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Kickoff 2014 – Evangelismo através de apps e smartfones (with english subtitles)


How are you? I am John I have a Kickoff team with my Jesus Evangelism team

With multiple partners, Surely Visiting Brazil For all participants in the 2014 World Cup I want to share the gospel "I do not know how to speak Can we share the gospel with you? " You'll be asking We are forecasting However, I have news! From now on Eve Downlord with mobile phone On Tibbett Available in over 700 languages Also Sharing in the name of "Jesus' film" More than 1100 languages ​​are available

Is not that great ?! Brother LaNaTo He is our technical team leader In the city of Qurich I have prepared Tutorial for my sake You better understand Eve Share Hot Rudder to everyone in many languages You have prepared some helpful materials to share I will be with you now! of mine! Thank you brother John! I will give you a total of subtitles

These two are the iPhone OS and Android Available on the operating system "Jesus' Flip" is called Eph Many videos It is in several languages Map your desired country Please select and in the language of your country A list of possible movies is displayed For example: I will choose Nigeria

See below Used in the country A list of languages ​​and local languages ​​was displayed In addition, Movies available for dubbing are displayed To play Click on the arrow, Also, when you move the seat, and If you do not have an Internet connection in place, Click here Download the video to your phone Then, It will be saved in "My Videos" file Someone and this movie If you want to share, You can share by email

Email address Use a message I can make a mistake to send it via e-mail At the same time, You can search directly Currently, the use of English is only possible in English But it will be ready soon

Click the "Countries" tab The country you searched for will be displayed Together with the available You will see a list of media The other eaves ready together It is called "Bibleis"

"Jesus Film" Similar Through the Bible, Can be used in multiple languages Click on the "Bibles" button Select your country Available in that language You can search the Bible Many texts written in text Also, Also available as a version If the selected version has a speaker icon Immediately An audio version is available

To play Click the "Play" button You can use text with this Download Lee Sung Kyung To do Click on this arrow And save it on your tablet and cell phone If you want to divide it like this, You can email it

The good thing about e-mail is that you meet people I can contact you Email them Also, Ask him if he saw a movie he shared

Now, I've added a subset of these two In addition, there will be many other applications available I want to help your ministry! Now we will go back with Brother John! Now, all this I believe you have understood everything

Continue to use, Share with those around you Foreign tourists visiting Brazil One citizen The gospel and the grace of the Lord I want to split up during the 2014 World On A lot of dedication and attention Thank you for writing the Gospel God asks you to bless your ministry!

Source: Youtube

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