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It's ALL about the SLIVER – Gigabyte's Z490 Vision G Review


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And what we've got right here is the Vision GZ490 from Gigabyte And this is coming in at 200 USD roughly, if you're in Australia, 400 Aussie dollars And so for this price, you're getting a 12 phase VRM They're using 50 amp direct drive MOSFETs And when I do the temperature tests on this with a 10900K at 5

2 gigahertz, I was a little bit sort of surprised with how high it was taking the voltage of the CPU I was seeing in hardware monitor or Hardware Info64 The voltages were going up over 155 volts and that was not happening on the previous board I took a look at the PG Velocita from ASRock So, this board was taking it at the same voltages that I tested with the other board, over 300 watts power consumption

And that was just too much in my opinion So I dropped it down to 135 volt And then the voltage is I still noticed were bumping up very high in the readouts But this then enabled the max power draw to go to around 287 watts

So it was higher than the 260 and also 180 watts that we raised on the Velocita So, it is sort of overvolt in the CPU or the VRM is just not as efficient But speaking of the temperatures of the VRM though absolutely fine we were getting a 80 degree readout in software temperatures on the surface went to 86 degrees This was maximum temperatures by the way, in a 23 degree ambient environment and then the heatsink temperatures were doing a very good job showing that it was soaking up all the heat and they remained just a little over 50 degrees in the test So, basically out of the box, this thing is going to be geared absolutely fine towards handling a 10900K taking it to 4

9 gigahertz all 10 cores Though if you do wanna overclock it, the VRM and also the company heatsink, which weighs about 289 grams, that is going to be absolutely fine as well You've also got at the top here, an eight pin and four pin connector if you need the extra power draw So, summing up the VRM solution here, it's great on the hardware side of things, the implementation of the heatsink is good, but I think they need to go back and retune the BIOS a little bit 'cause it looks like it is overvolting the CPU and that's causing increased power draw, which of course we don't wanna see Then moving on with the onboard audio this is some really good news for Gigabyte here, where the frequency response curve was pretty much perfectly flat

Below 10 hertz, we saw a 23 decibel roll off really minimal and then on the crosstalk we were seeing minus 91 decibels These are some of the best numbers I've seen for crosstalk So phenomenal job there And then also on the mic input, there is no noise suppression

So you are getting a pure signal in but there is heavy noise when you max out the volume plus 30 Db 100 volume So taking down to about 80 volume plus 20 Db sort of balance off noise but you'll still have enough power that will power decent lav mic, say for instance, something like a pop voice So, you'll be able to listen to music really well on mid-range cans Also talk to your friends without noise, providing you drop the volume, but also stream with good voice quality, on this included onboard audio solution They're going through the feature set

here we've got three M2 slots, where two of those are able to be covered by a heatsink I will critique Gigabyte here for the actual screw method that they've used on the, especially the bottom heatsink where I literally had to use a pair of pliers just to try and get this socket out Because it was so tight on there I couldn't loosen it with my finger and I don't have a wrench that small to be able to crack the head itself

And then that sort of just it was really tedious to do that when they don't need to implement this double screw design Though testing out the heatsink itself showed that the temperatures dropped drastically on an M2 drive similar to that of the ASRock board However, one problem that I did find and this will relate to the BIOS itself was that I couldn't boot from my normal SSD once the NVMe was installed And even though I changed the settings manually in the BIOS, it didn't save the settings themselves

And I updated to the latest BIOS as well, which you also have to manually download from the website You use the ACU flash utility So I would like to see them implement an Internet Download for quick and easy updating of the BIOS But also tune their BIOS to save settings in properly, at least with the boot order And so, I had to actually delete the NVMe drive over again and start over again to get this to boot properly from my SSD

They're going through the rest of the BIOS there's no RGB controller The overclocking features for both CPU and also memory are definitely there where it's easy to overclock both However, as I said before, I'd like to see them fine tune that voltage and have them running at spec rather than over volting drastically And the last feature in the BIOS that I really like is the Smart Fan tuning utility where you can individually control the speeds of each of the total of 5PWM four pin fan headers To move through the rest of the features here we've got addressable RGB five volt as well as 12 volt RGB headers, one each at the top and bottom for four in total

And then we've got a USB three front out and a USB type C front out six SATA ports, and five PCIe slots in total, three of those being 16x slots, but the actual speeds is the top one is only a true 16x and then the one in the middle at eight x and the one on the bottom of four x And then in between we have two one x slots To move under the rear of the board here we've got an integrated IO shield and a whopping 10 USB ports in total as well as appears to combo port HDMI and DisplayPort 14 We've also got manual surround out here but they are missing the optical out plug which I do like on a motherboard personally and there's no M

2 slot for Wi-Fi now that they're cutouts for the antennas there So, I would like to see those two things implemented on a 200 USD motherboard, then they've included an Intel 25g NIC solution and testing out the USB three speeds and those NIC speeds showed that nothing was wrong whatsoever Then of course the last thing to talk about my role is same with the conclusion is the color scheme here They've got a really nice aesthetic going on

And that of course is white and sliver or should I say silver So, they have made that typo there on the heatsink I'm not sure how much that would bother you It hasn't bothered me much at all, but I just thought it was really funny to see that in practice Though, for what it's worth the board does look really nice

There is some RGB lighting on the outer edge of the board here right near the IO shield, and that's about it So, really clean aesthetic, and they have added in some steel armor on the top PCIe slot, as well as the DDR four memory slots just to really sort of give it that premium look And at the end of the day, that's what I always feel about Gigabyte Motherboards I feel like they give you a lot of hardware for the dollar, but they do miss the fine tuning on some other things But ultimately you do get pretty good value for money

This board is no different We saw with the VRM, it was handling that 10900K absolutely fine And for a 200 US dollar board to handle roughly 300 watts of power is quite impressive and it wasn't really going into any scary territory there And then the endo two speeds, they checked out everything else on the board checked out fine though there were those little quirks of course not having Optical Out on the sound, as well as having that PCIe issue for the NVMe in the BIOS and then having it overvolting a little bit So I would like to see some of these things corrected in the future, whether being a BIOS update or revision of this motherboard

And I think that has an absolute winner on their hands, even though they've got one right here in terms of if you're looking for the aesthetic, and you've got that $200 price point You wanna get something that's really nice And I think we'll stop right there with this board Basically, it's a solid board It's not the best I've seen

But of course, it's far from the worst I've seen either And if you guys enjoyed today's review, then be sure to hit that like button for us And also let us know in the comments section below, what are you thinking about Z490 and 10th Gen so far Just like this question of the day, it comes from Aaron Taz And they asked, "Brian, what's your opinion "About the review that Steve did today?" So basically, Steve from Gamers Nexus did a video on the 10400

And basically, it was the opposite opinion to what I said I thought it was a great value CPU He's basically saying "Don't buy it" And his reason is that the 2666 megahertz memory is going to be a limit on the H4 10MB 460 motherboards For me personally, I'm gonna wait until those motherboards come out and see what it's all about

If we're able to tune those timings And of course, if we're able to lock in XMP peripherals and just have them run at lower speeds, or if we might even get the full speeds Who knows? It remains to be seen, but one thing I did notice about that review was that he used different memory in the 3200 mega seal 14 versus the 2666 stuff So I'm not sure why you're doing this, Steve, you should be using the same memory and just clocking it down to 2666 for a fair comparison, because I looked at some of those differences and they were pretty big And I mean, if you got the seal 14 stuff, and you maybe dropped it down to seal 13 or seal 12, 2666, you'd probably be looking at a lot less of a difference

Anyhow, I'll wait till H410 and B460 motherboards are released, then I'll come back to the CPU And we'll recheck that out for you guys But in the meantime, my opinion still stands, I think in the 10th Gen lineup and what I saw out of that chip here at the studio, I thought it's impressive value for money coming from Intel I also said the rise in 530, 600 you buy either of these CPUs you can't go wrong So that's just my opinion

Take it how it is And that's about it for this video If you've stayed this far, and you're enjoying that content you wanna see it the moment it drops, then hit that sub button and ring that bell and you'll get the videos as soon as they drop And I'll catch you in the next Tech video very soon Peace out for now, bye

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