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    Library Tech Squad: QBall


    (music) (robotic sounds) – Toss it to Katherine – [Narda] So today in the library we were able to use our Qball to extend the lesson that was being taught in the classroom

    – [Narda] A Qball is basically a microphone A microphone that will allow our students to be heard, and empower them to be able to have a voice, and is more fun just period It's more fun! The students are able to um play with it, and they think they're not they're not learning, but they are learning, which makes makes it a little bit more fun for them And it's innovative It's something innovative and new and it's a technology tool that teachers and basically anybody can use in their classrooms

    Our students were so engaged They were ready to learn Which makes it fun as a librarian to be able to see that and to be able to um participate with the student learning, and just to be able to for the teachers to be able to see us as um ,extending their lessons and we are a resource for them and we are just here for them and and for the students as well – [Jason] Today we played with the Qball And it feels spongy on the black part, but on here it feels hard and and smooth

    My favorite part when I I was tossing the Qball and speaking into it, it was very fun and I wish we could do it again – [Jody] The Qball is bouncy and fun to play with and we get to hear the teachers' voices better It's fun here in the library 'cause when we're playing, when we work – [Child] Goat I want you

    Come down here – Awesome pass the ball to Jason – [Narda] I'm hoping that with the use of the Qball our students are more equipped with um, resources and be able to know that their voices can be heard and their voices do count And for them to be able to share out whatever they are thinking I'm hoping that they realize that everybody counts, and that we are a team, and PSJ family has the best resources available


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