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Join our May 9th Webinar: Tech Projects on a Limited Budget


Hi everyone, I'm Elizabeth Zevada, Program Associate with Candid and I'm joined today by Eric Leland, Expert Trainer with Idealware, now a project of Tech Impact He'll be our instructor for our upcoming digital classroom called "Tech Projects on a Limited Budget: Understanding ROI to Help You Prioritize and Win Funding" on May 9th

Thank you so much for joining me today, Eric! – Absolutely – I wanted to get the conversation started by asking you what exactly do we mean by tech projects? And what do we find is one of the common hurdles for most nonprofits when they're deciding to start one? – Yeah, you know a tech project is really any project where you're focused on improving or implementing new technology Could be your hardware, could be your computer systems, your modems, laptops, mice all that kind of thing Quite often it's software Might be picking some software that someone is selling you on the internet

You might be picking some software, you're installing locally at your nonprofit It could be a lots of other things — printers, mobile devices you're using out in the field, survey software, any kind of thing like that I think the biggest hurdles we find really is getting started You know, are we ready? Do we really need this software? Do we really need this technology? How do we know for sure ? And how do we feel confident that we should move forward and know what the steps are to take to do that? – Yeah well, thank you and I hope we can answer some of those questions to help people assess whether or not they are ready and then how to prioritize So what's one thing that our participants will be able to do right after the webinar to get started? Yeah The most important thing I think is really understanding what your investments are and whether they're worth doing There's a lot of things you can do that might improve your technology and the way that you do your work

But it's often very hard to know which ones are the most effective, the best things to do, and I think that's what we're going to get out of this webinar How do we know whether we should invest? to what extent? and communicate that to others funders, our stakeholders, the folks using our software -Yeah, yeah I think those are really salient points And then, you know is this something that only the IT staff at a non-profit should be joining, should the executive director be on our webinar? Who at the organization is really going to value most from joining our conversation? Right, it's a great question! I mean I like the topic because I think it really appeals and is motivating and useful for for everybody at all levels

You know I started out in nonprofits, for several years as a part-time administrative assistant, became a deputy director, and then ended up starting my own business– and at all levels, you know, I was asked to make decisions on you know simple and complex systems And you know I had to go to my boss and say whether this is a good idea or not That was all about investment, like should we put our time into this So at all levels, I think we can really benefit from this and also beyond technology, just thinking through why am I going to buy this this set of plates at the store, you know I mean not to go crazy about it, but let's think about whether it's a good idea, using some basic tactics and strategies for knowing that on a pragmatic level, not a super scientific level -Yeah, definitely

And well, I always do like our audience to get to know our presenters a little bit before the day of the webinar, so Eric I wanted to ask you what is your favorite place in the world? – Yeah my favorite place in the world, especially this season, is basically any mountain stream I love love love being out in the water I'm a conservationist, I am on the board of a few conservation organizations, and just if I can spend time next to a beautiful mountain stream I'm a happy guy -Excellent! I am definitely craving some green and wildlife here in New York City, so that one definitely resonates with me Thank you so much for joining us today, Eric, And sharing a little bit of your expertise which I know will just dive in deeper on on May 9th

I do invite everyone online to join us as well Be sure to register by May 1st to take advantage of our early bird pricing And do note if you can't join us live, you'll always get a copy of the recording to watch on your own time Thank you so much Eric! Thank you

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