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Italian High Tech Invasion At Collision 2019


we are a collision event for us important because the first time you do bring in canada and let's say the version North American of the largest conference that is perhaps held in the world on this theme of start-up software of new technologies and therefore for us being here with sixteen companies is important because we have realities that if we can make them known abroad they can grow immensely for the value of what they carry find networking contacts and here it is very important to meet people events like this took place where there are thousands of potential contacts is Fundamental is a different humus than to others also internationally we have contacts with the united states with england, that germany is here totally different if you want more friendly and though very much professional ours is the startup at the street point innovative tools like the route virtual reality augmented in the field medical we perceived that he could be an interesting market for find anyway of funds and thanks to punto alice we are been admitted to the program this is mind and it is the first interface to the world of real time virtual reality for cad software using them falls as mechanical designers or even architects engineers can get inside his software cad display the model in collaboration with other people for example with a customer and change it to real time we talk a lot about car sharing and biking sharing that are usually found big cities we look for with a model of a small Italian town of bring this type of service into all the cities that are not we say the capital released a start up e innovative that comes up with simplify the life of restaurateurs we work with food delivery management we take care of what happens behind the scenes of catering I say put definitely it is very stimulating as like environment why very innovative and therefore innovation which certainly drives our own start up or can be a flywheel too to return more loads in short for to move on being able to navigate this winter being able to understand how to develop right connections learn from others how they present themselves very important and therefore at a non-level exposure only Calvanese but let's say North American international and useful useful for operate in this context goes to prepare in everything in all contexts

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