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LG Velvet Unboxing and First Impressions – A CHANGE OF PACE


Finally, we have the LG Velvet Smartphone and some other products in this box This is an AT&T carrier

Other carriers will support it later this year You have a case for The LG velvet smartphone This is a surprising product by PhoneSoap that I'll get to later Finally, the smartphone I haven't seen it yet, so we'll reveal it together

And the LG Dual Screen module I've received the aurora silver The other option with ATT is aurora grey Different providers have different colors The colors vary by the carriers

However, you will see more options as it releases worldwide Let's go ahead and remove the cover It's covered in plastic wrap and is really shiny You can see the AT&T inscription in the back My camera's not able to pick up on the details because of the glossy shine

Let's see what else we got We get product manuals, warranty, power brick to charge your phone, sim ejector tool, and a USB-C cable Now for my favorite part, remove the plastic wrap The design is more similar to Samsung and is super slim You can see my LG V60 has a flat-screen in comparison to the LG Velvet

LG Velvet has curved edges and back The cascading triple-camera is something LG calls a 'raindrop' design The main camera sticks out on the top The shiny and glossy back reminds me of note 10 It's so clear with its mirror-like effect

The phone features 48MP primary, 8MP ultra-wide, and 5MP depth cameras On the bottom is the LED flash Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this color I think it's pretty cool even if it's a fingerprint magnet On the right side, you find the power button

On the left, you have the volume and Google Assistant control buttons I don't use Google Assistant much so I keep it off by going into settings but some people find it useful You can see the sim tray on top LG Velvet includes a headphone jack but did not include quad DAC However, LG includes a 3D audio engine for great music quality

Other than that, you have a USB-C port and speakers Now let's turn the phone on Rather than using numbers and letters like v60 or g8, this phone is simply LG Velvet People are loving this new simple name scheme I have the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, which is a long confusing name

I have already completed the setup process The display is a 68 inch OLED screen with 395 ppi At $59999, the LG Velvet is a mid-range smartphone with a great-looking screen

The front features a 16MP camera LG Velvet does not have face recognition Instead, you have a fingerprint reader that works really fast This is a 5G smartphone that uses Snapdragon 765G It has 6GB RAM and supports 128GB storage

The microSD card supports card up to 2 TB Side note on being a fingerprint magnet: You can see the fingerprints on this device just in 15 minutes The non-removable battery capacity is at 4300 mAH LG Velvet is IP68 water and dust resistant This video is NOT sponsored

The LG Velvet is a review unit given to me for a month I will upload a camera-test video in a few days In the meantime, let's check some features You have time-lapse The video feature includes ASMR and voice bokah recording

Then, you have 'portrait' I'm going to test all these options in another video Next, we have a wallet case by Design Skin You can see the logo imprint inside It's a nice green color

Let me know in the comments your thoughts You can still see all the buttons and ports Unboxing videos always make me nervous because I want to meet your expectations and provide accurate and useful information Next, we have the Dual Screen Module This one is a bit different compared to V60

The front screen on the LG Velvet Dual Screen is 21 inches, while the V60 screen is smaller The LG V60 dual screen has a mirror-like screen, so is a fingerprint magnet Let's go ahead and connect the LG Velvet So this is how it looks after connecting, like an aluminum briefcase

This type of dual screen case is useful but becomes very big and heavy to carry in your pocket No doubt it's useful There's a button on the side to power it You can use play store on one side and have youtube open on the other If you would like to see a single page on both screens, enable wide view from the side

You can still rotate the screen to get a better view, which is useful when you're playing a game I'll bring more tips and tricks in the review video after I use the phone The front display is a 21-inch screen which shows the date, time, and battery level The last exciting product is a PhoneSoap device and its adapter

As you all are aware, we have to sanitize everything to stay safe Your phone carries the most germs This device sanitizes and disinfects your phone by placing it inside for 5 minutes Turn it on and let it work its magic After 5 min, you have a clean phone

This was the phone and its accessories Let me know in the comments if this video was helpful Before ending, let's talk about the price LG Velvet is priced at 59999 USD and is available at AT&T

It was launched earlier in Korea and some European countries India can expect a launch in approximately 2 months and will be priced at 50-55,000 rs From first impressions, LG Velvet is a mindblowing phone But we'll find out more about real-time usage in my review video Let me know your thoughts on all these products

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