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Larian Za. It works!


Ok Let's load it from workshop Some laggy at shallow water Hop! Starting power We need it to our elevators work properly Ok

Next to reactor room One here Another one And It's alive! Engeniering systems Our passangers travel safely and comfortable Close it And we're ready! Carefully Bottom is too close here Full ahead! Can go deep now It's not gonna happen at the momont She is a serious lady, you see We need to go deeper And

Aaaaand Almost here Deep water stabilising is on Deep water propellers on SW propellers off Let me have some light Everything goes well Lets see Pum pum pum We're on point! Now airlock One should close inner door to open outer one Here it is Just wait for water to drain VoilĂ ! Let's play with depth There are two modes to keep depth This one will try to keep constant distanse to bottom Let's stop so bottom wouldn't run from us Here it is This mode will keep absolute depth as targeted Let me out!!! And last but not least Captain's shower! It also works as intended! Only thing you need to do is close the door! Let's drain it Just can't wait overall drainage system will do it's work And that was all I wanted to show you for now

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