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LG SM90 Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV | Featured Tech | Currys PC World


Now, what do we have here? This is the LG SM90, part of the NanoCell 4K TV range, designed to take your home entertainment to the next level NanoCell, now I've heard of that before, but help me clear up exactly what it means

In the NanoCell TVs, there are multiple features and they all work together to make sure you have the best possible viewing experience So, multiple features, we love a multiple feature! Nano Colour, explain? Nano Colour is responsible for the stunning visuals that you can see on the TV right now, and it uses Nano Particles Nano Particles? What's that?! So the Nano Particles help filter through any dull and impure colours and it enhances the overall colour purity The important thing with Nano Colour is that the colours in real life are accurately reproduced Ok, so we've had Nano Colour, what are the others? So next, we have Nano Accuracy

This comes with a wide viewing angle Ah ok, so you're saying I can go right over ok, yeah, I believe you now! See, I'm not lying! Wow, Look! You know you can imagine you've got all the family over, it's a family movie night, it's absolutely packed, you know you don't need to fight with your little brother about the best seat

Well, you can't have the cheap seats anymore! No, no, there are no cheap seats! Ok, so we've got Nano Colour, Nano Accuracy, what else do we have? So next, I want to talk to you about Nano Bezels First impression is I really it, it makes the TV look super sleek So this is something LG has considered, whether it's our mobile phones, tablets or TVs, bezels nowadays just keep getting smaller and smaller It kind of make sense, because the smaller and less distracting the border is if you like, the more you're going to look at the screen The Nano Bezel has been developed to deliver a more seamless viewing experience

Alright, so we know the TV is packed with awesome tech, does it also have the usual smart stuff as well? These TVs are all about intelligence, not only do you have LG's AI TV on hand, which respond to any voice activated requests, but Google Assist and Alexa are also integrated So you know, if you're struggling to find something to watch, you can ask for recommendations But I suppose you could just use it for anything? You can even, which is really cool, controlled all of your smart devices What, like say your lights and things like that? Yep, so your whole home is completely in sync Wow, so that is the LG SM90 NanoCell 4K television

Brilliant And if you would like to know more about this range, then visit Currys PCWorld in store and online

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