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    Learn Google Ads | How To Set Up a Smart Campaign In Minutes


    So what does the smart campaign consist of? You've got your headline one, two and three with the maximum character length of 30 characters Then you've got description one and two, 90 characters each, just like the expanded text ads

    Then you put in your website URL cycling's set up and generated automatically You need to link your Google My Business to your Google Ads account That is the critical thing and you must have a Google My Business page Otherwise this won't work You put in your phone number and your address and it just starts to run once the ads have been approved

    Let's go into our interface Go to your campaign tab, new campaign, like you would do Now you can select one of these goal types or you create without the goals guidance and then in here you go, you see smart create text and images that are on Google, Google Maps across the web Select that Now what you want to do is decide whether you want to get calls to your business, somebody to visit your shop

    If you have a shopfront or take any other call to action on your website so it could be a form or watch a video or whatever action you want them to take But for most of the businesses, especially for lead generation, call ads are the best ones Click on the call and you then select the business you want to advertise Now, you can either set up a radius around your business where you are or set up a specific area Now as my Google My Business is linked to this account

    It knows where I am and my postcode It highlights that and the minimum is three mile radius or the maximum is 40 miles So then I can just drag the slider along and see how far I want to reach If you are a local business, I recommend no more than 10 miles, but it really depends on how far you service your clients

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