussions coming up I'm looking forward to Hard and long day We left Jyväskylä one morning Event Tech Live is now over for Day One A few good meetings and speakers All in all a good day, there was a lot of talk about sales It seems that the UK market are increasingly similar to the Finnish market My favorite thing about the event here is also that you can print on your face for coffee This is event technology We're trying to get people in London to say "Liveto" Liveto Liveto it! Liveto to In fact, it's "Liveto" Liveto Liveto Liveto Liveto Whitechapel, East London Day two and last at Event Tech Live 2019 Good morning Another day in London Another day at Event Tech Live We are going to have a good English breakfast and then we head to meet new people The second day at Event Tech Live is over Lots of good meetings Good discussion and ideas for our own business Three big things I found important for Liveto to focus on, where we can bring value to the UK market, is that we should have a great customer experience in addition to great customer service 24/7 If possible Second, it's really important that has a customization option sales platform, signup and all forms of payment In terms of design and customization One thing that I think is also really important is to provide the best possible end-user experience, even if it is a ticket buyer, a visitor to the event Or if it is the ticket retailer or the event organizer itself, it must be really simple and easy to use and design is also really important I just got to the last meeting of the day Long day again Four really good meetings, especially with Event Engine, a British company that utilizes various software for events I'll continue the conversation with them next week All in all a great Event Tech Live, nice people and a good event One of the speeches today was a good discussion about 360 companies, which I think is a big risk, because you can't control all the features you sell And especially for us, it's important to focus on one thing and do it well integration is the key to the future So Awesome two days in London Lots of good experiences and insights from the event industry in the UK Thanks for watching Now is the time to return to Finland So, see you first year End

Source: Youtube

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