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Life Before Smartphones vs Now! 11 Relatable Situations You've Been In


Remember those times when mobile phones were indestructible? Madison remembers Yikes! Your landlord won't be happy about this! Let's just blame it on his cat! He wouldn't believe the real story anyway

Watch out, Madison! Oh goodness gracious no… This is unbearable to watch And the screen is broken, just as expected She bought it just a month ago! Noooo! Emily is getting ready for bed, when Oh what are you doing here, Jacob? Hiding in the bushes? You know it's not polite to spy on people like that? Binoculars? Boy, this is going in a very weird direction Should we be watching this? *gasp* Get out of here you creepster! Seriously, some people! Hey whatcha clicking there? Oh it's Emily's Instagram page! Like Like Like

Wow, that's a lot of likes! Who is this guy anyway? Ooh, not bad, sir, not bad at all! Let's give him a like back and start a little chat! Wow, imagine what you would be doing to get a girl's attention if you didn't have a smartphone! New subject in the math class today Better be taking notes just in case! Triangle has three angles Whoa! When did she manage to write that?! No no no no! Don't wipe it off yet! Did time just speed up while we weren't looking?! Geometry? No problem! Time to take a photo of the blackboard! Just one little click and all the knowledge is safe within your pocket! Aww look at these two lovebirds! Chatting away as if the world around them didn't exist Cheers, you two! It's getting pretty hot in here, you know what we're saying? So romantic, it's almost too much Whoo whoops! What's going on? Oh, telephone

It's good ol' Adam rescuing us from a special moment Not now No, later, man, later! No, you can't eat that old cheese from the fridge, it's a month out of date! Wow, guys Romantic candle lit atmosphere totally ruined But you know what? You might actually have something more in common No Madison wants to sleep! Oh, darn it not today, clock Enough already, you stupid

Phew Okay might as well get up and get going Argh Just five more minutes! Haven't we heard that one before, hey Madison? It's ringing again already

? Okay Five more minutes What can possibly be wrong with a little morning's snooze Gah! Ah well, let's check what's going on in the virtual world first Check email Check Facebook Check Whatsapp

Check Twitter Whoa whoa whoa there! It's HOW late?! A mixtape! You remember those? Sitting in front of the boombox, patiently waiting to press Record, rewinding the tapes with a pencil?

Having a portable stereo the size of a dishwasher? Those were the times, ey guys? Click on playlists and share to Emily Done Check this one out! Jacob's very proud of it! Oh hey, thanks! Let's see Which one is it? This one, right? Cool Nothing like listening to music together

in silence This way! No, this way! Argh, Madison don't tell us you got lost again! What now? At least you have that map laying around in your yellow beetle! How do you actually read those things again? North goes on the top? Or What is this map of anyway? The nearest galaxy or something?! This is just pointless If only there was a map reading device that told you where to go In 100 meters turn right

Oh yes, there it is! Getting from A to B is easy as 123! Finally an evening just for you, Jacob! What do we have here in your treasure chest? Let's start it off with a bit of Tetris! Remember to feed that Tamagotchi! Playing cards maybe? Huh, nothing like a couple hours of video games! Yeah, take that, mr Robotnik! You're the best! Gotta level up in Tetris Gotta take my duck for a walk Gotta fight me some orcs Solitaire I guess is fine too

It's as if that little things sucked the whole energy out of him And then he took her to the Wait a minute Doctor's appointment! 1:30 and now it's already

Wow, Madison, you are so late! Run! Which article about cats was it? Oh look, it's almost time for your appointment, Madison! Good thing you put up a reminder, right? Such a useful little thing! Time for a little photo shoot! Yay! This is so exciting! What's it like?? Holy smokes! All blurry, smudgy, overexposed and badly cropped? That'll do! You can put that one on your resume, Madison! Cheers! Let's try this side now okay? How about that? Still not ready? How is it so difficult to take a good selfie nowadays? Left side, right side, smiling, frowning, duck face Maybe it's your hair? Try to shake it up! Oh yeah, baby! Whoa, her phone almost broke on that one

Maybe it's just not your day for selfies? Hmm Okay just one more Here comes the birdie! Anna just finished her yoga session But it doesn't actually count if you haven't taken a selfie, right? Let's take it up a notch and ask Emily to help us out! Watch as Anna half way covers herself behind the wall so the mirror can duplicate the other side of her body making it look as though she's floating in the air Why not tell your friends you're doing yoga in a creative way? Emily got inspired to update her profile picture with a cute and playful image

So Sarah is going to help her out Maybe we should use a household item like a pillow? Nope, too cliche How about a can of coke? Darn it, the whole shirt is a mess now! Wait, don't worry Sarah has a brilliant idea Emily, go ahead and stand up! Give Sarah a second to dress you up with a handful of flowers! Or keep you hydrated with a slice of watermelon

Just like that in a second Emily becomes a part of nature! Emily is taking on the role of birthday party photographer for the night Matthew and Sarah are not that happy with the background How about we use that heart-shaped postcard as a lens lighting filter? As long as the aperture is wide open, the filter will shape the blurred background lights into cool designs and give a stunning dreamy effect

This is how you do it! Rough cut out a piece of paper around the lens Bend it and cut half of a heart Remember you can make all kinds of different shapes To suit the mood of the party it can be a note a plus sign or even a name Jacob thinks Anna looks charming even doing something as simple as washing dishes In the crowded kitchen it's hard to get the right angle "Jacob, this is irritating give me some space" she said

But Jacob is determined he can get the shot Oh wait a minute! That's perfect! We'll use the rinser to create a lovely lighting pattern illusion and give the image a dreamy playful look Hey, Crafty Pandas, I hope you enjoyed these life hacks Let us know which of them you're gonna use next in the comments down below If you want to learn more feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring that bell to stay tuned for more!

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