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Jodie Whittaker Answers Doctor Who Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


– Hi I'm Jodie Whittaker, and this is Doctor Who Support [electricity buzzing] [upbeat music] So here we go

Bryn Hodgen has asked, if I was able to ask the doctor, well you can, a question it would be how do you manage to balance a home, slash, Time Lord lifestyle? I would say it creates chaos and havoc and epic adventure but that is all the things you want from life Hope that answers your question Bryn Joff has asked, you have a TARDIS and know how to pilot it Where, when would you go? Okay, I think I would go to Neptune in 50 years just to see if our lessons have been learned If we have perspective from Neptune and we can look back on this beautiful universe, have we made the right choices for all those other planets? It's Neptune because in our solar system it's the furthest away if we're not counting Pluto

So I think it would give an excellent sense of perspective That's what I would do Also, Neptune's dark and stormy and I quite like a bit of atmosphere Ryan Smith has asked, Is the Doctor ever going to oil that squeaky hinge on the TARDIS door? I've got so many important things to be doing every day like saving the universe, I've got to leave that to somebody else Heather Roca has asked, odd thought for the day, does the Doctor ever wash their clothes? You always see them in the same outfit right? Is there a day where they just stay in the TARDIS in some PJs and wait for their clothes to be washed? No, I just don't think, particularly my Doctor, I don't think I have the patience for that

I think I've developed such an extraordinary outfit that it's self cleaning Michael Hardy, what the hell, in capital letters, has happened to Gallifrey? Do you think I'm gonna spoil that now? I am not Lys @CoveredinBees67 has asked, has the 13th Doctor used any aliases? Doctor Who I wanna know what she will call herself when she can't say that she's the Doctor? So, well I've got an excellent gadget called a psychic paper and when I want to be a little bit sneaky and have a completely different alias I just flash my psychic paper and nine times out of 10 it gives a wonderful description of what I think would be an appropriate way for me to sneak into a building if I don't want to reveal that I am a Time Lord with two hearts Shawn Scott Smith, Doctor Who was fantastic last night, thank you Has anyone ever sprouted a fan theory that the Doctor and the Master are the same being like a split personality? I'd believe it

I've never heard that That might be one of those things that's a very big conversation online that I've missed I believe wholeheartedly that we are not the same person, but you can disagree, but I would say, I would say not Hi Marie, your question is, anyone else want to give the Doctor a hug? No, just me? Well, you can because I love a hug, I'm very tactile This is from Who Fan Site, Where do you think the 13th Doctor got those goggles from? They were in "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" and now they're in the new series

Just curious what do you think? Well, they were found by our extraordinary costume designer, Ray Holman And they were loved so much by Jamie Childs, the director of "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" and they got such a fantastic response that I think we just like, we brought them back again But what I like to think of them as is my nod to Doc Brown and if you don't know who that is [Jodie sighs deeply] "Back to the Future" Giant Think Hole of Fun, #JodieWhittaker is becoming another great #DoctorWho but it's always going to bother me that she was able to build a new Sonic screwdriver How did she build the software? She couldn't do that

She could I know she, we are so clever sometimes I was able to because I was able to steal something from Tim Shaw that helped me along the way I was also in Sheffield and they have excellent steel And those were all the things that I needed and a little bit of Who-belief in myself that got me that brand new Sonic that works perfectly [electricity buzzing] Amy, now she has asked, Why is the Doctor being so secretive about where she is from? Now, I would say it's a Pandora's box to ask the Doctor where they're from

And I think particularity knowing how curious Ryan, Yaz and Graham are they wouldn't accept necessarily the one or two-word answer that I would be willing to give without revealing so much of my past which some of it is a joyous memory, some of it is incredibly sad, some of it is steeped in loss, and I think that conversation is often too big in the moments that they have together Essie has asked, Does the Doctor have a bedroom in the TARDIS? I'd say yeah I don't think it will be frequented very often because as I've said before I'm incredibly hyper active and I think that just, the brain never sleeps but I would say they do In this season we've discovered that there's a wardrobe hall and karaoke buses, so I think missing out a bedroom would be a huge error So, Santa Major Mario SMM VA has asked, I've always wondered if the Doctor was able to get a cleaner for the TARDIS what would the bill be for the inside? I mean if you've seen episode three of this season there's a giant tentacle that we're moping up

So I'd say pretty hefty, I mean, there's custard cream crumbs on the floor, there's muddy footprints I don't have lots of time to do cleaning I'm not a complete scruff but I'd say it probably be quite a hefty bill Markashyyyk, how can the Sonic screwdriver work on a rope when it can't even work on something as basic as wood? God, you are rude about my Sonic My Sonic's brilliant

I'm not even going to comment on it, it's absolutely flawless in my opinion Howard Nelson has asked, How many lives does a Gallifreyan cat have? I will never sleep again Gallifreyan cat, I mean, infinite, let's give it that to really blow your mind Have Yourself a Cookie Little Christmas Johnboy_Cook has asked, so genuinely question for all Whovians, how long have you been a fan when you realize that the rhythm of the theme tune is a Time Lord double heartbeat? Well, I say it was a reveal to me so I'm not embarrassed to say Lots of things are revealed to me, that's why I love playing the part because every day is a learning day

But yeah, I thought that was a beautiful addition to the episode and it was a reveal to me If I'm now gonna get hounded because I should've known that I apologize profusely Bethany, she's asked, I'm thinking of getting this tattoo on my wrist, yes my first tattoo what's everyone's opinion? I don't have any tattoos I go on about it all the time I've got an idea for one and I've still at 37 have not got it

I would think very carefully about getting a tattoo because what if you taste changes? But as designs go it's absolutely beautiful so I'm not discouraging the artistic work on your wrist at all 'cause it's beautiful but I would say, how do you know you're gonna to like it in 40 years? I'm always curious about that with people with tattoos I wish I had that kind of longevity in my taste I'm impressed if you do Binger's Digest, @BBC, can we please see 13 meet the Face of Boe? #DoctorWho #13thdoctor #faceofboe We cannot reveal anything that is going to happen ever because why be a fan of "Doctor Who" if you're going to have spoilers? So, I'm not answering So, Type 40 Marketing, If nothing can get into the TARDIS how did the Kerblam! Delivery bot manage it? Well, let's use an analogy like a vampire

There was a signal and I accepted the signal because I've been waiting for a delivery, so it's a bit like it was invited in And because of that the hologram esc delivery bot arrived and brought me my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful present The Renaissance of Bad Ideas, So Merry Poppins is a Time Lord, right? Oh Oh So I'm not the first female, that's just pulled the rug hasn't it? There we go

Lauren has asked, oh she hasn't, asked she's put in quotes, I love a laminator Why is 13 the most relatable? I do love a laminator actually, although in this day and age I don't know how good a laminator is It's not ideal for recycling, but it does keep things very clean and if you're putting it on your wall you don't need to put a nail in you could just put blue tacks, so it's always really handy 'Cause if your taste change as I've just discovered that my taste change quite regularly 'cause I won't be getting a tattoo soon, you can just peel off a laminator off the floor from blue tack You don't have blue tack do you? Do you have blue tack? All right cool

There you go, that's your answer Ryan Kennedy has asked, How does the TARDIS always land on the flat ground? It always lands on flat ground because I'm an excellent pilot, also, because we have a brilliant art department who find really wonderful location every time they have to build it And they're just helping us out, it's a lot of people to get in there If it's wonky we tip it over especially if we get Brad in there we're all tipped over Silentrambles, how did the Doctor survive the fall from the atmosphere to the train? I'd say I'd taken a huge intake of breath and then I've really good lung capacity to scream throughout the entire fall so that my first, then second, my next intake of breath was done so smoothly on the train floor that when I bopped up into frame that change of atmosphere had no effect on me, artistic license

Poppy, since when can the doctor drive a car, she can barely drive the TARDIS? She's getting better I had a few, how shall I say this? In my first three episodes I did attempt to land in Sheffield in the 21st Century and it went a little bit wrong but thank goodness for those little errors because we ended up in some phenomenal adventures and witnessing some extraordinary moments in history So, it was a new interior I had to learn how to drive it but now I'm pretty flawless I'm also a really good driver and it would be very hard for me, Jodie Whittaker as the actor to kind of fudge my extraordinary driving into bad driving on set

Well, I'm Jodie Whittaker and that is it for Doctor Who Support I will see you in the next 900 years

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