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Is it worth hoarding the Featured Grandmaster Crystals in MCOC?


Hey guys, welcome to my channel and yes, I have returned after six months of break in this game and I'm I know don't judge me All right, I have made a lot of comebacks

This is not the first one All right Hey, I have left this game for so many times just like me you might even be the same as well Okay, so no judgement here Right and this is new I decided to make videos this time so that's new and speaking of videos the I think the most viewed Marvel contest of Champions videos are those With the featured crystal openings, right? So I'm gonna give you a tip regarding that okay before I left the game in February I used to collect One of each of these crystals I wouldn't spend more than 300 units on one type of crystals for example this hofund crystal and What I would do I would just get 1 hofund crystal All right, and whenever it gets unavailable like after What it's saying right now eight eight hours and forty minutes, right? So after that it will stay in my collection, right? So I used to collect that for a month and in January I got like four to five of these crystals, you know, then after a while and actually There have been more of crystals coming out in January I don't remember but I collected four or five at least and Then after the monthly event ended, I don't know Which month event was it the killmonger The Killmonger was in Feb right so in January, I don't remember which event was it was but after the event ended and I had like 90 to 100 Map 5 crystals as well and so many battlechips and I was also uncollected back then

I still am, okay They don't take it away And so I had so much stuff too You know, I had been hoarding so many things and i was so excited and I had a crystal for the Archangel 5* Archangel and I popped it open and I got a 5* Archangel and The rest of the crystals one of them gave me a A four star or something and the rest were three stars, but what are the odds right? I mean the big blobbery whales! they just get like 30,000 units outright and with their money nonetheless So and even then they still don't get the champions they want sometimes but this strategy works for me and I Hope it keeps on working cause I only tried it once right But we all know the hoarding always works you hoard a hundred premium hero crystals and you definitely get like one or two maybe 4* champions guaranteed by every each and every month for each and every time I don't know it may be possible to get even more I mean practically speaking from a Free-to-play guys and a standpoint here, you know So you can either save like 100 200 thousand four hundred thousand shards For premium hero crystals and you get like three four, or maybe even five four star champions Just because you were hoarding and You opened them all at once, you know? So I guess that's the main charisma or should I say that's the main algorithm of this game I think that's how it works You hoard the crystal and then you open them all at once and you get great results so and even after six months and a few days back, I Installed the game for a while

Just just to check What everybody was doing, and I opened a regular? Five star shard crystal and I got dr voodoo because Why not? I had been away from the game for six months, right? So Kabam rewarded me with a good champion Not because I was away Okay, but because it it counted as hoarding, you know, because shards, they were just doing nothing but getting dust in my collection, so Yeah, so basically you you need to hoard the crystals you need to hoard the shards and if you're gonna if you want to go for if you wanna gonna go for if you wanna go to gonna whatever if you wanna go for the featured grandmaster crystals, If you have clicked on this video, you're probably a free to play player like me and you you don't want to spend money or too much money or Use and still you spend a very considerable amount of time playing arenas and getting milestones right? So you you still have a few units left even after clearing all the things, you know? act 5 and the monthly events labyrinth and all the stuff and spending a lot of units on potions and revives and even in any Alliance Wars and aq still you got some units left sometimes, you know But because there are so many solo events in there There is so much stuff happening right now in the game So you go you're getting so many units in general so you always have some extra to spare just like I have 283 units and I haven't played the game in six months I just started yesterday After a long break like like a very long break I almost almost sold my account Okay no joking, I Know it's illegal

But I mean in a sense that I might have given it to a friend, you know, friend or something Just what just for a while But I didn't do it Thankfully I came to my senses And I decided that hey, I wanna make a youtube channel So why not do it while playing video game right? What could go wrong with that? Oh boy okay, so Yeah, I'm back I'll be live-streaming soon on my channel if I was successful in grabbing your eyeballs consider hitting the like button and Subscribing, I'll catch you all in my live stream soon Don't go anywhere

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