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KNSD (NBC 7) Interviews Cali Estes on Smartphone Addiction


NBC 7 News midday starts now are you addicted to your cell phone your computer social media well we have a doctor in the house to help us with little tech detox stay with us there she is we'll be right back addiction come to many forms drugs alcohol smoking even things like violence working out recent years technology there is of course help out there you just kind of talk to the right people right here to talk specifically about technology renowned addiction specialist dr Kelly Estes nice to see you nice to have you with us yeah nobody knew existed until a couple of years ago and now a lot of people are jumping on this bandwagon it's serious we didn't know how to treat it because there's not been training out there for professionals no one knows what to do with technology addiction so we've been treating it like a process addiction alright you first of all you got to acknowledge there is an addiction there is what are the tell-tale signs first of all for yourself how do I know I'm hooked and then if you're a family member how do you know they're hooked so the first one is if you're declining invites to go out you know you used to go bowling on a Friday night and now you'd rather be in the covers with your phone for four hours you might have a problem you might want to seek some professional help to see if that's an issue another one is isolating if you'd rather be on the phone and talk and have a phone call and you're texting and you're in your room and the person's next door that you're texting isn't that everybody under 35 years old these days that's a lot of people the average right now is 11 hours we're spending on our phones between work and social Denver Post just released a study what do you do if you're a mom and dad brother or sister and you think you've got a family member this kind of problem well first you want to seek professional help to make sure they do have a true addiction but some simple things you can do shut the Wi-Fi down at 7 o'clock at night just turn it off you have the ability to do that so there's no internet in the house another one is if you go out to dinner take your phone place it upside down in the center of the table leave it there throughout the meal if you're out with friends the first person who reaches for their phone pays the entire bill well are naked a game okay and when you go to bed at night put the phone to bed to put it on airplane mode and your alarm will still work now a lot of these are tips you probably give your coat just to be yeah there is a coaching that's going on that you're actually teaching people how to break this habit exactly so I founded the addictions Academy and we have a class called Internet addiction and it teaches coaches how to coach other people on internet and technology problems that were never there 10-15 years ago and how to get the actual person to stop using technology so much through a process called harm reduction which is limiting your time and using it less and less all right cold turkey your gradual gradual yeah we can't live without our phones they're part of our lives now oh yeah you do everything everything's on Google okay but the bottom line is controlling it have a little discipline yes right it is a problem that's what people first of all going to be aware it is all right thanks more thank you thanks for having me hi guys back to you

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