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LG G9 thinq 스마트폰 곧 출시 | 디자인 | 스펙 | 카메라 | 배터리 | 출시일 & 가격 | V50c처럼 인기 있을까? #메인아트


When it's me ~ This LG CYON (LH-2300) phone sold well ~ What is it? What is it? It was a smartphone before This is LG CYON ~ At this time, LG went out well ~ I wonder who's braiding ~ Galaxy S20 Galaxy Foldable Phone 2 Laser v4 foldable phone And LG G9 ThinkQ In the smartphone ecosystem launched in 2020, what kind of smartphone Many people are wondering if it will catch the attention of consumers

Maybe people who are not interested in this LG smartphone rumor video There might be more = _ =; In the shade of Samsung and Apple's smartphones LG smartphones never seen the light It may be the obvious result as if you were watching the fire next February I look forward to LG once again design Until November, the design will come out like this There was also an overseas Youtube video, but on the side and back I think I saw a lot (iPhone 6s) And in this video, the punch hole is located in the upper right corner

Quad-HD + OLED Pannel from 67 inches to 69 inches 1440 x 3120 pixels 195: 9 aspect ratio with Gorilla Glass 7 It is said that it consists of an aluminum frame on the front It is not the 'under glass design' that eliminated katoktu

On the famous Twitter OnLeaks (@Onleaks) the final design It is said to come out in this form The back is similar to last year's Galaxy S10 Specifications Qualcomm octa-core octacore like processor Galaxy S20 Snapdragon 865 will be mounted The OS is equipped with Android v10, IP68 waterproof dustproof Wireless network 5G Frequency is dynamic AMOLED 120Hz Memory: 8 GB Storage will come out 128 / 256GB, Up to 1TB (dedicated slot) The bottom 35 pi terminal goes as is

Fast charging and Wi-Fi 6 new technology is said to not be mounted Do you have any other new technology? So more and more doubt camera The camera is released in a popup like this I say no I looked at this video overseas and I saw this The problem is with this pop-up camera Hardware problems may be causing camera quality and durability issues Like the Galaxy S20, which will be released the same month

3 primary cameras Normal / Wide / Ultra Wide Lens with Tof Expected with quad camera And when Apple hits the shutter once, it's virtual Take several pictures and show the best picture It has a function In particular, the current iPhone 11 Pro is the best in the world LG G9 TinQ is also equipped with this function The advantage is that you get a clearer picture

battery Similar to the upcoming Galaxy S20 4,000mAh fast charging is not supported Release date and price You can expect the price to be approximately $ 700 to $ 800 Innovative technology from LG so not useless features If you have such innovative new features that you really need This is the first work of newly inaugurated vice president of MC business division I think it's a great time to get out of the current deficit At the end of February at Barcelona MWC 2020 Spain LG G9 ThinQ to Reveal Last year, the Galaxy S10 and G8 ThinQ As compared between youtube Even if the performance is not enough It seems to be able to survive in the fierce smartphone market If you have any other opinion about LG G9 thinQ smartphone, Please leave a comment

'Subscriptions and likes' is a big boost for me Thank you for watching It was main art

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