ISOCELL GN2 Image Sensor: Official Introduction | Samsung

Introducing #ISOCELL GN2, a bigger #ImageSensor designed for better photos.

Packed with 50 million 1.4μm pixels, the ISOCELL GN2 always captures highly detailed and bright shots. It is the first image sensor to feature Dual Pixel Pro, #Samsung’s innovative autofocus technology. Furthermore, the ISOCELL GN2 is equipped with Smart-ISO …

63 thoughts on “ISOCELL GN2 Image Sensor: Official Introduction | Samsung

  1. Want to see what the Gn1 isocell can really do check out videos of the Iceland volcano from Gutntog channel. Thats G U T N T O G.

  2. Will this be in Pixel 6 pro? samsung sensors, hardware + google's camera optimization, that's will be dope. but too bad, it's only happen in dreamland.

  3. dear @samsung @/samsung please fire person or whole team who suggested you to skip note legend FE is good, S is good, FOLD is good but they are not THE LEGEND NOTE

  4. I love samsung innovation but it lacks many small things
    Like every isocell add is so good but the truth is different
    Since there are phones that run on exynos (slower) and others on snapdragon (faster) and everyone does image treatment differently

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