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La dipendenza dallo smartphone.smartphone addiction #Ademar Da Silva.


Hi dear friends, today's theme is: Addiction from your smartphone The TelStarFuture2050 has a world in the world

Protects and protects children, teenagers and young people from vice They are not alienated from society, they are not slaves of a passing fashion, but teaches him to have what is needed by following a their ideal and inclination, that is, the dream The boys and girls of TelStarFuture2050 they are not afraid of being without a smartphone, because not necessary, useful yes but not essential The smartphone is terrific, it's a help valuable, both in communication and for get in touch with anyone in each part of the planet, in work and health I was not born in the digital age, but rather when the light was turned on with a wheel and the wires of the current were flying for the House

I accompanied the technological development The dependence on the smartphone is when one person becomes emotional, uses it for everything, several hours connected in the game and more All turns around the phone, loses interest for friendship, studies and work not has surrender One of the protagonists of the book: Utopia! All this is about to happen, he embarked on a journey with young people for a meeting in Milan in 2015 starting from Switzerland Crossing the most beautiful passes in the world stopping every so often to observe the beauty and the panorama of the mountains, unique and mysterious, young people in the Van, they only watched cell phones, they never got distracted

Thomas came down with the his collaborators for lunch in the high mountains and forced the young to go down without a smartphone It was panic, two didn't eat, they didn't not even hungry and said: "We are tired, we want to get back in the middle "Here, this it's addiction The problem will emerge when these boys will have 30, 40, 50 years, they will be adults without a past It is with meditation you create

It's in the need that the brain develops new inventions Technology will save many people from diseases and death, but it is the wrong use that if nor does It is in the poison that is encountered the antidote My book: utopia! All this is going to happen, it is available in the following formats: paper and e-book, and can be ordered in all Italian bookstores If you like, click on like, share, sign up and click on the bell

Thanks and the next appointment See you on Wednesday Hello to all All rights reserved to the author

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