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LA NORMALITÀ DIVENTA TECH: un lucchetto smart e le migliori offerte di primavera su Amazon!


Hi, I'm in full set so the video today will be ridiculously short Anyway, a few weeks ago I asked you if you had any suggestions about things to review and one of you told me "a padlock with a fingerprint"

Now, I didn't know that accessories of this type existed It never occurred to me to look for locks that could be unlocked with the imprint yet they exist and they are very cool, that is, as soon as I discovered it, I was like "I ought to have been have one ” And exactly Let's make a brief introduction: there are basically two types, with app and without What I took belongs to the first category and nothing, I would say to see it together The packaging is very simple and inside you will find an instruction manual, a code QR and a micro USB cable (because being tech, every now and then it will have to be recharged) The code will serve you because, once you download the app (which I leave you in the description), the fastest way to match the gadget will just scan the QR

Then you can record up to 16 fingerprints (and the process is the same as that which is used to set the smartphone reader) and voila, done that you can unlock it with a simple finger pressure Unblocking that can also occur from the application on which, among other things, you can monitor the state of charge of the accessory Now, this fact that needs recharging could scare you, but a cycle guarantees it up at 1000 openings Which are several It is impossible to establish precisely how often it should be charged because it depends on the use, but even using it 10 times a day will last you more than three months

And then, just, just check the status from time to time Ok, there are still a few things to say: first of all the body is made of aluminum, the steel hook and is IP65 certified, so it doesn't suffer from rain Furthermore the app has several negative reviews but to me in these days of testing does not have given no problem; it is also translated into Italian so well If you don't want to risk having problems, you just need to take one of those without application, but bo, being objects that are outdoors, they are whisked here and there, etc it is possible that in the long run the reader gets ruined: if it happens, the app allows you to continue to use the gadget by opening it with the phone

As for the price it is high: a normal padlock with € 5 you buy it while this costs 35 And anyway, less than 20 can't be found But if you are really tech-savvy it could be an interesting purchase And then it takes away the problem of the keys like the combination ones, but come on, of What are we talking about Perfect, the padlock is all here Before closing, I take this opportunity to remind you that the offers have started spring on Amazon and until April 7 there will be several products with discounts from 10 at 50% In case you are interested I leave you the direct link in the description, maybe you find something that interests you, and of course remember that by buying through my links you will support me because I will get a small percentage

Well, I know it was a really flashy video, but again, I'm in full set and there is very little time between tours, organization and filming of the various projects Obviously you know that like and share help me grow, don't forget the registration to the canal and we'll see you next week

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