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LG could release a foldable smartphone, won’t do it yet as demand is too weak


This is the non-foldable LG G8 ThinQ, as leaked by Evan BlassAs if it weren't already abundantly clear based on a flood of detailed leaks and, well, the company's own press releases and official event teasers, LG is looking to unveil both the G8 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in a week or so That's an interesting change of pace compared to the past few years, when new G-series devices were launched during the spring, followed by even more impressive V-series upgrades in the fall While Samsung is also widely expected to take the wraps off two different devices in a matter of days, LG feels it is "too early" for its own foldable design to see daylight, according to freshly appointed mobile division head Kwon Bong-seok As reported by The Korea Times, the company "decided not to produce" a foldable smartphone we've known for quite some time was in the pipeline after "reviewing" the possibility Basically, LG doesn't think there's a lot of demand at the moment for foldable mobile devices like the Galaxy Fold or Xiaomi's mouth-watering prototype, but if reactions to early launches from rivals will be positive, the company is "fully ready to respond " In other words, LG could release a Galaxy Fold competitor alongside the G8 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ, but it's choosing not to do that in a pragmatic quest for market relevance and profitability Nowhere near as successful as in the past, LG's mobile product lineup is expected to be reinvigorated by 5G technology Of course, some would argue it's "too early" for that to provide real-life user benefits and generate strong demand as well, but the company believes it can roll out a "higher quality 5G smartphone" than the competition to "lead the market " Only one for starters, mind you, as the G8 ThinQ is set to "become a premium LTE smartphone brand" contributing to a diverse product portfolio and keeping the price point significantly lower than the V50 ThinQ 5G

Source: Youtube

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