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Long debate behind this title: our companions pockets allow us to play the toilet, when you're bored on the subway or in the bus, when we can not sleep or when the Christmas family meal begin to last a little too long! Except that it does not happen to everyone's mind world to finally transform this machine casual game in main game machine, while yet there is everything he must: a good processor, a myriad of games, a beautiful screen much better than all the portable consoles that we could see in picture quality term, so where is this that it's wrong and why portable consoles still exist? Hi it's Leo from the TechMaker chain and today we are going to talk about a world that scares a lot of people: that of gaming on smartphone! I already mentioned it by testing specialized phones in there, but the sauce does not take no, there is always this appriori, and yet nowadays there are games that have graphics quite pushed into the story, as by example Raid Shadow Legends who sponsors this video ! This game is an RPG type game where the goal is to advance in history through the help 400 champions available across 16 heroic factions No less than 10 million of players have started the adventure in this world in less than 3 months given the number of installation of the application

It also has a rating of more than 4 stars on the Google Play Store with over 200 000 ratings to his credit! This is a game on which you can either play just for story mode but also in player against player and therefore face your friends and see who has the most heroes strong, knowing that some are quite friendly still to see, given the quality graphic of the game that you will be able to admire during the whole adventure with your characters fetishes By the way, if you want to join me, I am under the name of LeoTechMaker, and I have also creates a clan for the occasion: LeoTechMaker, with the same name, yeah I found it practical ! You will find a link in the description to download the game for free, that whether on iOS or Android, as the game is available everywhere, and thanks to this link in particular you will start the adventure with 50,000 coins of the game currency and a free epic champion through the program new players! So good, as much in enjoy ! But in short, why this idea of ​​a world filled with gamers under smartphone me income in mind? Well it's largely because of an announcement and a new evolution that little hackers found at do with this little console: The Nintendo Switch The latter is a huge cardboard, and many people have one, for precisely its practical side, and myself when I have the choice to buy my game on PC, PS4, Xbox One or Switch, I will prefer choose it on this last support to have this freedom of use, left to lose in graphic quality Except that Bah the Nintendo Switch is just a low-end phone when we think about it and take away the joy-cons ! No camera, a little screen that is not not even OLED, a pretty graphic power low if we compare the Nvidia Tegra X1 which it is equipped compared to Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus nowadays And yet, it's bad And I told you about a new evolution, Well, it can now run in Android stably, with a system close to AndroidTV since it's partially uses what was on the Nvidia Shield that runs with the same chip! In other words, the emulation becomes possible, Netflix is ​​FINALLY launable (because how good is it possible to still not have Netflix on Nintendo Switch ?) and other innumerable things are possible like cloud gaming seen is on an Android that can support it

Nevertheless baaah, I do not wish to speak of Cloud Gaming here, we already have enough spoke with the arrival of Stadia and the other videos that talk about the net stop and precise of the production of the consoles, and suddenly it may be repetitive, so for this reflection of the day, let's take has a world where Cloud Gaming is not a reality, because of a blanket network and bandwidth far from being at the point for example! Ok, we actually is already in this world! So finally, why still clutter with these consoles there? Well we know it why: because that's where we'll be the most games we are used to see, with known and reputed licenses and behind that we can buy from a block to then enjoy it fully, without microtransactions! Finally less not mess around, there's still a little, same kind Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled will add some to buy money of the game for skins Yeah it becomes whatever Except that something that a lot of people forget, but your favorite editors are already in the process of moving towards this platform the cellphone; Nintendo for example made in collaboration with Niantic a Pokemon game if you remember correctly, who even exceeded the BILLION DOWNLOADS ago, I do not even know how it's possible since we are only 6 million on earth more… By the way it's not the only game: It there was a Mario Run, an Animal Crossing, and soon a Mario Kart, license that has no new album since now 5 years old (because the Switch version no, it's written Deluxe in its title) And we're talking about Nintendo here, but the others are also in the race, with certainly a side a little bit more Cloud Gaming for not to have to develop other games, that I concede it Because this kind of game is not done in a snap finger, we are obliged to allocate funds as well as teams and therefore to abandon the same games on your favorite game console But except that you have seen that there still has a major change on these titles there; then certainly they are easier access, but hey that's still going to depend games but mostly it's free to access then filled with microtransactions, and that, well it's the thing that's angry! Because it is true that the extreme majority mobile games runs under this system there, and inevitably the gameplay will be impacted so that the player wants to spend money inside! Except that, if it's done, it's because that it works! It is much more profitable to create a game of this style unfortunately seeing that a lot of people will spend there much more than in a classic game where the only purchase to be made is the box

And finally it is we who created this trend by falling into this trap! It is like Nutella after all, it would be more there smashing acres of trees if people would stop spreading it to shoot larigot at breakfast Yeah little spades like that And we can criticize that, well what it also works best on other platforms it's the same thing ! Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota, even Counter Strike is become free to access to allow to people to buy lootboxes! Because yes there are others who allow themselves to have these lootboxes in addition to the purchase of the box, like Overwatch! Finally it's not over famous And I agree; we are only on of cosmetics here, and not something that advance in the game, but believe me it's just a first step to the pill goes better, and you certainly have it seen but a lot of games do not interfere to take the next step who have it crying more than one, just title Yet I am unfortunately persuaded that in a few years, nobody will not say anything Because we think of course to Electronic Arts, those big ohlala villains, though well this delusion of microtransactions that make advance the game, already have Blizzard who does very well with Hearthstone, and Valve also who tried it with Artefact and an even more abused system where you had to just pay just to play! And thinking about all this, if all systems work the same way, so pass on the one that allows the most versatility, and so the smartphone! After all, we talked about the more powerful processor but they also have a better battery, a better screen with better resolution, and also greater freedom hacking! Which on one side can make the experience more interesting but also more frustrating That's by the way one of the reasons for the success of the Switch and that even I was taken to the game, if you remember well I showed you very small PCs running Android or Windows but yet forced to notice that the ergonomics Switch is better, and that is what is sorely lacking, which fact that smartphones for gaming must ergonomics, at least when are played on their basic device because I know that a lot of people will talk to me the ease of use of the console on a TV, or even eventually the Ps4 or XboxOne that are exclusively of salon but must not forget that now most phones can be used on any screen, with a simple cable, and therefore to have a Android interface suitable for a configuration of living room! It is even possible to caste directly the screen through the WiFi network even if for the moment the latency is still a low for gaming

This is of course not the case for all today, but again, I see that with an eye of possible evolution And speaking of seeing that with an eye of evolution, it's true that mobile gaming is very often seen as very casual, and unable to not be categorized as a real platform, because of these beginnings that were really in this vision, with Candy Crush and Angry Birds who clearly did not help for this image And yet I find that it's stupid to want to remove this system there because of an image of the past that today is certainly still present huh, I say not, but that is also counterbalanced by much more difficult games, and that can also have a very advanced PVP dimension with totally tournaments! In one game like Clash Royale for example to one side competitive as well as an overwatch, and in that kind of case having put money in it is totally obsolete saw that in tournament the cards have a level specific, which makes the very F2P will finally only touch the most casu! And after all we talk about first picture but console video games to the base was really only for the kids, and nothing more, with games without big scale, and yet we have changed this vision there, for a gaming more suited to anyone according to his expectations But speaking of gaming elsewhere, finally these smartphones gamers are it a good idea too? Because if you saw my last video I have not badly tapped the pc gamers, would we not be in the same case here? Well Yes, yes Except that the thing is we are in a market totally emergent, and so where the phones basic do not necessarily allow to play optimally in their usage spectra, as was the case at the beginning of laptops, where it was absolutely necessary a signed "Gamer" to be able to enjoy at least of his games! Here is this problematic there but also that of the maneuverability: if you remove the joycons to the Nintendo Switch it becomes a little foolish, and there without controllers it's the same on smartphone, and those of gamer are often accompanied by joycons like precisely, which allow to play quietly to his favorite games without having to use the touch that, suddenly for everyone is unanimous, is not the best for player to video games, at least not at all types… Good after it's clear, there's always a certain style on these gamer phones who absolutely want to show all the world that you are a gamer Oh that, that will never change But you? What do you think of everything that? Is it nonsense to think that publishers are going to let go of their own system so all go on the same and so have a larger user park but also more volatile, or so all that risk to never finally arrive? well tell me all this with the card that comes to appear at the top right of your screen! Thank you in any case for watching the video, if you liked it do not forget as usual the blue thumb of love and of course of come follow me on Twitter & Instagram! do not hesitate also not to share this video at all your pals who criticize you because you spend your time playing on your mobile while it may be the future, and of course if it's not already done subscribe to the channel by clicking on the logo that just appeared right there ! It was Leo from the TechMaker chain and above all, never stop learning ! Hi !

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