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Watch the #ISOCELLUnroll 2021 event introducing the new #ISOCELL JN1, #Samsung’s 50MP image sensor with 0.64μm pixels. Equipped with innovative pixel technologies, the ISOCELL JN1 delivers awesome detail and colors in an ultra-slim package.

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Hello and welcome..Over the past decade, the performance of smartphonecamera has improved immensely,.changing the way we take pictures forever..To make mobile image sensor even better thanit already is,.Samsung continues to push innovation through’higher resolutions’ and ‘multiple cameras’..Today I’m proud to introduce ISOCELL JN1,.the industry’s first mass produced 50MP image sensor.with 0.64μm pixels..Up until now, the ultra-high resolution wasexclusive to flagships and high-end smartphones..However, this new breakthrough in micro-sizedpixel technology will allow more people to.experience awesome details..And now, without further ado, here is ISOCELL JN1,.the image sensor built for awesome cameraseverywhere..Hello everyone..Thank you for joining us today..Before we dive further into our latest innovation,I’d liked to quickly go over what image and what Samsung has achieved so far..Image sensor is very similar to our eyes..well, retina in our eyes, to be more exact..Like the retina which converts the light receivedinto neural signals for our brain, image sensor.converts the light into digital signals and thensends it over to a mobile processor..Samsung released its first image sensors in2002, almost twenty years ago..And since then Samsung has continuously beenat the forefront, pulling the industry forward..The year 2019 was a quite a memorable year for we’ve achieved two technical breakthroughs in mobile image sensor..The industry’s highest resolution at 108MP,.and the industry’s smallest pixel size at 0.7μm..Why is this important?.Well because the two achievements show ourability to integrate more number of pixels.while keeping the sensor small enough to fit in a slim device..Even after we have hit our big milestone wecontinued forward and broke our own record again.with ISOCELL JN1, the industry’s firstmanufactured 0.64μm image sensor..Thank you Ran for going over the ISOCELL’spath of innovation..Now let’s go through some key details of thenew JN1..Recently, more and more smartphones in the high to low range are replacing 8 to 12Mp with super high resolution cameras.making 32 to 48MP the new norm..To meet this new demand for small-sized imagesensor with high resolution,.ISOCELL JN1 was designed early on with 0.64μm pixels..With 50 million pixels packed in 1/2.76 inchoptical format size, JN1 is arguably the smallest.50 mega-pixel sensor available today..And this makes it highly unique and beneficial in its own way..Currently, 1/2.8 inch optical format sizeis the most widely used and preferred mobile image sensors..This is because it is well suited for bothfront and rear-facing cameras and helps to stay slim and sleek..At 1/2.76 inch, JN1 is fully compatible with 1/2.8 inch in size.and can fully utilize its camera-related componentssuch as lens and module..This allows the device manufacturers to upgradecamera resolution on their devices to 50 mega-pixel with ease..JN1 does not just make the resolution betterbut it also make slimmer design possible..Due to its small size, JN1’s camera moduleheight can be reduced by around 10-percent,.when compared to a 48Mp sensor with 0.7μm pixels..Being compatible with 1/2.8 inch also makesJN1 a perfect choice for front-facing and all types of rear cameras.including wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto..Except for the main wide-camera, sub-camerasgenerally use 16Mp resolution.or lower sensors due to spacelimitations..But with JN1, even the sub-cameras can nowoffer higher resolution.delivering significant improvements such as 4K video at 60 frame per second.and high-zoom ratio without compromising the module height..With such high versatility,.ISOCELL JN1 allows the device manufacturers to save engineering and sourcing resources..But making a pixel smaller is a very challenging task..Image sensor needs to capture enough lightwith pixels that are approximately 100 times smaller.than the average thickness of a human hair..Samsung’s answer to this challenge is ISOCELL,.a pixel technology developed in 2013..’ISOCELL’ is a compound word made up of ‘Isolate’ or ‘ISO’,.the standard for light sensitivity, and ‘Cell’..ISOCELL adds a barrier around each and every pixel,.that brings both crosstalk reduction and charge storage capacity increase by up to 30% each..Recently, ISOCELL was upgraded to version 2.0..The first phase of ISOCELL 2.0 improved thepixel’s light sensitivity by around 15%..For JN1, an enhanced version of ISOCELL 2.0 wasapplied adding up to 16% more boost in sensitivity..For brighter and more vivid results, JN1 featuresTetrapixel technology..In day light or outdoors Tetrapixel reorganizesthe color filter array into a traditional RGB format.using a re-mosaic algorithm toproduce highly detailed images..In the evening or indoors, Tetrapixel mergesJN1’s four pixels to imitate single large 1.28μm pixel.for an incredible low light photography..For further improvement in picture quality,.ISOCELL JN1 comes with Smart-ISO..Smart-ISO intelligently selects between high and low ISO level.according to the illumination of the environment for optimal light-to-electric signal conversion..Generally speaking, many image sensors have high ISO as a single level of amplifier to help brighten up the images..While this may be sufficient in most cases,.amplifying the light signal received in a really bright setting may wash out details due to oversaturation..JN1 is able to save more essential detailsin bright settings by using low ISO,.and produce brighter results in the dark with high ISO..Smart-ISO also comes in handy when in a mixed-light environment..Smart-ISO simultaneously produce two differentreadouts, one using low and another with high ISO,.and merge them together via mobile processorto create more perfectly balanced high dynamic range image..Now let’s talk about autofocus..When taking pictures of your constantly movingpet or the fleeting precious moment,.there may be nothing more important than a fast auto focus..Phase detection autofocus or PDAF is one ofthe most popular auto focusing method.used in modern smart phones..Super PD is one of Samsung’s auto-focusingtechnologies..It has auto-focus optimized micro-lens overone out of thirty-two pixels to detect and.check the difference betweenleft and right phases to get in focus..For faster focus even in low-light, ISOCELLJN1 is equipped with upgraded Double Super PD technology..With twice the focusing agent density, DoubleSuper PD offers the same level of AF Super PD even with about 60% less illumination..To sum up, our new 50MP ISOCELL JN1 is thefirst of our upcoming new line-up of 0.64μm sensors..To capture and produce images in a most awesomeway possible, JN1 comes with various advanced.sensor technologies including Tetrapixel,Smart-ISO, and Double Super PD..Being compatible with popular 1/2.8 inch opticalformat size,.JN1 is our recommended choice for all kindsof rear and front facing cameras..ISOCELL JN1 is currently in mass productionand new smart phones powered by JN1 may become.available in the marketin the 2nd half of this year..And now,Let’s answer some of the questions we’ve received..Ok, here are the three most asked questions..First question,.(Q) Will we see ISOCELL JN1 in the next generation premium devices?.Miguel, how about you take this one?.A: Well, JN1 is a highly versatile solutionthat can be used for and fit into main, sub,.and even front cameras..So, yes, you may expect to see JN1 in premiumdevices for sub-cameras, but for main rear camera,.it may be unlikely as the sensor isgeared more toward the volume zone smart phones..Alright, next one is yours..Q: It’s great that 50Mp can snuggly fit intoa smartphone,.but wouldn’t ISOCELL JN1’s small 0.64μm pixel size affect the quality of photos?.A: Yes, pixel size does matter when it comesto quality of photos..But with large-sized pixels,.it’s almost impossible to increase the resolution as the space available for camera is limited..To deliver small-sized 50Mp image sensor with high color fidelity,.we haven’t just reduced the size of the pixelbut also significantly diminished optical loss,.improved light sensitivity, and reducednoise through advanced technologies.such as ISOCELL 2.0, Tetrapixel and Smart-ISO..Ok last one..Q: When can we expect the image sensor tohave human eye like resolution?.…hmm what do you think?.A: Well, ISOCELL’s ultimate goal is to bringhuman eye like resolution and quality to mobile phones..But at current pixel size,such high resolution would have huge camera bump.which would not be pleasing to see or to have..To achieve our goal, we will not only continueto bring innovations to pixel technology,.but also provide a total camera solution withCorephotonics for an amazing picture quality..Thanks Miguel..Well, I hope we’ve answered some of the questionsyou may have on ISOCELL..Thank you and happy snapping!.While we make advancements in ultra-smallpixel technology, we also offer big pixel categoryas part of our two track strategy..Last February,we’ve unveiled our biggest 50MP sensor ISOCELL GN2.with 1.4μm pixels, and today,ISOCELL JN1..Samsung has made amazing strides in sensorinnovation.and will continue to do so..We will be back soon with more 0.64μm sensorsthis year, so please stay tuned..Thank you and stay safe..

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  1. Everything is okay of Samsung but the things is Samsung UI is bored, there is no nice customizition on the notification and the quick panal always same that's bored nothing nice customizition like other smart phone company's like MI cute skin tone 🤦🏻

  2. Samsung no matter which technology you use, people are going to but iPhone for photography cause the software and hardware relation is smooth in iphones in compare to android.

  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab is perfect for a browsing and streaming user for a youtuber for a learning student and for a nice multiple camera I can say proudly because I know I am using Samsung from last 15 years and Samsung is the best mobile made company it is to secure than Apple iPhones and many other companies but I would say that Samsung have to make there laptops more power full

  4. samsung is the best out there, each time they release a new device i get goosebumps out of excitement, ive always wanted to work with samsung but i gotta say they can do better with their adverts, the guy isnt eveb speaking fluently.

  5. You mean you keep the sensor size small, but increased megapixels number, I don't see any point in this, but hey, Samsung knows better right? You can say whatever about iPhones, but they have 12 megapixels cameras for a good reason.

  6. Pixel size and sensor size is tiny, it is definitely a sensor for low-end to mid-range phones, or for selfie camera it is going to be great.

  7. Instead of 50MP super small pixels why not just 34~MP bigger pixels? If your problem is 8K, 34MP is enough for 8K. Tho I don't think 8K is important.
    For comparison: S10 uses 1/2.55" 12MP camera sensor. This one has more than 4 times the pixels but is even smaller. Bruh.

  8. Id like to point out here in the chat room, that Samsung makes good products, but their customer service is one of the worlds worst ones I've encountered. Specially in the UK
    After talking with an official representative about the availability of an item, he assured me it was indeed available and would be delivered to me the very next day.
    So I purchased it. Turns out there's a pre order thingy included. I called again, only to be told that I shouldn't worry. I wait 3 more days, no notification. In turns out there item did run out of stock even prior to me ordering it, but the website never updated it, and the representatives just lied to me, one after another, or were just incompetent enough to get info on the manner.. I bought the item on the note that I would receive it very soon. Its very important for my work. And I was assured I would.. Anyways.
    I requested to call with an supervisor. And was told I'd receive an callback at 11am.
    They called at 9am.for 1 second, hanged up and said I have to call back myself again.only to wait in line for 20 minutes, then another 20 in various transfers, and I never got to the supervisor in the end. I'm super dissapointed, and I'll make everyone knows samsung UK doesn't care about their customers. They got my 2k euros. Don't give me a date of delivery my product, or rather refuse to give me. And now even refuse to call or answer my questions.

  9. After using Galaxy J6 before, now I'm using Galaxy A50 since 2019 (already more than 2 years). I'm planning to buy Galaxy A53 in 2022 (I'm using smartphone around 3 years before change). Can't wait !!! ❤😍🤩

  10. The Rich become richer by spending like the poor and investing Non stop,While the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not making any investment.
    Despite the economic crisis😔

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