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LG G8 ThinQ 128GB Smartphone GSM+CDMA Factory Unlocked All Carriers


LG G8 ThinQ Review LG's G8 ThinQ is a powerful flagship phone undone by novelty features that aren't useful at all

LG's G8 ThinQ sounds truly revolutionary on paper The front-facing camera on LG's latest flagship Android phone recognizes the veins in your palms to unlock the device, and uses that same camera to respond to your hand gestures It sounds wild The G8 ThinQ’s defining feature is its front-facing Z Camera, an 8-megapixel lens with an Infineon time-of-flight sensor for 3D depth-sensing This enables a host of new features, including the innovative Hand ID biometric authentication feature and gesture-driven controls, called Air Motion

In theory, Hand ID and Air Motion are revelatory In practice, they made me want to throw the G8 ThinQ directly in the nearest trash can Setting up Hand ID is easy enough The time-of-flight sensor recognizes the veins in your palm, LG said, so you scan your palm twice to get started But I expected Hand ID to work similarly to Apple's Face ID

The iPhone's face unlocking feature can be a little finicky, but doesn't need your face to be at a specific angle or an exact distance away to work Using the G8 was a completely different experience The G8 does offer both a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition Both methods unlock your phone quickly, and I found myself pressing the fingerprint sensor every time Hand ID failed me again Then there's Air Motion, which uses the Z Camera's sensor to detect gestures and respond accordingly

LG offers limited customization in Settings for what Air Motion can do in specific apps You can use gestures to answer and end calls, play and pause music on YouTube or LG's native Music and Video apps, open apps from the home screen and take screenshots The G8's front-facing camera also enables advanced selfie effects, thanks to the time-of-flight sensor LG says the G8 can fine-tune the background blur with more precision due to the new sensor Two new selfie effects, Studio and Spotlight, are designed to make your photos look better with colorful backgrounds and natural lighting

One area where LG has continued to innovate in a useful way is audio The company took the Crystal Sound OLED technology it developed for TVs and put it in the G8 ThinQ The effect not only streamlines the phone's design, but also makes it much easier to take calls LG finally embraced OLED for the G-series lineup after years of LCD screens, and the G8's quad-HD+ panel is beautiful The G8's standout feature isn't its design, or its cameras, or the wacky hand gestures LG is hyping

I appreciate what LG is trying to do I just wish the execution was as good as the idea Kindly see the description for this Amazon product link Thanks for watching this product review video Kindly like and subscribe our YouTube channel

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