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#letscoop2020 – Maxime Dechesne et Françoise Kemajou – Résolutions de Smart en Belgique


Good day We hope that you are doing well in this strange period My name is Maxime Dechesne, and since October 1 I replace Sandrino Graceffa as a co-managing director of SmartCoop

I am Françoise Kemajou and am a board member of Smart since the Board of Directors of SmartCoop was founded We were instructed to bring you the "menu" of the next general meeting, which will be held in full this year digital will expire on Tuesday 23 June from 5 pm to 7 pm Most of the points discussed will be in the coming days are presented in additional videos Following the reform of the Code of companies and associations and after 3 years the board of directors proposes to amend the articles of association of SmartCoop Ordinary general meeting 2 types of points – Information / transparency – Items to be voted on As every year we will have one give a short presentation of the annual report And from the special report that explains how we feel social achieve purpose One of the board members will talk about his / her experience in the past working year of the Executive Board And for the first time, a member of the ethics committee will talk about the first topics about which they were addressed and about their way of working The recommendations approved by the Executive Board as a result of the process This year's Smart in Progress, both in France and Belgium, are also suggested Approval of the status of the company As a partner of the cooperative it is important to know how the registered capital of our cooperative is composed: such as the number of partners per category the inflow and outflow of partners and the value per share

Approval of the accounts for the 2019 financial year The general meeting must present the social accounts of the financial year and all accompanying documents (annual report, letter of intent, auditor's report) and discharge the board members Decisions regarding the allocation of the 2019 result The board of directors will support you then propose to allocate the company's result to the indivisible reserves After all, we have had a participatory budget for the first time in the past year tried out This year, the corona crisis makes the reflection on the unfortunately the allocation of results is simpler, as they will be needed to compensate for the consequences of the situation Appointment of the auditor Then you will be asked to vote for the appointment of SmartCoop's new auditor, in this case the RSM cabinet

The Board of Directors states as the penultimate point to elect Anne-Laure Desgris as a board member of the council board of directors of SmartCoop Finally, the different themes for the next edition of Smart in Progress are suggested so you can choose which issues want to see you treated next year Thanks everyone You will soon receive more practical information via the usual channels We hope that you will be present on Tuesday 23 June from 3 to 5 pm will be through the internet with your favorite drink in hand Take care of yourself and the others! I hope to see you then!

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