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KTU B.Tech New Scheme Explained (2019) | APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University | KTUGURU


Hello my name is Malavika Ajith and welcome to KTUGuru Today I’ll be discussing about the new scheme of KTU KTU has just updated its scheme for next year and we are here to simplify things for you Number one Pass mark The first in the most noticeable change in the scheme is the change of pass mark The pass mark of 45 has been reduced to 40 Number two Internal Marks The requirement of minimum internal marks of twenty two and a half out of fifty has been removed completely from the system number three number of modules The number of subjects to be studied is still six, but the no

of modules has been reduced, from 6 to 5 Two labs are also included per semester number four lab exams The lab exam question papers will be now on be set by KTU but Whether the answer sheets will be corrected by the KTU or not is not specified number five credits The credits required for the completion of the course has been reduced from 182 to 162 number six Honors Degree With the new scheme, the honors degree has been changed drastically Students can apply for the honors degree from S4 onwards To get the Honors degree,the students has to satisfy a set of criterias: 1 You have to study 4 extra subjects, along with the B

Tech degree’s prescribed 5; and you have to earn 12 credit points 2 The student must do 2 online courses from NPTEL, and earn 8 credits 3 The total credits required for Honors program is 182 ie

162 for BTech program and 20 exclusively for the Honors Program 4 The course must be completed within the eighth semester 5 The student must have a CGPA of 8

5 or more to get the Honors program at the end of 4 years The advantage of doing the Honors program is that you can compensate the credits lost by studying the extra subject number seven Minor Degree Since the amount of material to be studied will be reduced, you have more time on your hands KTU provides a technical supplement for the reduced curriculum Minor Degree is a new programme introduced to the BTech curriculum by KTU It is a specialization of a particular branch of study it was present earlier in KTU but it was solely for MTech students

Registrations for minor degree starts in the third semester The points to be noted are : 1 You have to study 4 subjects from a different branch, and earn yourself 12 credits you can register for only 4 subjects 2

You must also do 2 online courses, of 4 credits each, totaling 8 3 You can opt out of difficult subjects, because the credit points will be compensated by the extra subjects 4 You can specialise in the subjects you are interested in and in your own course also You can earn credits from them, and you can get a minor degree 5

However, failing can lead to termination of period of study number eight Attendance The system of minimum Attendance has not been changed in the new scheme This means that the minimum attendance to be required is 75%, and condonation can only be applied if the attendance is above 60% number nine Internship THE Engineering education according to KTU is not just about mugging up of questions and answers, but the overall development of an engineer For this time has been set apart a period of 4 months, when you can do an internship

The prescribed time is between S5 & S7 number ten startups The new scheme of KTU is quite startup friendly, and will be a huge advantage for aspiring entrepreneurs KTU provides leave for start up aspirants, so that they can more focused on the completion of the work number eleven Grace Marks

Grace marks will be provided to the winners of arts and sports Grace marks will also be provided for handicapped students The condition is that they should acquire the minimum pass percentage of 40% number twelve Diploma/BVoc if you still find it difficult to cope up with the curriculum, you don't have to drop out of the course you can get a Diploma or BVoc i

e Bachelor of Vocational Training KTU's has been a subject for trolls and insults due to its inconsiderate system Maybe they have fixed it, maybe they've made it worse We can only wait for the responses of the 2019 batch So that's all folks! Don't forget to like and share our video, and subscribe to our channel

press on the bell icon so that you get latest updates This video is by KTUGURU KTUGURU is an e-learning platform made efficiently to cater to the needs of all the students and students of all branches and guess what it's totally free This platform will be made available to you in arround 60 days Stay tuned to KTUGURU for more Until then, this is Malavika Ajith signing off, Thank you

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