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    Linus Tech Tips INSANE Studio Tour!


    – Hey guys, I'm here with Linus and guess where we are (crunching) So that's where you would say like, hey, we're here at my studio

    – I thought you were talking to them – Well, yeah, but it's like a conversation – It's my studio – This is gonna go really, really well So you guys might remember Linus came to my house and did a, well I guess you were kind of

    – A really kind – Making fun of me? – It was a really kind tour This is cute, is this just garbage or is this like, a decoration? – It's for videos There was also a lot of wrapping paper

    – More gift wrap, what is this? – I don't – What is all this gift wrap? – I don't know – This is like an obsession

    At the end of the shoot I was like, that's a wrap – Oh, the jokes are here as well (laughter) So today it is a redemption We're gonna go around and take a little tour of your office I'm so excited, there are so many cool things here, like I don't really think I'm gonna be able to make fun of you, but I'll try

    – Oh I think you'll manage it – Well one of the things that is super exciting is you have a lot of editors I have me That's a problem – Hi, Jenna

    – What's this little room? – This is the library – Yeah – Jenna is actually one of the first people to ever use this room for what it's actually intended for It's supposed to be a quiet place where you can kinda sit and get some work done Yeah, so we actually turned it into a first aid station because nobody else is ever in here, and this is the one place in the building where we have like a couch that's big enough for someone to lie down on in the event we actually had to use this thing

    – You do have a lot of things there – Yeah, so once you have 20 people, you have to have a safety committee – Should we test it out? – No – Oh, okay Moving along, there's an arcade

    Do you have Area 51 on here? – [Linus] Uh yeah, actually It's sort of broken – It's a work in progress? – [Linus] Yes, it's very much a work in progress I don't even know how you got that working – What is this running on, just Windows, or? – It's just running on, off a computer

    – This is my absolute favorite game, so my childhood hobby was to go to arcades, roll in there, go find Area 51 and then get the top score and leave And I did it Have you played this much? – No, I've never actually played this game, I was more of a House of the Dead kid – Oh you're playing, good, let's go – I think you have to move back

    – Oh yeah, we do, okay – Only my gun might be working right now – Oh it is – So, you're dead – I've automatically already lost

    I feel like that's the only way that – Oh, crap – That you'd be able to beat me at it, to be fair

    Don't shoot him! – I'm not gonna shoot him, I can tell he's a good guy – Okay, I just want to make sure – Do you want to shoot barrels or no? – Yes, you want barrels Usually you can wait 'til somebody pops up because then you can eliminate them – Oh crap, oh crap

    They're all shooting at me These guys are bad, right? – You're killing your accuracy – Is that guy bad? – He's good, blue is good I'll come back later, get the top score Okay, so we're here where the editors live and work

    Do you feed them? – They don't live here – They're like sometimes, sometimes So you guys edit everything on Premier Now tell me your process, because you told me earlier That everyone's working off the server, – Yep

    – Obviously, and how does that all work? – On the other side of this wall we have a high-speed storage server So, yeah, NVME, PCI Express storage, so there's one server that as over 25 drives in it, so about 23 terabytes of NVME storage and so all of our current projects go on there So everyone here has a 10 gigabit, so you're normal networking is one gigabit You're wireless networking is like, peasant Peasant a bit

    – Is that? – And then 10 gigabit is like full PC master race, like, so everyone here has a high-speed connection to that server, in order for them to browse Reddit, apparently This is an actual Sub-reddit that is shockingly active – Wow, this is, how many editors you guys have? – So that's bit of a complicated question So Ed only edits when we're doing major projects, like Scrapyard Wars But he's technically an editor, but he's also kind if a production manager, and scheduler

    A Prime is almost pure editor Paella is like, 80% editor Karen is almost pure editor, we only let him shoot when we're desperate – Why do you have 500 keyboards? – It's only six keyboards – And you, two stream decks, are you streaming over here when you're not editing? – I want one more stream deck

    – What do you use the stream decks for? – So you're making fun of him for the stream decks? – It's a lot that I use that for – But not the box that he eats off of? – This is more convenient than having it on the table – That's totally fine, I approve, I use boxes for tripods sometimes – Yeah, so – Would you eat them on a box, would you eat them with a fox? – So if you go and watch my four and a half hour-long video edit tutorial

    – Four and a half hours? – Of making the a lot of tech tips video, you'll see just how complex it can get – Really? – And you'll understand why I have so many nitro keys – What's this? – Oh, yeah, that's, I was trying some mind control macros, because it's annoying, it takes time to move my hand over here So this is actually very painful to wear It's got spikes on it

    – Wait are you being serious right now? – Yeah – This is not a joke This is for real – No, no this actually works Not very well, I don't really know how to – And it's painful? – Oh yeah, it hurts

    Because the electrodes have to go through your hair And you know what else? These have to go on your ears I got some wavy waves happening on screen, but I couldn't manage to get it to move the cursor around, as I wanted to – I usually, when I walk by here, I usually try not to ask too many questions I go straight for the M&M's

    – Yeah, which he then spills all over the floor – Yeah these are floor M&M's I definitely spilled that entire bag on the floor yesterday – I don't even know what to say I'm incredibly impressed

    – I very strongly believe, actually, that brain-computer interfaces are the future of how we interact with computers One day, Apple will release an iPhone that doesn't have a touchscreen, and they're like, "No, it's pure brain-control No more touchscreen" – I mean, they took away the headphone jack – Exactly, so they'll do it That's once it gets good enough, but you know right now its – Do you think we'll get implants so we'll be able to control it? – Not at first

    People will be against the idea – I'm so down Use me for science – Me too – My last editor is Dennis

    He's on vacation He's about 60 editor, 40 shooter – Bye Dennis Why does Dennis not have mind-control? I don't even know what to say right now Your editors have mind-control

    I can't even find one person to edit a video, and you've got like someone creating mind-control technology Where are we now? Look at this – This is the workshop, and this is the tech-linked set, and this is the green screen where we shoot Techquickie – Wow so we also shot a really fun video on Linus's channel It was like a Mac vs

    PC I was the PC and you were the Mac I'm not sure if anyone won I think we lost a lot of dignity, a lot of things in this video – Yeah, no one won

    – So go check that out I'll put a link in the description and the annotation Wherever YouTube decides to put them today So let's move on Let's check this out

    You've got a lot of tape and a lot of paint – So this is our clean rag bin Although, this one is wet – Debatable – This one's wet

    Put that in there – Yeah, oh boy So you've got a lot of tape, a lot of dirty rags I like that you outlined the things and like where to go That's very creative – That was actually a my wife initiative

    – It's great because you know exactly where it goes – The greatest part is people will see stuff like this You have to label the hammer But, there's a rational That way you know that this hammer is the workshop hammer

    – Hammer time Measuring tapes, I can never find a measuring tape, and you've got 500 Linus, – What, what? – do you see what is sitting here? I learned something – You know what? I think there's probably a good excuse for this – Probably one of my most favorite things that you showed me like you've got all these crazy systems for things, and it's incredible

    We'll come back to this – So we've got to replace some batteries Do you want to see the system for that? – Yes – Grab a couple AA's for Brandon (laughter) – Nine volts I need Nine volts

    – You need nine volts? Oh, the nine volts are here – You know, it's like, I really want to make fun of you like you were making fun of me, but like I have nothing to make fun of So we're in Canada, if you guys didn't know, and like I said, this is like Chuck E Cheese for me I was like, "Do you guys even have Chuck E Cheese's here?" – Which we do – They do

    But this is so great It's like Disney Look at all these batteries and all these cameras Oh my god – So, we've got first-party red batteries because they're first-party so they're like quality or something

    We have these because they're cheaper and you're only allowed to carry over a certain milliamp power on a plane, so these are within that limit Why do we have so many red batteries Brandon? – Why not? – For lights too – Yeah, yeah okay – Look at this You've got like a place for your little markers and like, your little cables

    – This is not nearly as organized as it's supposed to be – Holy little things – So these two stations are dedicated to photo gen desk This one's got three micro SD's, two SD's, and I believe this is a CFast, and these ones are also ten gigabit networking – This is it You guys, come over here

    This is the SD card What do you call this? – [Linus] I don't know, cardboard (laughter) – Cardboard, oh So can you explain this because I don't feel like I'm going to do it justice? So it's like basically when you go to the library and you checkout a book – So if I need an SD card, I would go okay I need an SD card I'm going to take it off of safe to format

    Theoretically, SD cards are supposed to be up here, but whatever So then I put that under my name, and then I take the SD card – Yes – Now this SD card is in my custody and everyone knows because the label on the card matches the label on the holder So then, this either needs to be in a camera, or in a reader, or go back in here for safe keeping

    – Yeah mine are sitting all over my desk, and my dog once ate one, but Sandis replaced it for me when I tweeted about my dog eating it Yeah – Wow – Thanks guys, It was really, I appreciate it He did spit it back up, so he didn't swallow it

    – I mean, we're not perfect There's this hard drive sitting here that says "return to Brandon" Here you go Brandon I actually don't know what's in here, apparently a bunch of random, random crap: lights apparently We have a label maker

    – I love label makers, and clearly you guys also – We clearly didn't use it – Oh, you didn't use a label maker for the label maker I think I can fit in this RONIN case (laughter) I'm pretty sure

    Like, this is really massive – Where you can – Oh hello – Warm up the donuts – [Linus] You warm up donuts? – 10 seconds man – Yes – I know it's like this

    – What's this? – [Linus] That's a panini grill – Do you guys use it often? – [Brandon] Yes – Really? – [Linus] It's Brandon's from home – [Brandon] It's mine from home It's literally been here for five years, actually – So we're back where we started

    Wow wait a minute What's all in here? Oh my gosh – These windows are new We just got windows in our office – Wow

    – [Brandon] Oh my god on so many levels – Is that like a Mac joke, PC? – Yeah I think so – I've seen behind this door before, and it is, it's very exciting – [Linus] Would you like me to open it? – Yes – [Linus] Sure

    – Oh my god – Go ahead, you do the honors – Okay, great Could have used a label maker – [Linus] Yeah I could've

    (laughter) – This is so close This is like beyond precise There is like a fingernail of space between opening this door – I would say I never noticed, but I definitely did That was a, there was a remounting effort that was made

    – Geez – As you can see I am also at the very edge of where I managed to adjust it to – Oh my gosh Nice and cool in here, good job – Yeah we underestimated how much air conditioning we needed

    We added our petabyte of storage in the bottom here Then it started overheating in here, so we had to add a second air conditioner – Where are we now? – This is where the writers keep all the junk that they need for current projects that overflows from the upstairs Oh, these are coolers for quadros that are, that have the cards stripped out and then they're water-cooled This is cable land

    So if you need a seta cable with a flat connector, then you dig under the right-angle connectors that doofuses put on top of them – Somebody's in trouble – I don't know if you need a one of these I mean, we went to Best Buy I remember what we needed

    It was like a VGA cable or something – Yeah We need the most compact one – Oh that's real compact – Yeah this looks pretty good This is an 18 dollar cable

    These things are worth like, one dollar You want another VGA cable? Actually we never even ended up using it and I've never used it since – Alright, alright, alright – I just moved it around What do you think the oldest piece of tech is that you have here? – Oh, we'd probably have to go into like general inventory land, so here's fans

    – Oh it's some fans Why do you need this many fans? Linus Tech Tips has the best fans No offense to your fans Your fans are great too – They're pretty great

    – But our fans are black and orange – Why do you have so many? – It's a special Linus Tech Tips fan And a lot of people ask what happens to the builds when we're done, because we're constantly building PC's We tear them down and we put them on the shelf – That makes sense

    There's bins of fans, like actual bins – Yeah these are just more like utility fans, or fans that people ruined because they're idiots – Does anybody need like a mouse? Is this a yoga mat? – No that is the world's biggest mousepad – What? – This is kind of a two person job – This is actually a very nice yoga mat

    – Maybe you guys can start doing yoga Linus – Yoga videos? Oh no – Tech Tips? – Nobody wants that – They probably do Guys, you want Linus doing yoga

    – The ones that do want that, I don't want to watch it – Oh look you brought a little bit of outside, inside – This was actually found, like, in the garbage, and it's just kind of a sentimental thing This is from back when I used to work at the store This is where you'll probably find older stuff

    So this is sort of inventory land So this is all like networking, and like thunderbolt This is add-in cards that are not graphics cards, so like network cards, USB cards, that kind of thing Like this motherboard has got to be 10 years old probably I don't know, like, I, honestly, I'm in here all the time

    I feel like this is so boring – This is so exciting Okay, so I don't know if my audience is going to think it's super exciting, but like I'm super excited about it – So this is, this is part of props This is costume land

    – Okay – [Linus] Now there's a whole other prop section I didn't even show you yet behind there – I found – Okay, there's an old piece of tech – The old tech – So we specifically bought that phone for a piece that we did on, sort of, like then vs

    now technology, and like, you know, our parents and stuff We just kind of bought it as a prop We've actually used it a handful of times – Oh okay I was just, I wasn't going to ask questions I was asking questions

    Maybe just put it, oh it's on both sides – [Brandon] Yeah – So – She makes me uncomfortable It's kind of supposed to be a bedroom slash, like, gaming area – Is that a real door? – But it doesn't really go anywhere This is our pig

    – Do you know that pigs are my favorite animal? That's so cool – He's just a big pig – Yeah I wanted to get a pig – I don't know why we have him – Where I lived in Los Angeles I wasn't zoned to own a pig

    – So this gives us a realistic foliage effect on the, on the curtains on the inside of the set And this is where all of our networking comes through This condo is not just for show It's actually wired for power, so all the outlets actually work in it – Oh cool

    – And then all of the ethernet jacks actually work – Is this a Christmas tree? – Yeah – I love it – Can you believe someone was getting rid of that? – I can't Oh, It's definitely seen better days

    I feel like there's a lot of places that you can get stuck or tangled or fall – See I never feel like that until I bring an outsider in Because for me, like, I only really go Watch out This is the bike that Taran brings to work – I was going to say, that wasn't there earlier

    You have so much stuff Like, it's crazy – That's actually mine from when I was a kid His lightsaber glows – So more stuff? – More overflow for current projects

    – More stuff This is the other side of what we just saw The last time I was here this was not here – Look at the kitchen – Yes – Now look away

    What's missing? – From what? – The kitchen – A stove? – Actually that too – Oh (laughter) – It also doesn't have a fridge That's what this space was for, but then we would lose this, kind of, nook thing

    This is really funny though So this, not real – Yeah – But that doesn't prevent people from dumping things down it so we have to keep buckets – Because you would think if no one knows I would do the same thing

    – You'd walk in and you'd go, "Oh a sink" – There's an iPhone here – This whole countertop and all the drawers, these drawers are fake – Is that just one of the standing desks? – Yeah, it's an updesk So it was just modded into it, so that way whether we're sitting or standing or whatever, you can adjust

    – I'm ripping out my entire center console in my kitchen now, because this is amazing You've got a living room over here This is amazing This looks so great I love it

    – Yeah my wife did all, no I shouldn't say all, but she did most of the, like, design-ness of the walls and, like, the floors and colors, and a lot of the furniture And the greatest vacuum of all time – Have you guys seen one of these? Only every single tech YouTuber did an unboxing review of it – So we're actually using it – Me too – We use it to clean our set – I use it all the time

    We did, we talked about this you're different sets here Oh my gosh there are so many things over there – Oh there's our new drill-press – We didn't even, wait did we go over there? – No – You've got a little workshop

    – Yeah so this is kind of temporary right now, but this will be turned into a more complete workshop This is for a project We're making our own computer geek tank This is our laser cutter So, you can use this to cut acrylic, or false wood, or whatever else

    You need to wear safety glasses if it's open or whatever, but no no it's fine, it's fine This is from our mining experiment a little while ago I don't think it's actually running right now – What were you mining? – Ethereum – Yeah I should've sold a long time ago – This is going to be an interesting project

    So, Jake is taking the old 16K gaming setup It's going to be three high, three wide, curved 10K? Oh that's right because it's 34-40, so 10-ish K There's nothing really over here that's that interesting Swag for our upcoming convention

    So, LTX18, these are the lanyards that people are going to be able to get Apparently got motherboards, mice, all kinds of good stuff So, the swag is real – Can I, can I go? This is like a sprawling just never-ending place – We very rarely show a lot of it on camera actually

    – I'm sorry, well tell me if there's anything you want me to edit out – No it's fine Like, people just mostly see the sets, but like, it doesn't matter – Wow Blueberry

    – Here's more Christmas ornaments With this reflective insulation we could reflectively insulate something – Just, I, I don't even know – These are the lids for all of our Rubbermaid bins Because they all come with lids right? – Yes

    – But nobody uses the lids – Rarely – But you don't want to throw them away in case you'll ever need one – Huge note on this – Feel free to show it to the camera

    – This monitor is damaged, so you probably shouldn't use it The exact details of what's wrong with it are recorded in the inventory management system as it would be a huge waste of time and effort to write it all again here Is this a joke? – I'm sure whoever made that note wrote it in earnest Here's our archery tag stuff No no, there's no spring on it, so

    – Okay I bet I can fit in that too It's like my favorite thing to do is like find a suitcase or something and see if I can fit in it – Everybody's got to have a hobby – I mean, I've got a few

    – So this pops out in case we ever had to use a fork lift to lift a pallet up here – I feel like you guys have actually thought of every scenario for everything – Oh no, no – Do you guys have earthquakes here? – We haven't in a long time, but we are overdue for a big one – Hmm

    You guys, dare I say, you've got a lot of wood, so there's a lot of it here – That's very risque for you – It's everywhere What's in here? What is this? Its a – This is a Linus Tech Tips beanbag chair Would you like one? I will happily ship it to you

    – I'm okay – Okay – I'm okay but thank you – It was worth a shot – It's okay I'm trying to get rid of my own beanbag that I have in my house, so would you like another one? – No, no I'm good

    – Now where do we go? Linus, we haven't even went to your office yet – [Linus] No – Or upstairs – [Linus] Nope – Did you write laugh out loud on tape? – It used to be that we had a different alarm system, so this tape was here so that you could put it on here, so that people would know that it's armed This is my big tub of mineral oil

    – [Justine] For what? – For cooling computers – Oh, that makes sense – Submerging them in it – How often do you use that? – Ouch – Oh no that's a really sharp light

    Are you okay? – Oh I'm fine – What's this? – That's a bug zapper Yeah these things are great – And a flashlight – [Linus] I hope this isn't just tedious for you

    – [Justine] Oh I'm having the best freaking time Do I need a beanbag? Maybe you need another beanbag – [Linus] No I don't think I need another beanbag I have many beanbags – Look there are so many

    Oh that's probably not good for the audio I'll sit gently – These are for meetings – Oh look it's the startings of a desk – Yeah, yeah it's like a baby desk

    This is our graphic designer/merch manager's with a CPU on it for some reason – He's got a lot of painting swatches – He's a mac – These used to give me nightmares because I actually used to be a graphic designer Just getting chills

    – These are like 300 dollars or something, aren't they? – They're so expensive, yeah Because they're very specific colors too – That's ridiculous – I know How do they get away with that? How do they still get away with this is what I'd like to know

    There he is He's not past his probation, so he's not allowed to be on camera yet – He's a mac user So, that's a good thing – She found a kindred spirit

    This is the lunch table that people requested and never use – But why is it so small? – Well, that's probably why they never use it So apparently we use Luke's office just for storage because he's never in it That's weird – That is a VirtualBoy

    – Oh my god – We were going to do a video, but we couldn't figure out how to screen-cap it – No way This is actually amazing – It works

    – I've only ever seen this at, like, the Nintendo Store, and it's like behind a glass This is amazing – [Linus] He's sort of a retro, retro collector – That's amazing – I got this one

    Oh these are great These are for organizing screws – Oh, because they're magnetic – Yeah, so if you just – What a great idea – If you have, like, some crap that you don't want to lose, then it can't fall out

    – I thought they were dog bowls – These ones in – Yeah I can't touch anymore things So where are we now? – This is where my writing team and – Wait you have people that write things for you? – Yeah, Ivan, James, Anthony, Jake, and Alex, and John is still on the writing team, but he has relocated back to North Carolina, so his old office is actually empty right now – I love North Carolina – This is the Rave PC by the way

    – This is so great This is everything I guess I could just say that this is everything because that's what the kids say – [Linus] There's an actual laser show built into it, so if we have like a fog machine, like we can spray fog through the front, and you'll be able to see the laser lights kind of dancing around inside – [Justine] Of course there is

    – [Linus] Yeah – You make me feel so much better about all of my, like, nerdy interests when I was, like, growing up Just knowing that there's other people that, like, you've definitely exceeded – I can go one higher than that if you want – I'm sure

    I've seen a lot of things today – Here's our next crazy, ridiculous, Alex project So this is a remote-controlled water plane We are planning to make it into a working PC That's the plan

    – To fly? – Yeah – A flying PC? – And then land and plug in and browse the internet – Who flies it? – I'll try – Okay – I haven't flown one in a long time though

    – Oh my gosh – This is my wife's office So she does all of our accounting and being pink and sparkly – It's so pretty So the best part about this is: she did not decorate it

    You guys did – Yes, it was me and one of our ex-employees Nick Vanburkle – Oh I have this same one I feel like probably every YouTuber does – Yeah, I mean it's handy

    – It's so great – People don't know, but I'm a bit of a badminton nerd So this is a Peter Gade jersey He was a famous Danish player – So you've got the motherboard wall

    – Yeah – Which seems to be the famous staple of your office – I love this thing It's so cool, I think – No, it's great

    – Look and you can even hang stuff on it – Yeah that's pretty awesome – So I've got my – Oh look at those It's great – These are mine I love them

    – I like your little, oh this is nice, this USB thing – Oh yeah that's super handy when I have to charge a bunch of junk – Like I have one, but it's not this nice, and I just use it to charge all my Mophies, but yet I can never find a Mophie when I need it In this desk, oh what's that? Is that some wrapping paper? – That's princess wrapping paper – That's weird

    Why do you have all this wrapping paper here, Linus? Like what could you possibly need wrapping paper for? – They planted this They planted this I know they planted this This isn't even the kind of wrapping paper I would use – To be honest, there's another one

    – Okay where is it? Where is it all? – Is there anymore? – Where is it all? – I don't know I actually didn't do this – Shut up – I didn't – Shut up you did it

    – This is yours This is not mine I didn't do this – How long, is there more stuff that I didn't see? – I don't think so because this happened so long ago because this tour is insane I forgot about the wrapping paper, so I wasn't even looking for it

    We could lightsaber You could probably bring this up – Hey you stole a sticker – No I didn't What are you talking about? I stole that a while ago

    – How much stuff have you been lifting as we've been going through here? – That would've, Mike we need to reshoot I should've been stealing things this whole time, but I wasn't This is amazing – Oh this is my favorite piece of fan art ever Like, it's a, it's like a great, ugly picture that's a fantastic representation of me

    – Here's my gift for you Which, actually, Nick bought this He went to the store to get it – Oh really So you had a co-conspirator? – So, spoiler

    Well thank you again If you guys want to see the video that we did together, I'll put a link in the description Make sure you guys go check that out, and go check out Linus's channel and subscribe if you like very, very techy things But I like that you're, kind of, doing a little, I mean it's techy, but it's a little more relatable too – Yeah, we're trying to find a balance

    – It's hard – If you don't like it, it's okay – It's very specific, but it's very, very good Is that a way to say it? – Sure – I'm not sure Anyway, I've been a huge fan for so long, so this is so great to just see everything

    I love it Cool, well that's the end of the video – Oh you missed my – Is there anything else? – You missed my "do not disturb" sign made of old floppy disks – That's so incredible You guys have everything labeled

    There's one thing I saw you didn't have labeled I'm going to have to make you a label for it Cool, well that's it I only stole one thing So we stopped the video

    We ended it But we're back because we just – There's another one – There's one more Nick did such a good job hiding it And it's Frozen

    – It is a great movie – Let it go I only recently saw it – What? – I'm too busy editing videos I don't have time to watch movies, and I clearly don't have children, and my dog likes Animal Planet so that's what we watch

    – Do you want to build a snowman? – I mean, I know the song – So you knew the song but you hadn't even seen the movie? – I mean, I saw it eventually – You're a poser – [Nick] I haven't seen the movie – Yeah but you don't sing the song

    – Let it go Something, something, something, anymore Technically you bought this for yourself, so – Oh I paid for it too? – I'll Venmo you Do you guys have, do you guys have Venmo in canada? – [Nick] Do we have Venmo? – I actually have no idea

    No, if they're mine, then they're mine, fine – This is yours – I'll wrap some presents with it – Okay that's it – Shut up

    – End of video (bouncy music)

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